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Introduction to Facebook PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Facebook

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Introduction to Facebook
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Introduction to Facebook

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  1. Introduction to Facebook

  2. Introduction In this workshop, we will: • Walk you through creating a Facebook account • Describe Facebook’s layout • Show you how to complete your profile • Help you understand Facebook’s privacy settings • Teach you how to create posts

  3. Module #1:Create Your Account

  4. Create Your Account

  5. Creating a Facebook Account

  6. Creating a Facebook Account

  7. Creating a Facebook Account

  8. Creating a Facebook Account

  9. Creating a Facebook Account

  10. Creating a Facebook Account

  11. Creating a Facebook Account

  12. Creating a Facebook Account

  13. Creating a Facebook Account

  14. Creating a Facebook Account

  15. Creating a Facebook Account

  16. Creating a Facebook Account

  17. Module #2:Get to Know Facebook

  18. Explore the features on Facebook’s home page through this interactive website: On the site, you can click the yellow circles for a definition of the identified areas: Getting to Know Facebook

  19. Explore the features found on Facebook profiles at: Getting to Know Facebook

  20. Explore Account and Privacy settings at: Getting to Know Facebook

  21. Module #3: Fill Out Your Profile

  22. Fill Out Your Profile Click here for a tutorial on filling out your Facebook profile

  23. Module #4:Understanding Privacy on Facebook

  24. Understanding Privacy Click here to watch an introduction to Facebook’s privacy settings

  25. Understanding Privacy When you post content to Facebook – status updates, pictures, videos, etc. – you will have the option to choose how private that content should be.

  26. Module #5:Account Settings and Privacy

  27. Account Settings and Privacy Click here to watch an introduction to Facebook’s account and privacy settings

  28. Module #6:Sharing Posts, Pictures, and More

  29. Sharing Posts To post on Facebook, look for the Publisher box on your profile page or news feed page.

  30. Sharing Posts Through the Publisher, you can create posts, upload pictures, check-in at places, and add life events to your Timeline.

  31. Sharing Posts In your posts, you can also tag your friends, link to websites, or add your current location.

  32. Sharing Posts As we’ve discussed earlier, you can control you sees your post by selecting specific audiences from the drop-down menu.

  33. Sharing Posts Once your post says what you want, go ahead and click Post!

  34. Sharing Posts Your post will then show up on your Timeline.

  35. Sharing Posts It will also show up in your friend’s News Feeds.

  36. Conclusion Want to learn more? The videos and links featured in this presentation are from the Goodwill Community Foundation. Visit their website and find more tutorials at

  37. Conclusion Questions?