word formation n.
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  2. arch-(chief) bi-(two) by-(secondary) cent-(one hundred) dis-(to indicate an opposite meaning) en-(to strengthen something) fore-(at the front, in advance) hyper-(too much) il-(to indicate an opposite meaning) inter-(between ,among) WORD FORMATION -PREFIXES

  3. ir-(to indicate an opposite meaning) mal-(badly, wrongly) mono-(one, single) neo-(modern, new) non-(not) oct-(eight) out-(better, more) post-(after) pseudo-(false) pre-(before, in advance) WORD FORMATION -PREFIXES

  4. re-(again) un-(to indicate an opposite meaning) under-(below) uni-(one) WORD FORMATION -PREFIXES

  5. arch-(chief) archangel archbishop bi-(two) bicameral bicentenary bicycle bilingual binoculars biped biplane bisect by-(secondary) by-election by-product by-road bystander by-way

  6. cent-(one hundred) centenarian centenary century dis-(to indicate an opposite meaning) disable disadvantage disagree disallow disappear disapprove disarrange disbelieve disorder disqualify dissatisfy distrust en-(to strengthen something) enable encourage enforce enhance enlarge enrich

  7. fore-(at the front, in advance) forearm forecast forecourt foredoom forefoot foregroundforehead hyper-(too much) hyperactive hypertension hypercritical hypersensitive il-(to indicate an opposite meaning) illegal illegitimate illiberal illimitable illiterate illogical

  8. im-(to indicate an opposite meaning) imbalance immature immobile immodest impolite impolitic impossible in-(to indicate an opposite meaning) inability inaccessible inadequate incompatible incompetent incomplete incomprehensive inconvenient incorrect indecent independent indigestion indisputable

  9. inter-(between ,among) interact interbreed interchange interchangeable intercom interdependent ir-(to indicate an opposite meaning) irrational irredeemable irreplaceable irresistible irreligious irremediable mal-(badly, wrongly) malcontent malformation malfunction malnutrition malodorous malpractice

  10. mono-(one, single) monograph monolingual monologue monoplane monopoly monorail monotone monotonous neo-(modern, new) neo-classical neo-colonialism neolithic neologism neophyte non-(not) non-aggression non-alignment nonconductor nonconformist non-flammable non-member non-profit-making non-resident nonsense

  11. oct-(eight) octagon octave octet/ octette octopus out-(better, more) outbalance outdo outgrow outlive outplay outrank outrival outshone post-(after) postgraduate posthumous post-modern post-mortem postprandial post-war

  12. pre-(before, in advance) pre-arrange precaution precondition predestinate predetermine preliminary pseudo-(false) pseudo-intellectual pseudonym pseudo-science

  13. re-(again) readjust rebirth rebound rebuild recall recollect reconsider recover/ recovery recurrent recycle redeem redo refill reform regain

  14. un-(to indicate an opposite meaning) unable unaffected unbearable unbelievable unborn unburden uncertain unclear unclean undesirable uncomfortable unconditional undo undress unemployed unfair untie

  15. under-(below) undercharge undercurrent underfoot underdeveloped underestimate uni-(one) uniform unilateral unisex unison

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