permian basin association of pipeliners n.
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Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners PowerPoint Presentation
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Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

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Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

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  1. Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners Membership Meeting February 13, 2019

  2. Agenda • 1115 – Welcome, Jason Wolf • Pledge of Allegiance • 2019 Officers, Board Members • 2019 PBAP Goals • 1130 - Safety Topic, Terrell Roddy • 1135 – Lunch from KD’s Bar B Que – Midland’s Finest! • 1205 – Guest Speaker, Commissioner Wayne Christian • Intro: Mark Campbell, PBAP Chairman of the Board • Rise in Importance of Texas Oil and Gas – National & Global Impact • Q & A • 1245 - Committee Updates, Jim DeSotle • Membership, Brian Whaley • Improvement, Kelly Maddox • Safety, Terrell Roddy • Clay Shoot, Ryan Logsdon • 1255 - Financial Update, Jon Sheng • Upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities

  3. Welcome to the PBAPJason Wolf • Safety First – Emergency Exits; gather in one group outside hotel’s back door • PBAP is a recognized 501c3 Non-Profit organization, with this Mission: “To advance pipeline engineering, operations, safety practices and education for the mutual benefit of our members and the industry.” • Purpose: provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer networking for those involved in pipeline & related industries. • Membership meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month, including lunch and a guest speaker. • Raise Scholarship money for local youth in STEM and Oil & Gas related pgms • Industry and Community Initiative support

  4. Pledge of Allegiance

  5. Your Officers • Jason Wolf, President • A founding member and our 2018 Vice President, Jason is a Reservoir Engineering Advisor for Occidental Petroleum’s New Mexico team, and former Operations Manager for Centurion Pipeline. He graduated from the Air Force Academy with an aeronautical engineering degree, and spent 20 years in the service before joining the oil and gas industry in 2012. • Jim DeSotle, Vice President • A founding member and 2018 advisor, Jim shares his background and leadership in technology solutions, construction and safety to the PBAP. Jim is CEO of SafetyTech which is a leading Safety Program helping improve the industry by leading positive change in this important area. Jim graduated Ramapo College in New Jersey and holds a degree in Political Science. • Jon Sheng, Treasurer • Jon is a founding member and was our 2018 Treasurer. Jon is Senior Principal and Midland Manager for Terracon in Midland, where he leads a team that provides practical solutions to environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and material engineering challenges. Jon is a registered PE and obtained his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tong Ji University in Shanghai, and his M.S. in CE (Geotechnical Engineering) from Georgia Tech.

  6. 2019 Officers • Chryl Larabee, Secretary • Chryl is the business development manager at WHC Energy Services, providing safe, essential services to the midstream and upstream teams across the Permian Basin. Prior to joining the oil and gas industry, she was a residential home builder, receiving numerous awards for craftsmanship & innovative design. She attended Fort Lewis college in Durango, Colorado pursuing a math degree. • Samantha Rabas, Assistant Secretary • Samantha is a Regional Human Resources Advisor at Nustar Energy, where she provides support to oil and gas operations throughout CO, NM, OK and TX.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Media & Communication from West Texas A&M University and an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science from Black Hawk College.  She has 6 years experience working as a Corporate and Commercial Recruiter for large EPC clients in power & energy, oil & gas, transmission & distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, and telecom.

  7. Your Board Members • Mark Campbell is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lonestar PLC and served as our President in 2018. Mark led our organization to a fantastic start as a regional oil and gas leader, community supporter, and instrument of change in our industry. Mark will begin a two-year position as Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2019. • Rebecca Bell is the Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at Midland College Foundation, and served as our Secretary in 2018. She chaired our Scholarship Committee in 2018 and created a streamlined process, clear guidelines, and electronic application on our PBAP website for awarding scholarships to deserving area youth. She will remain our Scholarship Committee chair as she joins our Board of Directors.

  8. 2019 GoalsJason Wolf • 400 Total Members • 100 Individual • 75 corporate sponsorships at 4 memberships each • $100k scholarship fundraising across 3 events • Clay Shoot, April (inaugural) • Team Roping Event, Oct-Nov • Golf Tournament (inaugural) TBD • Committee growth, involvement • Safety initiative: improve training, records maintenance, & verification • Improvement Committee: Community Involvement • Publicity

  9. 2019 GoalsJason Wolf There’s no limit to the good you can do…

  10. 2019 GoalsJason Wolf There’s no limit to the good you can do…if you don’t care who gets the credit! Harry S Truman/Ralph Waldo Emerson/Ronald Reagan (it doesn’t matter)

  11. Safety MomentTerrell Roddy

  12. Safety: Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace • Harmful effects in the workplace • Unsafe working conditions for others • Loss in productivity and increase in absenteeism • Increased incident and injury rate • Higher workers compensation and rehabilitation costs • 15% of US workers reported being impaired by alcohol at work sometime during past year • 10% reported being hung over at work

  13. Safety: Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace • Statistics: Substance Abuse at Work • 2 of 3 illegal drug users are fully employed • 71% are between 18 and 34 years of age • Annual cost estimated at $160B ($100B in lost productivity, increased incidents, theft, discipline) • Training, Identification and Treatment are keys to success • New-hire and annual training are essential • Strict alcohol and drug programs: Set clear expectations, post company policies in visible places • Conduct random testing, reasonable suspicion testing, and post-accident testing • Offer appropriate resources and contact info for those who need it • 70% of those who have accomplished an Alcohol EAP return to work and perform well

  14. LunchKD’s Bar B Que1135 - 1200

  15. Special Thanks:Commissioner Christian Travel Lonestar Pipeline Contractors, Mark Campbell SafetyTech, Jim DeSotle TetraTech Rooney, Greg Downs Saulsbury Industries, Bubba Saulsbury S&B Drilling, Clayton Carmack Pipeline Trenchers LLC, Rusty Henson

  16. Website: Donate/SponsorshipGuest Speaker travel expenses

  17. Introducing: Commissioner Wayne ChristianMark Campbell, PBAP Chairman of the Board of Directors Topic: The Importance of Texas Oil and Gas, Nationally and Globally

  18. CommitteesJim DeSotle • Membership: Brian Whaley, Atchafalaya Measurement • Meet Membership and Sponsorship targets in 2019 • Program: Jim DeSotle, SafetyTech • Arrange meeting speakers/topics and fundraising event programs • Publicity:needs a chairperson • 3 members appointed by Secretary and Assistant Secretary • Club news releases to press & internet • Scholarship: Rebecca Bell, Midland College • PBAP officers and 3 members appointed by President • Choose scholarship recipients annually • Improvement: Kelly Maddox, Saulsbury • Civic improvement: social programs, parks and recreation • Safety: Terrell Roddy, Lonestar • Improving industry safety processes, training, and communications • Events: Fundraising/Scholarship Benefits • Clay shoot (Ryan Logsdon) • Team Roping (Oct/Nov) needs a chairperson

  19. Membership CommitteeBrian Whaley, Chair • Update: current membership 105 • 15 corporate memberships • Next steps • Advertising • Business Cards • Bring a Friend

  20. Website Updates: Membership

  21. Improvement CommitteeKelly Maddox, Chair • This committee is formed • Chryl Larabee, Emily Larabee, Samantha Rabas • Goals • Engage with local government leaders • Participate in their initiatives • Seek industry improvement suggestions • Feedback and elevation for Association consideration • Identify resources (financial or manpower) support opportunities • Bring to membership, then officers for consideration/approval • Next steps • Committee meeting

  22. Safety CommitteeTerrell Roddy, Chair • This committee is formed, 4 members thus far • CJ Summers, Mallory Friend, • Is working with several of our Education and Corporate Partners • Developing technology, training and standards to improve our industry

  23. Scholarship CommitteeRebecca Bell, Chair • Establish and communicate scholarship and application details • Posted to Website 1 Jan 19 • Applications due 31 Mar 19 • Strong relationships w/local Universities and Colleges • Support Programs (Technical, Training, Certifications) • Assist in Research and Development (financially, with equipment) • Support Employment Opportunities

  24. Website Updates: Scholarship

  25. Clay Shoot CommitteeRyan Logsdon, Chair • April 25, noon check-in • Jake’s Clays in Midland • Team sponsorships available • Lunch and Drink sponsorships • Giveaways • Gun squares • Raffles

  26. Closing BusinessJon Sheng, Treasurer • Financial update • Speaker $1,000 travel sponsorships for March (Oil & Gas Journal editor) • website “donate” tab (add comments) • May, June lunch sponsorships available ($2,500) • 5 minute business presentation • Form on website • Lunch cost reduced for members/non-members • “Normal” lunch cost for members $30/non-members $40

  27. Website: Lunch Sponsorship • “Upcoming events” tab

  28. FarewellSee you Wednesday, 13 March!