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  1. Conference Presentation By Royce Wibbenmeyer

  2. Math For math we have been dong math papers that cover just about everything. There are many concepts some of the hard ones are the long number patterns, censuses questions, and the lattice decimals multiplication. The regular multiplication, addition, and subtraction with large numbers were easy and fun. The regular lattice was fun and easy too.

  3. Zlata We read a book called Zlata’s diary. Zlata is a 11 years old. She lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia. She has spent all of her life living in peace, having fun with her friends, and going to school just like a regular girl. But in October 1991 her dad is called to the police reserve to help out with what could be a war.

  4. Zlata Page 2 Later in December reservist from Montenegro start bombing and shooting. They kept on shooting and bombing so people started moving out like her friends. One year in to the war and the electricity, gas, and water kept on going on and off. People are getting killed people can’t go to other peoples funeral and people can’t leave.

  5. Zlata Page 3 Zlata get’s her diary published and reporters from every ware come to interview her. Since she is famous because of her diary she leaves to Paris.

  6. Johnny Tremain We read a book called Johnny Tremain. Johnny Tremain is thirteen and is a silversmith apprentice in Boston, 1770s. Since hi mother has died he has always wondered who he really is; is Lyte like his mother said or is he a regular old person. Johnny is always concentrating on the Lytes and he has figured out that the Lytes are a rich family that he might be a part of.

  7. Johnny Tremain Page 2 When he is working on a project for John Hancock Johnny burnt his hand and couldn’t be a silversmith anymore. Johnny was looking for a job when he remembered his mom had told him to go to the Lytes if things didn’t work out. He went to the Lytes but they almost kicked him right back out of the house until he said that he has a cup that used to be Mr. Lytes.

  8. Johnny Tremain Page 3 Johnny was looking for food the night after he was told to bring the cup to Mr. Lytes house, and he met this boy named Rab that he really liked. Rab said that he should not take the cup to Mr. Lytes because he doesn’t trust him. Johnny decided to do it anyway but he got arrested because Mr. Lyte took the cup and said that this very cup had been stolen from him one month ago.

  9. Johnny Tremain Page 4 Johnny got released of all charges in the court and got the cup back. Johnny got a job at Rab’s shop as a mailman. The British ships are coming in to the Boston harbor and Rab and a few other men have decided to throw the tea boxes over board, and if the British attack because of this then they will fight back. The Boston tea party ids happening and lots of people are cutting and throwing the tea over board. The British attacked two times the first time was like target practice but the second time there were more than a thousand minute men and they beat the British but Rab died fighting in the second battle. Johnny got into the Lytes house and looked at the family tree and saw his mothers name scratched off. Johnny finally realized that he is a Lyte.  

  10. Important Places A place that I hope will stay up forever is the Smokey Mountains. I hope the Smokey Mountains will stay forever because there are really pretty views of the mountains there. There are also really pretty views of the smoke covering the mountains and the treetops poking out of the smoke. I also had a really fun time there. That’s one place I hope will stay up forever.

  11. Important Places Page 2 Another place I hope will stay up forever is the arch. I hope it will stay up forever because when people go up there they get to look over all of Saint Luis and the Missouri river. The view is really pretty when you look out over the river and you get to see really old barges going across the river. And some people don’t have the time to go to the arch when they’re young so it should stay up so every one can see the awesome views. And it is really fun to be in the underground place to get to the arch.

  12. Important Places Page 3 One more thing I think should stay up forever is the arch. It should stay up forever because every year thousands of people go there and learn something new. There are so many cool things in there like the dinosaurs and the ball rack on the top of the celling. They have just about every subject to learn about in a fun way. So if we take the science center away people won’t be able to learn the things the way that you could at the science center.

  13. Important Places Page 4 Out of all of these places the Smokey Mountains would be my favorite because the views were AMAIZNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tragedy A tragedy that happened to me is that I lost all of my grandpa’s. Both of my grandpa’s died from cancer. My dads’ dad lived to his middle 80s, but my other grandpa only lived to his late 50s. This changes my life forever because every time I hear somebody talking about how much fun they had fishing or something it reminds me of how I lost both of my grandpa’s.

  15. Grammar For the guide to words I think the prefixes were really interesting because it was one of the only fun parts of it. The rest of the packet was confuse because I lost focus and was new stuff that I didn’t get.

  16. Verbs Verbs are action words like run, climb, sit, roll over, and fly. There is present, present perfect, past, past perfect, future, and future perfect. Here are some sentences with verbs in it: My brother ran all the way home. I ate so much cake that I got sick. I taught my dog to sit.

  17. Nouns Nouns are words that are persons, places, or things. There are abstract nouns, concrete nouns, common nouns, proper nouns, irregular nouns, and regular nouns. Here are some sentences with nouns in them: I am sad. Have you seen my mom? That is a pretty bird.

  18. Modifiers Modifiers are usually adverbs that modify other parts of speech. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. Here are some examples of modifiers: Gregg ran awkwardly. The moon glowed brightly in the dark. The buy can climb the tree fast.

  19. Space Are class was divided into groups for the space project. Once we were in are groups we got to choose are jobs and choose are planet. Me and my group chose Neptune for our space project. We worked on designing a rocket, making a hotel that we can live in, and designing a space suit. My job was the rocket engineer, which designed the rocket. I learned tons of stuff about Neptune and rockets like most rockets use liquid oxygen and kerosene or the use solid fuel, I learned that Neptune is 2.9 billion miles away, and I learned that the only two solid layers of Neptune are the mantle and the core. The rest of it is ice and toxic gas. PowerPoint, file://localhost/Users/student/Desktop/Neptune678.pptx This is a link to the facts about the rocket, file://localhost/Users/student/Desktop/We will be flying to Neptune in a Orion space launch system which has six restrooms.docx

  20. Colonies Virginia was the first colony founded. It was founded in 1607. John Smith founded Virginia. The reason he founded Virginia was for trade purposes. It is in the southern region of the colonies.

  21. New York New york was the second original colony founded. It was founded in 1626. Peter Minuit founded New York. New york was founded for trade and profits. It was in the middle region.

  22. Massachusetts Massachusetts bay colony was founded in 1630. It was the third original colony. Massachusetts bay colony was founded for religious freedom for puritans. John Winthrop founded Massachusetts. It was in the New England region.

  23. New Hampshire New Hampshire was the fourth original colony. John Mason founded New Hampshire in 1630. It was part of the New England region. It was founded so people could escape from the religious and economic rules.

  24. Maryland Maryland was the fifth original colony founded. George Calvert founded Maryland in 1634. It was part of the middle region. It was founded for religious freedom for Catholics.

  25. Connecticut Connecticut was the sixth original colony. Connecticut was founded in 1636. It was part of the New England region. Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut. Connecticut was founded for religious and economic freedom.

  26. Rohde Island Rodger Williams founded Rohde Island in 1636. It was founded for religious freedom. Rohde Island was part of the New England region. Rhode Island was the seventh original colony founded.

  27. Delaware Delaware was part of the middle region of the colonies. Peter Minuit founded Delaware in 1638. Delaware was founded for trades and profit. It was the eighth colony founded.

  28. North Carolina North Carolina was founded in 1663 by a group of proprietors. It was the ninth original colony. North Carolina was part of the southern region. North Carolina was founded for trade and prof

  29. New Jersey New Jersey was part of the middle region. Lord Berkeley founded New Jersey in 1660. New Jersey was the tenth original colony founded. New Jersey was founded for trade and profit purposes.

  30. South Carolina South Carolina was founded in 1670 by a group of proprietors. South Carolina was the eleventh original colony. It is part of the southern region. South Carolina was founded for trading and profit purpose.

  31. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 by William Penn. Pennsylvania was founded for trade, profits, and religious freedom for Quakers. Pennsylvania is part of the middle region. It was the twelfth original colony founded.

  32. Georgia Georgia was the last original colony founded. James Oglethorpe founded Georgia in 1733. Georgia was part of the southern region. Georgia was founded so the debtors in prison could go to start over and it served as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida.

  33. States and Capitols In the middle of the first quarter we were working on states and capitals. The hardest states for me to remember were the northern states and the far west states, they hard to remember because there are so many northern states, and its hard to remember the far west states because I get the names mixed up. I also have a hard time remembering the northern capitols because there are so many of them!!!!

  34. Detective Handbook file://localhost/Users/student/Desktop/RW/RWdetective4s(34).docx

  35. Credits