the horned toad prince n.
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The Horned Toad Prince PowerPoint Presentation
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The Horned Toad Prince

The Horned Toad Prince

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The Horned Toad Prince

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  1. The Horned Toad Prince Unit 1 Week 4 Kristi Goggans

  2. Genre – Modern Fairy Tale • Modern fairy tales are fairy tales that are set in modern times. Like all fairy tales, they are stories with magical characters and events.

  3. Vocabulary Strategy – Synonyms • Sometimes when you are reading, you see a word you don’t know. The author may use a synonym for that word. A synonym is a word that has almost the same meaning as another word.

  4. Comprehension Skill – Author's Purpose • An author may write to persuade, inform, entertain, or express ideas or feelings. Often an author has more than one purpose.

  5. Comprehension Strategy – Story Structure • Active readers note the structure of fictional stories. • Problem or Goal of the Story • Rising Action (Building up to the Climax) • Climax (Where the Conflict is Confronted) • Outcome (Where the Conflict is Resolved)

  6. Vocabulary Prairie Lassoed Riverbed Favor Offended Shrieked Bargain

  7. Prairie • Plain

  8. Lassoed • Caught with ropes

  9. Riverbed • Channel for water

  10. Favor • Kind act

  11. Offended • Upset

  12. Bargain • Deal

  13. Shrieked • Screamed

  14. Why did the author tell us about how Reba Jo liked to spend her time? • To persuade the reader to start roping • To inform the reader on how to use a lasso • To introduce an unusual character in the story

  15. When Reba Jo said that she would “be in a peck of trouble”, what does “peck” mean? • A basket full • A large amount • An unusual type

  16. At first, Reba Jo wanted to stay near the riverbed to… • Lasso a vulture • Get her hat • Find a talking horned toad

  17. What happened right before the horned toad spoke to Reba Jo? • The vulture flew away. • A prairie storm blew in. • Reba Jo lost her hat in the well.

  18. Which helps the reader to know that the setting of this story took place in a desert? • Reba Jo lost her hat in a well. • Reba Jo gave the horned toad chili to eat. • Reba Jo liked to lasso cacti.

  19. Why did Reba Jo agree to do three favors for the horned toad? • She wanted to get her hat from the well. • She wanted him to do more things for her. • She had an idea that he might really be a prince.

  20. What was the last favor the horned toad asked for? • To sing him a song • To let him sleep in her hat • To give him a kiss

  21. When was the prince turned into a horned toad? • At the end of the story • Many years before the story began • Before he came to this country

  22. What is the most important lesson that Reba Jo learns in this story? • Respect your parents • Keep your promises • Always try your best

  23. Why did the author write this story? • To entertain with a funny story • To persuade readers to travel to the desert • To show why Reba Jo does not like horned toads

  24. Why did the toad speak Spanish? • He was a Spanish prince.

  25. Why did the prince leave Reba Jo so suddenly? • He wanted to make a point about keeping your promises.

  26. What was the ONE clue that this story is a fantasy? • The horned toad talked.