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C a n d y L a n d

C a n d y L a n d

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C a n d y L a n d

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  1. CandyLand By: Elaina, Ashley, Alyson, Bailey, and Kelsey click to continue

  2. How to play • First of all you are the main character in this story • Also there will be options to go to and you may pick one there maybe more than one so choose wisely click here to start

  3. Candy land • One ordinary night you were playing Candy land with your friends. It’s getting late and your friends fall asleep on the floor and you fall asleep on the game board. You get sucked in the game, you can either go right to the chocolate river or go left to the bouncy gumdrops. Go right to chocolate river Go left to the bouncy gumdrops

  4. The chocolate river • You choose to go to the chocolate river. Then you are ordered to drink some by the trowl who just appeared.

  5. lolly pop forest The bouncy gumdrops • You choose to go to the bouncy gumdrops, and you can see two paths. One leads to the lolly pop forest and the other one leads to the Candy Castle lolly pop forestcandy castle

  6. Candy Castle • You choose to go to the Candy Castle that is made out of gummy bears. His army is getting ready to fight against Lord licorach. Then you see king candy you ask him why he has so many gummy bears? He says he is going to fight Lord licorach and he asks you if you want to help him.Go to help king candygo to grandma peanuts house

  7. Lolly pop forest • You choose to go to the lolly pop forest. You notice some stomps were getting louder and louder, then you hear hut, hut, hut, hut, hut then you see the lolly’s marching closer and closer as they come toward you.You can see what they wantyou can run away from them

  8. Grandma peanuts house You choose to go to grandma peanuts house and see someone it’s grandma peanut and she asks you if you want to go and eat some candy you can eat some candydon’t eat the candy

  9. Help king candy • You choose to help king candy and you were lost and couldn’t find king candy so you looked around and saw a shadow you didn’t know what it was and you were frightened. Go see what it is run away

  10. Drinking from the chocolate river • You choose to drink some and the trowl pushes you in and you freeze into chocolate and die link to credits pagelink to home page

  11. You say yes *you have a fun time working for them they keep giving you money, supplies, ad food + water and you survive you live with them for ever and ever THE END

  12. Credits page • •

  13. Go see what the lolly’s want • You choose to go to see what the lolly’s want you go and follow you and bring you to a world made of lolly pops that they worship and king lolly wants you to be his server. Go an be king lolly’s servergo and run away into the lolly pop forest

  14. You can run away from the lolly’s • The lolly’s see you running and get very mad they turn you into a cloud of dust and float awaylink to home pagelink to credits page

  15. Run away from the shadow • You decide to run and from the strange shadow and then see evil lord licorach he turns you into a cloud of dust and you float away link to home page link to credits page

  16. Go see what the shadow is • You want to go to see what the shadow is you go closer and closer then you hear a loud “BOOM” then every thing goes dark and you have just died. Go to the home pagego to the credits page

  17. Eat the candy • You eat some candy and start to get fat you don’t care. • You can go eat the biggest bowl of candy you have ever seen

  18. Don’t eat the candy • Grandma peanut gets ferias and shoows you out of the house of peanuts you start to get hungry and soon start to starve .Link to home pagelink to credits page

  19. Lolly’s server • You go and be the lolly’s server you have been there working for them for a while and want to quit this job so you tell king lolly you don’t want to work for him anymore he is so mad because he thought you were a great worker he does not want you to leave so he is very mad and you run away and get lost the end link to home pagelink to credits page

  20. Run away into the lolly pop forest • Soon you realize you are in the middle of know where and don’t know how to get back to your house you hit yourself with a stick to wake up but it doesn’t work link to home pagelink to credits page

  21. Eat the big bowl of candy • You decide to keep eating all the candy and soon you see that you are getting very fat and can not move the wind picks up and you roll over on your side and start rolling then you pass out and never woke up.Link to home pagelink to credits page