why not go live n.
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Why not Go Live? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why not Go Live?

Why not Go Live?

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Why not Go Live?

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  1. Why not Go Live? Live Streaming solutions from J X Media

  2. What is Live Streaming? • Live streaming is broadcasting over the internet in real time to an audience in NZ and internationally. • The scale can range from a small single camera set up to a multi-camera shoot with keys, PowerPoint presentations and video. • The broadcast could be in the form of a one-person interactive presentation, also known as a webinar, right up to conferences, AGMs and training and professional development presentations.

  3. How does Live Streaming work? • Two cameras connect to a high-spec laptop. • The laptop had broadcasting software which allows shots to be switched and keys to appear on screen. • The laptop uploads a video feed over the internet (through an Ethernet connection) to a server and custom-built player, which viewers can watch.

  4. What are the benefits of Live Streaming? • Broadcasting live means an audience who cannot attend the presentation need not miss out. • It reduces the need for multiple conferences as it can be streamed live and recorded. This could be a massive cost saver. • It keeps your business connected with employees, stakeholders and customers in an engaging and interactive way.

  5. Who is J X Media? • J X Media was formed in 2005 as a production company that provide services for film, television and web media. Our main focus is to provide high quality, affordable filming solutions for your business to deliver key messages to your clients, customers or stakeholders. • J X Media can provide a whole range of filming services for you. This includes filming corporate events such as conferences, advertorials or television advertisements. We can help to develop an idea to make an impact on your target audience and can deliver on that idea to a high quality standard. • We specialise in live streaming events for the company’s target audience. Clients include TVNZ, Fonterra and The Mental Health Foundation NZ and J X Media has live streamed conferences for Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand (SPINZ) as well as for TEDx Auckland in conjunction with TVNZ 7.

  6. Meet Andy Jalfon Andy has produced and directed a wide variety of short films, music videos, documentaries and corporate videos for various media. He has been involved with the biggest shows on New Zealand television, producing the Shortland Street: Behind the Scenes online documentary series for TVNZ as well as directing live online broadcasts of Shortland Street actors answering viewers' emails. He produced behind the scenes content for the last three series of Dancing with the Stars, as well as The Singing Bee, Top Town, The Amazing Extraordinary Friends and MasterChef New Zealand. Andy was the Content Producer during the creation and redesign of TVNZ Ondemand, the first online television catch-up service in the southern hemisphere and he has managed the online properties for some of the biggest shows on NZ television. Andy has run filming workshops with The New Zealand Film Academy and the Uxbridge Creative Centre. His passion in online media brings an extensive knowledge of presentation, distribution and syndication, getting the message out to the target audience as effectively as possible.

  7. Get in touch! • Address: J X Media Ltd PO Box 911094, Victoria Street West Auckland 1142 New Zealand • Email: • Website: • Contact: Andy Jalfon +64 (0) 21 808 178