instruction for tsd m torque screwdrivers n.
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INSTRUCTION for TSD-M… Torque Screwdrivers PowerPoint Presentation
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INSTRUCTION for TSD-M… Torque Screwdrivers

INSTRUCTION for TSD-M… Torque Screwdrivers

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INSTRUCTION for TSD-M… Torque Screwdrivers

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  1. INSTRUCTION for TSD-M… Torque Screwdrivers TSD-M 6NM TSD-M 3NM TSD-M 1,2NM Tool bits for slotted-head, Phillips, and test socket screws.

  2. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M… Torque Screwdrivers Features • Phoenix Contact‘s new constant torque screw driver enables a much faster and more reliable connection for their screw terminal block line. • The TSD-M can be easily equipped with standard bits and the quick-exchange holder allows for fast bit exchange. • The required torque is adjustable in small increments, according to EN ISO 6789. • Non-slip 2 component handles provide for maximum grip.

  3. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M • Torque setting: • Push down the adjustment ring while turning it simultaneously. Tool required for TSD-M 6NM. • Each 180 rotation changes the torque and distinct feedback signals when the adjustment ring engages. • Clockwise rotation increases the torque value and counterclockwise rotation decreases it. TSD-M 6NM The tool can be found and stored in the base of the handle. 3 / Maria Schierscher/ M&I-TSD/May 2012

  4. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M • Reading the torque: • You can read the set torque from the scale to the right or left of the arrow tip. Example is set at 1.05. • The torque level is set in order to prevent an over or under-torque that could potentially cause problems with the connections.

  5. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M Inserting a bit: Push the bit into the quick-exchange holder until it snaps into place audibly.

  6. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M Removing a bit: Push the sleeve forward and remove the bit.

  7. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M • Tightening screws: • The free-running sleeve provides additional grip when using the screwdriver and helps you to stabilize the screwdriver. • When the set torque has been reached, the screwdriver releases mechanically and provides both audible and distinct feedback to the operator. • It is not possible to tighten the screw further.

  8. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M Loosening screws: To enable you to loosen tight screws the torque for loosening screws is not limited, meaning it functions like a normal screwdriver. 8 / Maria Schierscher/ M&I-TSD/May 2012

  9. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-M Suitable bits: The quick-exchange holder accepts ¼” bits.

  10. INSTRUCTIONS for TSD-MTorque Matrix UT Terminal block Terminal block torque required Torque Range TSD Width *NOTE: if the torque screwdriver will not be used for a longer period, set the adjustment ring to the lowest torque value. This relieves the spring mechanism. *NOTE: Do not exceed maximum torque level as this may cause damage to the screwdriver or the material and the precision cannot be guaranteed.

  11. INSTALLATION – TSD-MTool bits