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Windward Community College

Windward Community College

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Windward Community College

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  1. Windward Community College A Review of Principles and Institutional Organization for Assessment

  2. Windward Community CollegeAssessment Principles • Assessment is conducted with the student at the center of the process. • The assessment process reflects our commitment to student learning. • Assessment is designed to promote collegiality and conversation among and within units. • Each member of this institution has a professional responsibility to participate in the ongoing assessment process to ensure our mission statement is met. • Instructional Unit (Academic Department) assessment will be conducted by the unit; i.e., instructional units will spearhead the assessment of courses within their purview.

  3. Windward Community CollegeAssessment Principles • Eventually all courses will be assessed for alignment to instructional unit outcomes. • All support units (non-instructional) will carry out the assessment process for their individual units. • Lecturers and new hires will be informed of the assessment process and their role in this process. • Personnel decisions will not be based on individual assessment data. • The IEC facilitates this assessment process in the institution and stores the assessment reports of the units/programs.

  4. Windward CC Institution Support Units AA Degree and Certificate Programs HUM Bus SS Student Learning Outcomes Math LA NS

  5. The Community

  6. Windward Community College in the Community

  7. The Program in the College

  8. Entry into the Program

  9. Outcomes After the Program Intended Roles Intended Learning Outcomes

  10. Courses In the Program Intended Roles Intended Learning Outcomes

  11. Courses Outside the Program Intended Roles Intended Learning Outcomes

  12. Agencies/Groups Outside the College Intended Roles Intended Learning Outcomes

  13. Program Map Intended Roles Capstone Assessment Intended Learning Outcomes An Integrating Experience

  14. Windward Community CollegeAssociates of Arts Degree 4-year Institutions Mathematics Language Arts BOR Business Oral Communication Intended Roles State Legislature Mathematical or Logical Thinking Writing Intensive English 100 Entry Requirements Core Requirements Intended Learning Outcomes CIL Social Sciences electives World Civilizations Natural Sciences electives Other electives Arts & Humanities electives Social Sciences Academic Support Services: Library, TLC, Media, and Academic Computing Natural Sciences Humanities Advisory Boards

  15. Windward Community CollegeInstitution Map 4-year Institutions Mathematics Humanities Natural Sciences Language Arts BOR Social Sciences Business Associate of Arts Degree Intended Roles State Legislature ASC in Business ASC in PSDS Entry Requirements Programs/Certificates Intended Learning Outcomes ASC in Hawn Studies Associate in Technical Studies ASC in Bio-Resources and Tech ASC in Art CC in Agr Tech Instruction-Non-Credit (OCET) Student Affairs Instruction-Credit (DOI) Academic Support Services: Library, TLC, Media, and Academic Computing Instruction-Non-Credit (ETC) Administrative Services Advisory Boards Chancellor’s Office SL, MOP, Coop Ed

  16. Instructional units (academic departments) will use a rubric to identify courses that align to departmental goals. Departmental goals may be revised if not related to student learning outcomes. Each course offered this semester will be included in the process. Departmental representatives on the IEC will support their departments’ activities. Upon completion of the alignment process, each department will complete a short summary of the results. Certificate programs will begin the assessment process. Units/programs that have not completed the process started in prior semesters will continue with assessment efforts. Aligning Student Learning Outcomes