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Unit 8 Language Points PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 8 Language Points

Unit 8 Language Points

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Unit 8 Language Points

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  1. Unit 8 Language Points

  2. 1) also, too, 和either, 指“也”,为副词 • too, also:都用于肯定句; either 用于否定句.too:一般放在句尾,一般用逗号隔开,也可不用(如Me too.); • also:其位置大多放在be动词、助动词、情态动词之后,实义动词之前; • 辨义:else意思是“另外的”:what else; who else; where else;something else; everyone else but me. • I need to go shopping, too. • I also need to go shopping. • He has been to Beijing, too. • He has also been to Beijing .

  3. either:用于否定句中, 一般放在句尾, 用逗号分开。 He doesn’t want any coffee, and I don’t want any, either.You don’t know the way and I don’t know it, either. He hasn’t been to Beijing, either.

  4. 2. kind n. 种类, 性质 Plastic is a kind of material. You can see different kinds of/all kinds of buildings on your way to work. adj. 仁慈的, 和蔼的, 亲切的, 友爱的 She is always kind toothers. It’s kind of you to help me so much. How kind the old lady is!

  5. 3. freeze v. (使)结冰, (使)冷冻, 冻结 freeze, froze, frozen The milk has frozen solid. The cold weather might freeze the water in the pipes. freezing adj. 冰冻的, 严寒的, 冷冻用的 In freezing weather, we must wear more clothes. The water is freezing.= very cold frozen adj. 冻结的, 冷冻的,冷冰的, 冷酷的 the frozen river Don’t eat too much frozen food. It’s unhealthy.

  6. fry v. 油炸, 油煎,油炒 fried ,fried, frying • Shall I fry the fish for dinner? • The eggs were frying in the pan. • fried adj. 油炸的,油煎的 • fried rice/ cabbage • boil v. 煮沸, 煮 • You must boil the water for at least five minutes. • Is the milk boiling now? • boiled adj. 煮沸的 ,煮熟的 • boiled eggs • boiled water 已烧开的水 • boiling water 正在沸腾的水

  7. 6. stall n. 货摊, 出售摊 a market stall at a fruit stall in the market section n. 部分,片段, 节, 项, 区 in the frozen food section in the supermarket in the sports section of the newspaper In the market,at the vegetable stall = At the vegetable stall in the market

  8. need “需要” • 1).need 作情态动词,无人称或数的变化, 后接动词原形, 多用于否定句或疑问句。 • need (not)+ do • You needn’t worry. • You needn’t go there, ______ _____? • 由need引出的一般疑问句,肯定回答常用must或have to;否定答语常用needn't. • —Need I answer the question? • —Yes, you must. /Yes, you have to. • No, you needn't.

  9. 2) need 实义动词,有人称,数,时态的变化, sb.+need to do sth. sb.+ need + n. She needed some help. Did she need any help? She doesn’t need to worry about him. =She needn’t worry about him. You need to buy some fruit tonight, _____ _____ ? ---Do you need to go at once? —Yes, I do./No, I don't. = Need you go back home at once? --- Yes, I must./No, I needn’t.

  10. 8) 李一家人 the Li family / the Lis 9) compare vt.比较 compare A with B把A与B相比较 My mother never compares me with my cousins. compare A to B把A比作B We often compare the young man to the morning sun. comparison n. 比较,比喻

  11. 10) 数词+形容词+量词 of+ 名词 • one small bottle of milk • one large packet of meat • two large bottles of orange juice • three packets of biscuits • four bars of chocolate • a box of chocolates • one large bag of rice • two large bags of apples

  12. 11) bake v. 烧烤,烘焙 I’m baking a birthday cake for Tom. baker n. 面包师 bakery n. 面包房 ,烘焙食品 baked adj. 烘焙的,烤的 Have you ever tried baked bananas? 12) steam v. 蒸 My mother is steaming the fish. n. 蒸汽,轮船 He used to travel by steam. When water boils,it will become steam. steamed adj. steamed fish steamed dumplings

  13. 14 diary [‘ daiəri] n. 日记 dairy [’dɛəri]  adj. 乳制品的n. 乳品店,奶牛场 dairy products section 13) with 在菜肴名称中的运用 • 如果菜肴的配料为固态,一般用with eg. fried prawns with garlic steamed eggs with meat • 名词修辞名词 tomato and egg soup chicken soup traffic lights

  14. 15) price n. 价格 Prices keep going up. high price 高价 low price 低价 at a high price 以高价 at the price of 以……为代价 He caught the thief at the price of his death/life. = He caught the thief at the cost of his death/life. vt. 给……定价 The watch was priced at $200.

  15. 16) favourite adj. 最喜欢的 = like sth. best 无比较级与最高级 Apple is my favourite fruit. This is my favourite song. n. 最喜欢的人或物, 可数名词 That’s my favourite. These novels are my favourites. Red is one of my favourite colours. = Red is one of my favourites.

  16. 17)Can we have some fruit after supper? Would you like to have some coffee? 在一般疑问句中用some表示征求对方的意见并且希望得到肯定的回答 18) Would you like rice or noodles? 此处,or 表示选择 or还用在否定句中代替and There is no air or water on the moon. or还可以表示“否则” You had better go by taxi, or you would be late.

  17. 19)think of 1) 考虑 = think about They're thinking of/about buying a new car. 2) 想到, 想出 The moment I saw Rose, I thought of a good idea. 3) 想起 I can’t think of his name. 4) 认为 What do you think of his performance? =How do you like his performance?

  18. Homework • N 版 Unit 8 • 复习Unit 8 笔记