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C a n d y l a n d

B y : A s h l e y P u l e o, B a i l e y K i n g, E l a i n a C e c c a c c i, K e l s e y V o y e r, A l y s o n M c G i n n i s. C a n d y l a n d. continue. D irections.

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C a n d y l a n d

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  1. By:AshleyPuleo, Bailey King, ElainaCeccacci, Kelsey Voyer, Alyson McGinnis Candyland continue

  2. Directions • In this story you can choose your own adventure, by clicking on the path you want to go. There may only be a few ways to reach your goal. But some how there is a way to the end. Start your adventure

  3. Go right to the chocolate river. One ordinary cold windy night you were playing candy land with your friends, and its getting late and your friends fell asleep on the floor but, you fell asleep on the game board. You got stuck in the game, you have the option to go right to the chocolate river or left to the bouncy gum drops. Go left to the bouncy gum drops.

  4. The chocolate river • So you choose the milk chocolate river… then your mouth drops, and your just standing looking at the yummy creamy milk chocolate waterfall that leads in to reservoir. You decide to take a sip, and then some more of the yummy creamy chocolate because you can’t stand it. All of a sudden you hear growling, you look around and it’s getting louder, and louder and louder you have the option to try to find the noise or hide what do you choose? Try to find it Hide

  5. Gum drops • So you choose to go to the gum drops, you look around and you see the biggest, juiciest, sugariness gum drop of all. You have the option to eat it or bounce on it, your choice. Bounce on the gum drop Eat the gum drop

  6. So you decide to hide and you found a cave but a big rock fell on you and you died. Try again

  7. Creatures You wanted to try finding the creature and you did, they were yellow,blue,pink, andgreen They started talking to you, “hello we are marshmallow peeps,” they said. Follow the peeps

  8. be careful not to eat to much, you ate the biggest gum drop and you loved it than you see a secret path. take the path

  9. So you choose to bounce on the biggest, roundest, sugariness gum drop of all, and bounced so high that when you came down you got stuck and never came out again. Try again\ start overcredits

  10. Lollypop forests • The peeps took you to the lollypop forest and there you meet princess lolly. She is pink and purple with a puffy pink tutu and she invites you to her house do you want to go? • Go to her house!!! Say no

  11. She got really mad and you were so hungry that you starved and died. • Try again/start over • credits

  12. Congratulations you found your way out and you are in your nice warm bed!!! TRY AGAIN/ START OVERcredits

  13. Princess lolly’s house She asks you if you want some cookies, milk, and of coarse a lollypop!!! It’s getting late, and princess lolly asks you if you want to stay for a sleep over do you want to stay? stay

  14. Night time • So she tells you to go to bed but you can’t fall asleep so you decide to sneak out, but right when you walk out you see the lollipop monsters do you want to talk to them or run away. • Run awaytalk to them

  15. So you choose to run away but the lollypop monsters start to gain up on you and they caught up, jumped on you and you died. SORRY/TRY AGAIN CREDITS

  16. So you chose to talk to the monsters and they show you a path that only they know about and you wake up and you are in your nice warm bed!!! • THE ENDTRY AGAIN/STARTOVER

  17. CREDITS Thanks for playing!!! Start over morgue file THE NAMELESS FOREST

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