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International Project PowerPoint Presentation
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International Project

International Project

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International Project

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  1. Wednesday 30th September International Project

  2. In this week’s sessions I will: Start the second year of a project with Korea and Taiwan Learn all about our new link schools in Korea and Taiwan

  3. Unscramble the following countries Clue – They are all countries that our school is linked with! • aorkea • aiwtan • agnah • eriaing • rfacen • npsai • edwsen • rdelain Five minutes!! Korea Taiwan Ghana Nigeria France Spain Sweden Ireland How many did you get right?

  4. Can you remember any more?

  5. International Links at LHS • Korea • Taiwan • China and Hong Kong • Thailand • Afghanistan • The Czech Republic • Canada • Spain • Ghana • Nigeria • Sweden • Greece • Romania • Yemen • France • The Republic of Ireland

  6. Our school’s expanding global community • In June 2008, teachers from our school visited Korea. • They wanted to make new links with schools in Korea and Taiwan so that pupils at LHS could gain international friends and learn more about life in the Far East. • Last May Mr Donnelly visited Taiwan and helped to make the links between the three countries even stronger. Now Litherland has some new link schools that have become part of our Global Community of students and teachers.

  7. What do we get out of this partnership? • You are about to enter the second year of an exciting international project, making contact on the internet and by post with pupils of around your age in Korea and Taiwan. • This year, pupils from our school (yr 10) are going to be visiting Taiwan and in the future we hope that some more well behaved pupils from LHS will have the chance to visit Korea and Taiwan!

  8. You will also get the chance to complete a project and swap work with people who are thousands of miles away. Technology means that distance doesn’t matter in our world as much any more and that we are truly all Global Citizens working in a Global Learning Community

  9. Session One Gathering information…

  10. Memory, Listening and Self Management Skills • Listen carefully to the information you are going to hear. You will need to show that you can work well independently and process information effectively to succeed in this task. • Take notes in your books if you want to do well. • There will be a team challenge at the end so be prepared!

  11. A brief reminder! Get writing!!

  12. Can you remember where to find Korea and Taiwan?

  13. Korea Taiwan

  14. Link school 1

  15. Sinseo Middle School - Seoul •

  16. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea

  17. Here are some of the sights you can see in and around Seoul It is a very modern and developed city but still has traces of the past. An old palace in the centre of the city.

  18. Pupils at work in Sinseo Middle School Pay attention to the photos – you will be asked questions later!

  19. Sinseo Middle School is a mixed ‘middle school’ which means that its pupils are between 11 and 14 years old. It was built in 1982. It has 2,261 students and 99 teachers! More than us! • Facilities include: • An outdoor basketball court • A sports field • An auditorium • A gym • Over 50 classrooms!

  20. All pupils MUST take classes in Korean, Ethics, Social Studies, Maths, Science, PE, Technology & Home Management, Music, Fine Arts and English • Here is a timetable of the day’s lessons. How does it compare to our day?

  21. Kimchi Something pupils would eat in the school canteen A spicy vegetable (usually cabbage) dish that is normally served at every meal, in the same way as some families here might serve bread with every meal. Kimchi has been part of Korean food culture for hundreds of years. It is low fat and very healthy.

  22. Link school 2

  23. Da-Yi Junior High - Kaohsiung The front view Da-Yi Junior High School was officially established in 1970. There are 1265 students and 91 teachers and staff. The back view

  24. Taiwan is an island in South East Asia. Kaohsiung is the area that Sefton is now linked with. It is pronounced ‘Gow shung’ It is approximately 100 miles off the coast of China

  25. The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei. • Schools in Sefton now have links with schools in Kaohsiung, the second biggest city in Taiwan, where the World Games were held in 2009. This was a massive event. Look at the opening ceremony preview here: • YouTube - TWG2009 Opening Ceremony Preview ????????????????

  26. Da Yi Junior High’s School Motto School logo How do these compare to ours?

  27. Goals of the school • (1)To provide an interesting and safe environment (2)To make students enjoy learning in the school (3)To help students develop their interests in different fields Does this sound familiar??

  28. Pupils in a ‘lecture’ Most classes take place in small classrooms like ours but some are in large auditoriums with over 100 students. Pay attention to the photos – you will be asked questions later!

  29. The Taekwondo Club The athletics club The school orchestra

  30. The Lion Dance Club Which club would you join? • Lion dance - Google Video Do you remember what the Lion Dance is?

  31. mian xian – (myan shan) Something that would be eaten in the school canteen Mian Xian is a thick soup containing noodles, oysters and other seafood.

  32. Have you been listening and watching carefully?

  33. Team challenge Split the class into two teams – one side against the other. Give each side a team name. When you answer the questions correctly your team will get the number of points revealed behind the square. Your teacher will keep score on the board! Ready?

  34. What is the school motto at Da-Yi? What is the capital of Taiwan? Name something that might be eaten in the school canteen at Da-Yi Junior High 10 50 5 What is the first thing pupils do at school in the morning at Sinseo? What colour is the uniform in Sinseo Middle School? Describe the uniform at Da-Yi Junior High 70 40 20 Pronounce this word correctly – ‘Kaohsiung’ Name 3 subjects pupils have to study at Sinseo Middle School Name two of the clubs you can join at Da-Yi 10 80 100

  35. Special Assignment from Principal Pan • Principal Pan is the Head teacher of Da-Yi Junior High School in Kaohsiung. He has asked for LHS to to provide him with some young Language Consultants to help him to create his new English language website and prospectus, as there are a growing number of British and American families moving to the area around his school.

  36. In order to be considered for the role you must create a poster promoting his school to parents. • Use a double page in your books or a piece of blank paper and use the notes you have taken in your books to give parents information about the school.

  37. Include: • Information about the number of students • The ‘goals’ of the school • The school motto and logo • Extra curricular activities on offer Things to think about: • How will you attract the attention of parents? • Will you have a big heading with the school’s name? • Will you have a slogan? • Will you use the school motto as the heading? • Will you use illustrations/drawings?

  38. Session 2

  39. International Project • This year, the project with Korea and Taiwan is about Tomorrow’s World. We will investigate inventions of the 20th Century and how they have changed our lives. • We will then look at new inventions and become young inventors ourselves by eventually taking part in a competition with our link schools. • We will also be sharing the work we do with pupils in Korea and Taiwan.

  40. Part 1

  41. Changing technology in the 20th Century

  42. Inventions challenge • With a partner, try to think of as many things as possible that • you have around you either at home or in school that have been • invented by somebody to try to make people’s lives better or • easier in some way. • Eg) • a toaster (so you don’t have to grill toast) • A microwave ( so you don’t have to wait an hour for your tea) • A projector (so the teacher doesn’t have to write on the board!) • Blinds (to stop the sun from getting in your eyes) • Make two lists – you have 8 minutes!! • Invention How it makes life better The pair with the most inventions at the end will win a prize

  43. Great Inventions of our time Pay close attention as there will be a quiz at the end of the lesson!

  44. Over the last century, some people have had really good ideas about how we can improve our lives and have invented things to help us to do just that. • However, sometimes when we look back at early versions of things we know and love they are not always so impressive and can be quite amusing to look at!

  45. The computer

  46. 1970s 1960s The first Computers! 1980s

  47. At first, the men who invented computers thought that by 2009 robots would be walking the earth alongside people and that computers would be even bigger than they were at the start! • It didn’t quite happen like that!

  48. The Spectrum Computer This is a computer that some of your older relatives might remember as being the first real games console. You had to use your TV or buy a special monitor and all of the games were on cassette tape!!

  49. The Amiga 500 A step up from the Spectrum! If you had one of these you were lucky as everybody wanted one!! It had the first disk drives we had really seen on home computers

  50. Some games available with the Amiga