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Customer Service

Customer Service

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Customer Service

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  1. Customer Service Promoting Guest Relations At Hillsdale Community Health Center

  2. YOUR CUSTOMER”S REPORT CARD: A = Dazzled B = Pleased C = Satisfied D = Disappointed E = Angry Statistics show 1 in 4 customers are dissatisfied Only 4 out of 100 customers will tell you they are dissatisfied!

  3. Why Customer’s Leave • 1% Die • 3% Move Away • 5% For other Interests • 9% Defect for Competitive Reasons • 14%Due to Product/Service Dissatisfaction • 68% Due to Treated rude, Indifferent, Discourteous

  4. Promote Customer Service Behold the Turtle: He Only Makes Progress When He Sticks His Neck Out

  5. Four Steps To Delivering Exceptional Customer Service • Step 1. Evaluate, meet, and exceed your customers expectations • Step 2. Keep your customers coming back for more • Step 3. Solve problems and turn complainers into company advocates • Step 4. Nurture yourself, so that you can be there for your customers.

  6. “There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” -W. Clement Stone

  7. Service Standards Specific descriptions of what is expected of employees. • Applicable to Everyone • Observable – Audible • Clear & Concise • Memorable

  8. Service Standards cont. • Ladies and Gentlemen Taking Care Of Ladies and Gentlemen -The Ritz Carlton

  9. Service Standards cont. • Don’t fight, make it right. -Hardee’s complaint-handling policy

  10. Service Standards • “The Ultimate Indignity Is to Be Given a Bedpan by a Stranger Who Calls You Honey.” –Maggie Kuhn • Every employee is required to practice Gold Service and make Gold Service a part of the way they do their job. • (See Attached copy of Policy)

  11. Service Standards cont. • Develop Organizational Service Standards • Identify Departmental Service Standards • Create Scripts When Necessary • Encourage Individual Signature

  12. Who Are Our Customers ? • The Patient • Patient’s Family and Friends • Physicians (and others who refer business) • Insurance Companies/HMO’s

  13. How Customers Evaluate Service • Tangible-What physical properties are evident that indicate attention to quality? • Reliability-Are the services performed consistent with the customers’ expectations? • Responsiveness-How ready and willing are the service providers to deliver service? • Assurance-Does the customer feel safe, secure, respected and cared for? • Empathy-What demonstrations indicate that the organization and its people understand the customer’s specific needs and expectations?

  14. Empathy Example From Walmart • Customers Know That You Are Empathetic When You: C ustomers H ave A N ame T oo!

  15. Where Do We Start? Self Awareness • Your role in public contact situations and how far your responsibility and authority extend. • Your own feelings, attitudes and beliefs and how these affect your relationships with customers and fellow employees • Your personal mannerisms, tone of voice, style of dress and so forth, and how these affect people’s responses to you and how you respond to them. • Your tendencies to act ineffectively or effectively in response to different kinds of people with different backgrounds, personalities and problems.

  16. Proximity- 18-24 inches Eye Contact-Indirect eye contact can undermine trust Silence-Use Vocal cues Gestures- Illustrate & Explain Posture- Lean in to show attentiveness Facial Expression-Convey friendliness & openness Physical Contact-Two-handed handshake Smell-Beware of strong perfumes & colognes Overall Appearance-Your customer defines appropriate Project A Service PersonalityNine Ways Project A More Professional Image To Customers

  17. Body Language S mileO pen stanceF orward leanT one/touchE ye contactN od/acknowledge

  18. Failure To Concentrate Listening Too Hard Jumping The Gun Lagging Behind Focusing on Delivery or Appearance Omitting Adding Develop Your Listening SkillsSeven Common Listening Errors:

  19. “Great Service does not simply appear out of thin air. It is an often subtle process of discovery and response, and the surest form of discovery is to listen to the customer.” Customer Satisfaction

  20. Internal Evaluation Customer Service • Telephone Survey* • Focus Groups • Written Satisfaction Surveys (mail) • Mystery Shopper* • Comment Cards*

  21. The Road To Service Recovery • Service Recovery=Returning an aggrieved customer to a state of satisfaction. Making a special effort to set things right.

  22. Service Recovery • Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. -Donald Porter Senior VP, British Airways

  23. “How To” of Service Recovery • Apologize • Listen, empathize, ask open questions • Fix the problem quickly and fairly • Offer atonement • Keep your promises • Follow-Up

  24. The Case of the Large Fries • When Hans & Sara pulled into the drive-through lane of their local fast food restaurant, they expected quick service. Unfortunately, a mechanical problem left them trapped in a growing line of restless customers. A loyal customer, Hans left the car to alert them of the problem. “Oh, is it broken again?” came the indifferent response. “Go back to your car. We’ll fix it”. A slow 10 minutes later, Hans & Sara reached the service window. “How about a large fries instead of a small to compensate us for our inconvenience?” they asked. “No.” When Hans asked why not, the conversation quickly broke down. The service provider’s final response? “Here’s your food and I hope you choke on it!”

  25. Service BreakdownFive Reasons Recovery Is Critically Important • It keeps the customer loyal. • It builds company profitability. • It decriminalizes problem identification. • It improves service quality awareness & teamwork • It identifies complaints by type & severity

  26. Handouts • University Of Kansas Customer Service Expectations • Baptist Health Care’s Commitment To Co-Workers • HCHC Gold Service Policy

  27. Closing Thought “Treat the other man like a gentlemen not because he is, but because I am.” -Benjamin Franklin