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Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School PowerPoint Presentation
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Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School

Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School

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Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School

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  1. Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School Executive Branch and Middle School Classroom Delegates

  2. The President and Vice President • My name is Talia Clarke. I’ve been going to school at Noah Webster for nine years. Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School has grown to the highest limit and is still growing. The students at Noah Webster are the ones who always bring home the gold. We are the ones who make up this MicroSociety. I think of myself as a young and intelligent student. I do everything I do to the best of my ability. I am proud to be the President! • My name is Shannelle Watson and I am your student body Vice President. I have been going to Noah Webster for nine years and I believe that I have really developed a connection to all the student and staff members. Attending Noah Webster for nine years has been an amazing experience. The teachers have been there for me every step of the way. It is an honor to serve as Vice President of the student body. I hope to demonstrate all of my leadership skills in order to make our school proud.

  3. The Secretary and Treasurer • My name is Tianna Jefferson. The reason I am volunteering for secretary is because I would love for Noah Webster to have more improvements. I will make a great secretary because I am very responsible, neat, organized and most importantly reliable. Any work or duty given to me will be taken care of to the best of my ability. I feel that I have the skills to be a good secretary and I promise to work hard on the students’ behalf. I have many ideas I would like to share. I am a person who always takes care of tasks. I will work with the president, vice president and treasurer to make Noah Webster a better school. • My name is Nicholas Furlow. I have been going to Noah Webster since I was four years old in Pre K. I am now twelve years old in 7th grade. I’m the treasurer for our school right now. It took a lot of work to become the treasurer with writing the speech and all. Also, Noah Webster is not my only learning facility. I go to Stepping Stone Academy after school on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I go for six weeks during the summer. That is the type of person I am. My character traits I feel are trustworthy, determined, caring and work-oriented.

  4. Middle School Classroom Delegates • My name is Domingo Delgado and I am twelve years old. I’ve been a student at Noah Webster for nine years. I am the classroom representative for Mrs. Witten’s seventh grade class. What this means is that any ideas that my class has I have to bring them to the executive branch. My job is big because what the school community wants, I have to write down and share with the executive branch. Last year I ran for Vice President. Unfortunately, I didn’t win so this year I decided to work as a classroom representative. • My name is Tayhlor Williams and I’m twelve years old. I’ve been going to NWMMS for 3 years now and it’s been great! I’m a classroom representative in the student government so I listen to the student’s ideas and I try my best to make their wishes come true. My favorite subject in school is writing because I’m very articulate and creative. I enjoy being very social but I aslo like being by myself along with a good book. I have a younger sister named Chase and she’s very smart like me! My parents Wendy and Troy are very hard on me about my work. When I grow up, I’d love to be a surgeon with my PhD and I’d love to graduate from Dartmouth College.

  5. Middle School Delegates • My name is Nyasia Hill and I’m twelve years old. I am a seventh grader at Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School. I was elected home room representative by Mrs. Guidone’s seventh grade class which now makes me part of the student government. I have been a Noah Webster citizen for 9 years starting in Pre K. • I believe that I am a very bright and outgoing student. I enjoy reading and doing extra credit math work in my free time. My subjects that I take are math, science, geography and English. My favorite subject is English because I like to write and express my feelings about how I feel about certain things. I alsways try to do my best in school because I want to be a teacher when I grow up, which means I want to succeed in life. I would love to become a teacher because I want to teach younger students how to read and write. My main focus when I come to school is to learn and not to impress anyone. • In my job of homeroom representative I will try to make the Noah Webster citizens’ wishes come true.