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Permian Basin PowerPoint Presentation
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Permian Basin

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Permian Basin

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  1. This information should not be taken as an offer or solicitation to sell securities. The information is from sources that are believed to be reliable and in good faith, and does not represent a guarantee. This presentation is the property of Latent Resources LLC and is not to be shared without permission.

  2. Latent Resources LLC is a start-up company in the energy industry that is looking for financing. Its management has 9 years of experience in the oilfield. The services offered will generate three sources of revenue that come from common oilfield production activities. Crude oil production generates oily waste in the form of a sludge. Oil companies pay a fee to dispose of this waste. Currently this waste is buried in landfills which potentially could pollute the environment - and represents a liability to the oil companies. Latent Resources has a “green disposal method” for this oily waste. Charging a fee for this waste is the first source of revenue.

  3. In addition to collecting a disposal fee from the oil companies, the company will also charge a fee to the trucking companies for washing out their trailers after hauling the oily waste. The third source of revenue will come from the sale of crude oil recovered from the oily waste.

  4. Market AreaLatent Resources’ plan is to open up its first facility in an area of West Texas known as the Permian Basin. A market area for each facility will encompass an area 75 miles in diameter. Because of improved oil recovery technologies of existing wells, and the addition of new oil wells, analysts are projecting that a 60% rise in oil production is possible within the next 4 years. With increased oil production comes an increase in oily waste. PermianBasin Competition There are other oily waste disposal companies in the Permian Basin. But in some areas there is only one or no disposals within a 75 mile diameter. It’s in these areas that Latent Resources will target first. Advantage Latent Resources has a unique remediation system that burns the hydrocarbons out of the oily sludge, thus reducing the volume and the hazards of the waste. Currently the volume of waste is increased as it is buried in landfills. When a “greener” method is available that offers environmental protection - for no more cost than landfilling, that will be the responsible choice – that choice will be Latent Resources LLC.

  5. Offering Latent Resources LLC is looking to raise a total of $3.3 million – paid $825k/month over a 4 month construction period. The investor/s will own 60% of the facility. A projected before tax earnings shows a profit of $3.3 million in 2 years from the initial payment of $825k. The investor/s will receive all the profits until the investment is paid back. Five Year Financial Projections 1* 2 3 4 5 Before Tax Revenue$1,040,000 $2,280,000 $2,750,000 $2,840,000 $2,930,000 *First year includes 4 month construction period.