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C A N D Y. Collected and Put together By: Erinn A. Shea. Table of Contents. Page Number. Poem Title. ----------------------------A Penny Candy Store ----------------------------Candy Princess -----------------------------Candy Wrap -----------------------------------------------Candy

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  1. CANDY Collected and Put together By: Erinn A. Shea

  2. Table of Contents Page Number Poem Title • ----------------------------A Penny Candy Store • ----------------------------Candy Princess • -----------------------------Candy Wrap • -----------------------------------------------Candy • --------------------------A Candy Coated Dream • --------------------------My world • --------------------------My Candy World • ---------------------------Candy Drawer • -----------------------------Love Cotton Candy • -----------------------------Jelly Beans • ---------------------------Sugar Candy Rainbow

  3. Theme Statement I choose the theme Candy because it is something near and dear to my heart. Candy is any person sweet treat. Whether it is chocolate, jelly beans, hard candy, or cotton candy it is all delicious. I think it is important because candy is everywhere. Their favorite kind find yours in the following poems!

  4. A Penny Candy Store Walking by an old abandoned buildingThat once housed a penny candy store, I envisioned all the wide-eyed childrenAs they gazed at the display of candy galore.I was saddened by the closure, And it took me back to the days of yoreWhen I, too, was spending my penniesAt the neighborhood's penny candy store.As a youngster, I stared in disbeliefAt all the candy unsurpassedAnd often rubbed my fingers unconsciously onThe counter top of highly polished glass.At the proprietor's helpful suggestionI would only remain silent and gape.The variety of candy caused me to be uncertainAs to what penny candy I would take.What a thrill to have a penny in my hand? It is a feeling that I still cherish today.I was able to go to the penny candy storeTo select and buy candy my own way.Though I may still be indecisive at timesWhile viewing the niceties by the score, The thoughts of time tried candy still remainFrom the old, neighborhood candy store. Joseph T. Renaldi

  5. Candy Princess • I found a Candy Princess, Lips bubblegum pinkEyes sour apple greenI found a Candy PrincessHer dress is made of lollipopsButter rum and CherryI found a Candy PrincessHer lips are sweetThey taste like cherriesI love my lollipop Candy PrincessWe dance and sing, Sticky sweet and happyInnocenceEdible flowers wreathesOn our headsI found a Candy Princess Alyce Crowley

  6. Candy-Wrap   Well I like ice cream and candy barLike Ben and Jerry's, Hersey's and MarsPop rocks, pop-tarts, and pop-cycles tooMarshmallow cereal how about youI'm gonna eat this candy till I get sickI'm gonna give this lollipop another lickA lot of people always tend to give upBut I say you ain't through until you throw-upBut if you're not careful you'll get cavitiesBut all you got to do if brush dem teefethiesI can't help I have a really bad sweet-toothBut I really love candy and that's the sweet-truthAs long as I'm eating lots of candyI'll be one very happy fatty. Soupy Pettry

  7. Candy •   CandyBy everyone required, Absolutely admired, Who can detest, What tastes the best? Munch and CrunchEnjoying it all, Snack or lunch, Having a ball, Bitter, sour, or sweet, If its candy, its always a treat, Chewy, fizzy, or a surprise inside, Candy shows us were all kids inside.So come on and join the team, Get some candy to the extreme, Don’t you dare ever doubt it, That there is a way without it! CarolinTenhove

  8. Candy Coated Dream •   Such bitter sweetness falls within a candy coated dreamthe place where hope extends beyond the sugar coated schemeas we dance and dance, around the candy cane sticksPrancing hand in hand, as we come to one we both lickLove blooms as we meet in a kiss, like in Lady and the TrampOur candy kingdom ruled by two, as the umpa lumpa's danceWe walk through the land, and gaze forever into each other's eyesAnd then climb the steps to ride down the milk chocalatey slideLanding in a pool of such wonderfully pure sweetnessWe embrace in a hug, that like the chocolate, is made of pure greatnessAs I watch you get out of the pool covered in chocolate like a 100 GrandLooking like my favorite candy, which melts in my mouth, not in my handWe laid together on the ground like a twizler all rolled up in oneBoth nibbling at each other, until our hearts both became undoneForever to this day I will declare you my lollipop queenSuch beautiful sweetness falls inside a candy coated dream Nyrical Poet

  9. My World In my dream, stars were glowing in the sky. Marshmallows fell like snow falling. The sun rose and it was a beautiful day. Cotton candy were the clouds. I walk on and I saw graham cracker stepping stones. Lifesaver flowers rose from the ground. Long pretzels stood tall. I started to eat. I heard a sound. It sounded like my mom. I woke up, and said, "I don't want to get up.  I'm still eating!" By: Taylor

  10. My Candy World • I was walking through • a forest with silly things. • Marshmallows were frogs • That hopped all around the • lollipop world. • Juice was the flowing streams. • That is the best to swim in. • Kit-Kat bar trees • grew Swedish fish, • that were all different kinds of colors, • except white and black. • Candy burgers were the butterflies. • That was very tasty. • Gingerbread men were the bushes, • That were  mostly brown. • I'd rather go get a tummy ache • Then to stop eating! • Yummy!!! • By: Kayleigh

  11. love cotton candyit sticks to my lipswhen I take a BIGbitelike tasting a cloudSo floatableAiry—sweetMmmmCotton Candymy favorite treatthe circusstate fairsAt carnivals tooSometimes from a clown during a paradeWhile he’s walkingUp-side-downOh I love cotton candyIt’s the best, it truly isAll pinkFluffy Gooey wooly best treat around! Catherine Inscore

  12. love my jelly beansI even love machinesThat make my jelly beansRed, pink, purple, and blueI will all chewIf only you knewI'd even eat them out of my shoeOne bean, two beans, three beans, a millionI'd even eat one hundred billionI'd eat them non stopI'd eat them right in the candy shopI'd eat them until my tummy would popYou can never have to manyI never heard of anyone that didn't have anyPeople always have plentyEat until I don't have anymoreAlways wish I had some more......Back to my candy drawer Sugar Candy Rainbow Sugar candy rainbowsfilling silver jars, coloured pink as cotton dropsmelting among the stars Heather Moreton

  13. These poems were chosen because the really expressed the point that I wanted to come across. That when ever anyone has candy the turn into a five year old at heart. Candy is a way to release all of our lid energy.

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