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C a n d y L a n d

C a n d y L a n d

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C a n d y L a n d

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  1. CandyLand By: Bailey King Ashley Puleo Alyson McGinnis Kelsey Voyer and Elaina Ceccacci Continue

  2. Directions In this story you can choose your own adventure, by clicking on the link that you want to go. If there is not a link just click on the background. BEGIN YOUR ADVENTURE!

  3. One ordinary dark rainy night you and your friends were playing candy land, its getting late and your friends fell asleep on the floor, you fell asleep on the board. You get sucked in the game, you can either go right to the chocolate river or left to the bouncy gum drops. Go left to the bouncy gum drops Go right to the chocolate river

  4. The Chocolate River You choose the chocolate river, you decided to take a sip, and then some more of the yummy, rich chocolate, you stood there and watched the thick, dark brown chocolate run down the stream with the cup in your hand, all of a sudden you hear scary growling, you look around and its getting louder… you have the choice of trying to find the creature or hiding from it. Find the creature hide

  5. BOUNCY GUM DROP So you choose to bounce on the bouncy gum drops, you look around and you see the biggest, juiciest, with most sugar gum drop! You can either go eat it or bounce on it. Eat the biggest, juiciest, with most sugar gum drop Bounce on the biggest, juiciest, with most sugar gum drop

  6. You decided to hide, when you were running you ran to hard and a big, hard, sharp rock fell on you, you never got back up. Try again CREDITS PAGE

  7. You wanted to try to find the creature and you did! They were yellow, pink, blue and green. What is this kind of creature they thought when they saw you. They started introducing them selves. You can either go talk to them or keep walking. Keep walking talk to the marshmallow peeps

  8. Eat The Gum Drop Be careful, don’t eat to much! Your mouth dropped open as you looked at the big, tasty, juicy gum drop. You had the biggest smile on your face! You ran excitedly up to the gum drop and grabbed a big chunk and shoved it in your mouth. You loved it! After you were done you looked around and saw a secret passage way, you decided to take it. Go To The Secret Path

  9. Bounce On The Gum Drop You choose to bounce on the biggest gum drop, you bounced so high that when you came down you got stuck inside and you died Try Again  CREDITS PAGE


  11. Keep Walking You keep walking and you saw your grandmas house, you can go inside to see her. GO SEE GRANDMA

  12. Talking to the peeps You decided to talk to the soft, puffy, colorful marshmallow peeps, they picked you up and started flying away, you got really scared. You started struggling and wiggling your legs and arms, they had a good grip on you so you couldn’t get out of their arms, you saw a magical world, you saw a door. The peeps set you down and surrounded you they said walk through that door, they said “thank you for coming to visit!” you stopped dreaming and your mind went blank. You had a peaceful sleep after that! Congratulations, you won. RESTART CREDITS PAGE

  13. Grandma’s house You walked in the door and said “Hey grandma its me! Those cookies look good.” “Well go right ahead honey,” she said “Thanks, so what are you up to grandma,” “Oh nothing honey, why don’t you sit down,” she mumbled. “Ok thanks,” you said. the chair started vibrating, you jumped up but the metal silver chains were wrapped around your wrists. “GRANDMA!!!! What is happening,” You screamed. “Oh, you need to wake up,” she said as she was plugging your nose so you would wake up. You woke up, you looked around and everything was fine. You got up and ate breakfast with your family, you tried telling them all about your dream but the gave you a weird look “Anyways I’m glad I’m out of that dream,” You said Congratulations, you won RESTART CREDITS PAGE

  14. Credits The nameless forest Morgue files Replay the game