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JPSS Program

JPSS Program

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JPSS Program

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  1. JPSS Program November 16, 2010 Kathy Kelly Director Office of Satellite and Product Operations

  2. JPSS Overview • Administration decision on restructuringNPOESS announced in early February 2010 • NOAA/DOD leadership agree to cooperate to ensure a smooth transition – Acquisition Decision Memorandum signed March 2010 • NOAA/NASA management of JPSS Space Segment (PM Orbit) and Common Ground System • Mid and early-AM orbits covered by EUMETSAT and remaining DOD/DMSP platforms • Agencies will share data from each orbit to meet the national need for weather and climate information • JPSS Space Segment to deliver most planned NPOESS observations for PM orbit • Continue plan for operational use of NPP data (PM orbit)

  3. JPSS Overview (cont.) JPSS Satellites operate in 13:30 (LTAN) orbital plane only Period of development/operations: through FY 2026 Launch Readiness Dates: FY 2014 and FY 2018 Maximum Data latency of 80 minutes by JPSS 1 with an expectation of 30 Minutes by JPSS 2 International partners provide some space segment components and/or data AMSR data will be provided by JAXA

  4. JPSS Program State Characteristics JPSS Common Ground System State 2 & 3 build on State 1 with key additions 2 < 4 >

  5. Continuity of Polar Operational Satellite Programs DMSP 17 DMSP 19 DWSS 1 Launch Ready DWSS 2 DMSP 18 DMSP 20 MetOp-A MetOp-B MetOp-C EPS - SG TERRA User Services Sat 2 NOAA-19 User Services Sat 1 User Services Sat 3 Climate Sat 1 *Launch Ready Climate Sat 2 1 JPSS 1 NPP *Launch Ready Climate Sat 3 AQUA 2 JPSS 2 3 JPSS 3 5 DRAFT 4 JPSS 4 2 < 5 >

  6. NPOESS Instrument Continuity Requirements Allocated to Current JPSS Plans AQUA (MODIS) DWSS (AM) NPP NOAA 18 (AVHRR) JPSS-1 NOAA 19 (AVHRR) JPSS-2 AQUA (AIRS/AMSU-A) NPP NOAA 17 (HIRS) JPSS-1 NOAA 18 (AMSU-A) JPSS-2 NOAA 19 (HIRS/AMSU-A) NOAA 17 (SBUV) NPP (nadir) AURA (OMI) JPSS-1 (nadir) NOAA 18 (SBUV) JPSS-2 (nadir and limb) NOAA 19 (SBUV) NPP TERRA (AM) JPSS-1 AQUA JPSS-2 SORCE JPSS-2 GLORY (TIM) NOAA 16 (SEM) NOAA 17 (SEM) DWSS (AM) METOP-B (mid-AM) NOAA 18 (SEM) METOP-A METOP-C (mid-AM) NOAA 19 (SEM) NOAA 17 METOP-B (mid-AM) NOAA 18 JPSS-2 METOP-A NOAA 19 NOAA 16 NOAA 17 METOP-C (mid-AM) METOP-B (mid-AM) NOAA 18 SARAL (1800) JPSS-2 METOP-A NOAA 19 Key Currently on-orbit JPSS 140 min 65 min 28 min Other planned 2 < 6 >

  7. JPSS Space Segment Payloads • * Note: Maintain as option against future VIIRS development problems • Sensitive & Pre-Decisional Information 2 < 7 >

  8. Weather / Climate Products CLASS SDS Data Delivery Data Delivery Data Delivery Data Delivery DataManagement DataManagement DataManagement DataManagement JPSS System Architecture Supporting Space TDRSS GPS TDRSS Space Segment JPSS1330 DWSS1730 LaunchSupportSegment NPOESSPreparatoryProject Offline Support • Algorithm Support • Integrated Support Facility • Calibration/Validation EELV Weather Centrals NAVO FNMOC AFWA NESDIS AlternateMMC Svalbard Primary T&C VAFB FNMOC Interface Data Processing Segment AFWA NESDIS NAVO DQM White SandsComplex LRD HRD MissionManagementCenter (MMC) Processing Processing Processing Processing Processing Field Terminal Segment 15 Globally Distributed Receptor sitesInterconnected by Commercial Fiber Ingest Ingest Ingest Ingest Mission Data Command, Control & Communication Segment 2 < 8 > 2 < 8 >

  9. JPSS Transition Status Level 1 Requirements are in signature cycle FY10 budget constraints require balancing of transition activities and planned work on the current program Funding of potential termination liability Establishing the JPSS Program State 2 Ground System activities and FM2 instrument builds curtailed significantly FY11 funding is tied to continuing resolution (CR) Anomaly to CR expected for JPSS Various funding scenarios evaluated Support to ongoing operations and NPP are considered highest priority

  10. JPSS- Where are we NOW • Program • NOAA/NASA program office formed and staffing up • Program office will be located near NASA Goddard Space Flight Center • DoD has directed Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) to transition JPSS assets by the end of the calendar year (December 2010) and the teams are working toward this • Completed TSIS and User Services accommodation options study • Instruments • Letter contracts were signed with BATC for the OMPS  instrument, ITT for the CrIS instrument, and RTN for the VIIRS instrument • All three contractors are authorized to perform studies • Significant work continues in preparation for contract modifications to align instrument contracts with NASA requirements and oversight • First study on the new CrIS contract is a look at alternate processes to produce the CrIS frame • Current welding process has yet to produce satisfactory results • Instrument team is also talking to NESC about an independent assessment of this issue • Instrument team is assessing alternate paths for producing an ATMS instrument given the current difficulties with getting NGES on contract for the instrument • Preferred solution is to keep the current NGES team and existing hardware • A very successful kickoff was held with the BATC OMPS team following the initial transfer of property to the NASA contract • JPSS Instrument Teams continue to support NPP observatory integration and test, particularly with problem resolution

  11. JPSS- Where we are Now (con’t) Spacecraft • Completed evaluation of JPSS-1 Spacecraft not-to-exceed proposal • Awarded RSDO Delivery Order for JPSS-1 Spacecraft to Ball Aerospace • Held kickoff meeting with Ball; identifying several near term trade studies Ground • NPP Ground segment capability test is scheduled for January 2011 • Continuing to support preparations for NPP Launch

  12. JPSS CGS – Acquisition Status JPSS CGS contract awarded to Raytheon IIS on September 22 JPSS CGS Contract kick-off meeting held October 12-14 SMC issued a contract modification on October 28 for termination of the ground systems efforts on the NPOESS contract and transferred all the ground equipment to NASA to place on the JPSS CGS Contract NASA and Raytheon identified/prioritized JPSS CGS trade studies Plan forward: Contract negotiations / definitization by early December Integrated Baseline Review – spring 2011 Identification / initiation of technical mods (near term and State 2 time critical) Establishment of Program rhythm Ground MOA being negotiated between NOAA and SMC for DWSS/JPSS 2 < 12 >

  13. JPSS CGS – Key Technical Trade Studies Utilizing X-Band vs. Ka-Band for SMD Downlink of JPSS 1 Distributed receptor network operations concept System upgrades prior to State 2 TSIS, SARSAT, ADCS accommodation Ground architecture for GCOM-W and GCOM-C support Low rate data broadcast implementation on JPSS 1 Implementation approach to meet NIST 800-53 requirements Backup Mission Management Center location and capabilities Providing simultaneous support to more than two satellites Deployment schedule for IDPSs at FNMOC and NAVO DQM at all four Centrals AIX/Windows vs. Linux 2 < 13 >

  14. JPSS Staffing & Vacancy Status • All NOAA civil servants formerly assigned to the NPOESS Program have positions with JPSS or other NOAA Programs • NOAA JPSS Office Recruitments: • Director • Deputy Director • Program Scientist • Technical Office Manager • Budget Manager – in parallel with Barbara MacNeill • Administrative Officer • NASA Program Project Office Recruitments (NOAA Position): • Ground System – ISSO • Ground System – C3S • Ground System – Customer Liaison Lead • OSD/JPSS Recruitment: • Program Executive/JASD Deputy

  15. JPSS Challenges 2 < 15 > • FY11 Continuing Resolution vs. President’s Budget • Intellectual Property • Physical Property Transfer • Protecting NPP LRD (10/11) • Continuity of observational coverage for the PM orbit

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  17. JPSS CGS – Acquisition Chronology February 2010 – White House decision to transition NPOESS to separate Civilian and Defense programs (JPSS and DWSS) April-July 2010 – RFP for JPSS CGS contract prepared for release April 2010 – Synopsis released describing NASA intention to sole source JPSS CGS to Raytheon IIS June 2010 - Justification for Other than Full & Open Competition (JOFOC) approved by NASA HQ July 2010 – RFP released to Raytheon IIS for same scope and scheduled as the NPOESS baseline July 2010 – Deputies Agreement reached to transfer State 1 Ground System from SMC to NASA prior to FY11 August 2010 – Full cost proposal received September 2010 – Proposal evaluated by NASA/NOAA team September 2010 – NASA/Raytheon prepared equipment inventory list for transfer by SMC to NASA

  18. JPSS Ground Project Organization Code 474 JPSS GROUND SYSTEMS AND OPERATIONS PROJECT Project Manager D. DeVito Deputy Project Manager T. Zeiler Deputy Project Manager J. Smith Deputy Project Manager/Resources G. Gaukler Field Terminal Segment P. Coronado Mission Operations S. Schaffer Data Products & Algorithms L. Rokke Interface Data Processing Segment Vacant Data Product Engineering R. Ullman S/W Management L. Boyce Mission System Engineering N. Speciale Contracting Officer J. Osterman Mission Management Security J. Rivera Financial Management D. Hinkle Mission Assurance T. Bowser Project Support K. Latham Customer Liaison J. Mulligan (acting) Command, Control & Communication Segment C. Weikel