permian basin association of pipeliners n.
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Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners PowerPoint Presentation
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Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

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Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

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  1. Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners Membership Meeting June 12, 2019

  2. Agenda • 1115 – Welcome, Jim De Sotle • Pledge of Allegiance • 1130 – Safety: Managing the Heat, Terrell Roddy, LoneStar • 1135 – Country Buffet, Petroleum Club • Lunch Sponsor SafetyTech • 1205 – Guest Speaker • Mallory Friend - PEC • Q & A • 1230 - Committee Updates • Membership, Mark Campbell • Scholarship, Samantha Rabbas • Golf Tournament, Adam Perkins, PCM • 1255 - Financial Update, Jon Sheng, Terracon • Upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities

  3. Welcome to the PBAPJim De Sotle • Safety First – Emergency Exits, group muster location • PBAP is a 501c3 organization, with this Mission: “To advance pipeline engineering, operations, safety practices and education for the mutual benefit of our members and the industry.” • Purpose: provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer networking for those involved in pipeline & related industries. • Membership meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month • Industry safety improvement • Community improvement initiatives

  4. Pledge of Allegiance

  5. 2019 Goals • 400 Total Members • 100 Individual • 92 individual memberships (92% of goal) • 75 corporate sponsorships at 4 memberships each • 43 Corporate Memberships (57%) averaging 2 members (50%) • Existing corporate sponsors should ensure they have 4 members registered • $100k scholarship fundraising across 2 events • $160k scholarship fundraising across 3 events • Clay Shoot Thurs, May 2 (Complete) • Golf Tournament Tues, Sep 10 • Team Roping Event Sat, Nov 9 • Committee growth, involvement • Safety initiative: improve training, records maintenance, & verification • Improvement Committee: • Publicity via social media, news releases, and networking

  6. Safety MomentManaging the Heat Terrell Roddy

  7. Managing The Heat There are no easy answers to working in extreme temperatures. While some people seem to acclimate to working outdoors in the heat better than others, we all have the same physical challenges to managing heat stress. Remember, heat stress does not necessarily mean dehydration or a serious heat illness such as heat stroke. If you recognize your body’s limitations, and respond appropriately, you are way ahead of the game. Heat related problems are progressive and must be addressed before it progresses to a more serious stage. Here is some information that may be helpful:

  8. Managing The Heat Drinking large quantities of very cold water can lead to abdominal cramps. Cool, not cold, water is ideal when you are consuming more than 4 ounces at a time. 2) Electrolyte replacement is critical! When sweating profusely, the human body eliminates Sodium and Potassium in a very short time. Sodium and Potassium are necessary for hydration. A person can drink lots of water and still become dehydrated. The Sodium is necessary to escort the water where it needs to go in your body. Where salt goes, water follows. Sodium is actually necessary to draw the water across the cell and tissue walls. This is the only way your body will utilize the water you are providing. Potassium works the same way in muscle fibers. Muscle cramps are a sure sign of Potassium depletion.

  9. Managing The Heat 3) Heat stress occurs when your body’s core temperature rises too high, too fast. Applying a cold, wet rag (wet from the water cooler) to your face, Ice packs, to head, and around your neck and under your arms may help. This helps cool the blood flowing to the brain and reduces the body’s core temperature. Also, when possible, reduce the layers of your clothing and wear clothing that “breaths” better, such as 100% cotton. 4) Proper diet and plenty of rest are essential. Avoid food and beverages that contain large amounts of sugar. Sugar causes your pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream. The more sugar, the more insulin. When trying to combat the heat, sugar and insulin become toxic and may cause symptoms similar to a diabetic episode.

  10. Managing The Heat Electrolyte replacement drinks such as Gatorade and Squencher are loaded with sugar. You must avoid these. Look for the sugar-free Squencher packets that mix with water or drink water and take electrolyte replacement tablets. Proper dosage for electrolyte tabs vary, but a good rule of thumb is 1 packet before beginning work, 1 packet at first break, 1 packet at lunch time and 1 packet at mid-afternoon break. What to Avoid: Caffeine, Alcohol, Over the counter medications like decongestants, antihistamines What to do: Drink plenty of water, Drink even if you are not thirsty, Know the symptoms, Take regular breaks


  12. Lunch1135 - 1200

  13. Introducing Chuck Dandridge

  14. WHO WE ARE SOFTWARE, DATA AND SERVICES • The first safety software to utilize safety professionals to develop key job analysis for use in the field • The first verification software to break down silos, aggregate data from multiple sources and make the worker the owner of his/her own data • Pioneers in “Safety as a Service” SaaS, providing low cost commoditized safety products and services • Data Analysis and reporting through our safety and verification software

  15. WHY JSACLOUD? JSACloud Enterprise provides businesses with a easy to use tool designed to create customized JSA's and safety forms. The application is composed of a streamlined mobile front end for workers and a user friendly back end for Safety Professionals- all custom tailored to your business. Additionally, JSACloud Enterprise, provides access to sophisticated data analytics, allowing businesses to keep on top of safety, save money, protect their brand and keep employees safe!

  16. BENEFITS OF JSACLOUD FOR EMPLOYERS Quality - Professionally developed Safety Forms Ease of use - Safety Field forms in one a place Tailored - To your company needs Data -Real time access to aggregated safety data Cost - Reduction in transaction cost and paperwork. Cost - Affordable for all companies FOR EMPLOYEES Accessibility -On your mobile device Communication - A safer work environment involves employees Improvement - Improvement ideas generated Ease of use - Simply click and select on forms

  17. BENEFITS OF JSACLOUD • Data in the cloud allows anyone with permissions to pull up records and check them from their location in real time- saving time for safety officers with fewer unnecessary site visits so they can focus on necessary duties • Over time, your data will show trends- upticks in certain stop work orders, common mistakes, innovations made on a job site. All of this can be delivered back to you to use to improve • Real time access to changes in code, documentation, bulletins • On site electronic sign offs on all job sites, all changes • Templates and SOPs for you to adopt or adapt • Communicate with the field AND the office in real time

  18. Guest Speaker Mallory Friend from PEC

  19. Remaining Agenda • 1230 - Committee Updates • Membership, Mark Campbell • Scholarship, Samantha Rabbas • Golf Tournament, Adam Perkins, PCM • 1255 – Closing Business/Financial Update, Jon Sheng, Terracon • Upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities

  20. Membership Committee Committee Purpose:Meet the membership goals set by the board and officers Committee Status: Formed, Brian Whaley Chair Committee Members: Brian Whaley, Mark Campbell, all PBAP members! Updates: • Current membership 185 total • 43 corporate sponsorships with 93 members (9 in past 30 days) • 92 individual memberships (4 in past 30 days) Next steps: • Advertising Strategy • Business Cards • Membership meeting guests

  21. Improvement CommitteeKelly Maddox, Chair Committee Purpose: Civic improvement: social programs, parks and recreation • Goals • Engage with local civic leaders • Seek industry improvement suggestions • Identify resources (financial & manpower) to support these opportunities • Bring to membership, then officers for consideration/approval Committee Status: Formed, Kelly Maddox is Chair Recent Event: Earth Day, Tuesday 30 April – Midland’s Reyes-Mashburn-Nelms Park Thanks to LJA Surveying, Vaquero Midstream, If Solutions, S&B Drilling, apillc, and Torcsill Next Event: Law Enforcement & First Responder Appreciation Dinner, 13 June at 7 pm, Petroleum Club PBAP, Safety Tech, GPA, sponsoring this event for 60 from local community Odessa Police, Odessa Sheriff, Odessa Fire Chief, Midland Fire Marshalls and Midland Police

  22. Safety Committee Committee Purpose: Improve Safety in Oil and Gas through standardized practices Committee Status: Formed, Terrell Roddy is Chair Committee Members: LyndolynPrevier, James Davis, Gary Mann, Eric Barber, Chancey Summers, Dan Thompson, Jerry Green, Mallory Friend Update: • Currently developing technology, training and standards

  23. Scholarship CommitteeRebecca Bell, Chair Committee Purpose: Establish and communicate scholarship and application details Goals: • Strong relationships w/local Universities and Colleges (Odessa & Midland Colleges, UTPB) • Support Programs (Technical, Training, Certifications) • Assist in Research and Development (financially, with equipment) • Support Employment Opportunities Committee Status: Formed, Rebecca Bell is Chair (5 members to evaluate scholarship applications) Update: • Applications were due April 30th 2019 • For scholarship recipients being selected – College Considerations include: Howard College, Angelo State, and West Texas A&M

  24. Clay Shoot CommitteeRyan Logsdon, Chair • Event held May 2, Jake’s Clays in Midland • Recap • 250 Participants • Giveaways/raffles/squares for 7 guns – incredible “buzz” & ticket/square sales • $50k+ raised for 2020 scholarship disbursement • Opportunities for Improvement • Lunch services expansion • Double-up rounds (morning, afternoon) • Venue for 2020 • Social immediately after the shoot

  25. Golf Tournament CommitteeAdam Perkins, PCM • Event to be held Sep 10, Ranchland Hills Golf Club in Midland • 1600 E Wadley • Morning and Afternoon rounds • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to be served • Raffle and silent auction • Manageable # teams per round (28 teams) to improve pace of play • Details and sponsorship links to be posted this week to website • Contact Adam at 985-688-1710 to join committee

  26. Closing BusinessJon Sheng, Treasurer • Financial update: $132k in bank account • June and August lunch sponsorships available ($2,500) • 5 minute business presentation • Contact Jason or Jon • Upcoming Events/Lunch Sponsorship tab on website • Lunch cost reduced for members $10/non-members $20