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Car Amplifier PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Amplifier

Car Amplifier

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Car Amplifier

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  1. Car Amplifiers

  2. What are Car Amplifiers? • Amplifier, as the name suggests, amplifies or lifts the given signal and improves the sound quality. • In car audio system, we usually use an amplifier with a subwoofer to boost the low-frequency signal.

  3. Another important reason for installation of an amplifier in a car is to provide power to the respective speakers or subwoofers installed. • We can keep an external amplifier or built-in amplifiers according to the space available and requirements. • Different types of amplifiers that are used include mono-amplifiers, two-channel to five channel amplifiers.

  4. Types of Car Amplifiers • The first type of amplifier is a mono-channel amplifier which as the name suggests has only one channel. • They are used to give power to subwoofers as they come under Class D amplifiers and produce more power as compared to others. • There is very less heat loss in this type of amplifier.

  5. Two Channel Amplifiers • Then comes two-channel amplifiers which are ideal for two speakers and come under the category of class A and class AB amplifiers. • Class A amplifiers have the best sound quality as compared to all other amplifiers as they never shut down so there is always current flowing through it which produces best sound quality and class AB amplifiers overcomes the problem of distortion.

  6. Three Channel Amplifiers • Then comes three channel amplifiers and they come under class AB and class D amplifiers. They serve as an alternate in situations where there is a space problem for keeping the amplifiers and speakers. • The distortions occur but the signal is passed through a filter after that which minimizes distortions.

  7. Four Channel Amplifier • Four-channel amplifiers are the most widely used amplifiers as they are the most simple and efficient amplifiers available. • They can power four speakers at a time and can give power to the whole music system of the car. • We can also choose amplifiers based on the position of speakers.

  8. Five Channel & Six Channel Amplifier • Five-channel amplifiers are the ones which can be installed easily as all the wiring is contained in one amplifier only and are used in vehicles having less space. • Six channel amplifiers can supply power to six speakers at a time and is one of the most powerful music systems of all times. It is not so commonly used.

  9. Conclusion These were different types of amplifiers available for installation in our cars and each one has its own advantage and can be installed according to the power requirements and space availability.

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