writing a model united nations resolution n.
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Writing a Model United Nations Resolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing a Model United Nations Resolution

Writing a Model United Nations Resolution

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Writing a Model United Nations Resolution

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  1. Writing a Model United Nations Resolution Presented by: Lisa Hayes and Lauren Walton

  2. Format of a Resolution • Three Parts • Heading • Preambulatory Clauses • Operative Clauses

  3. Heading • Committee: place where topic is introduced • Subject: topic of resolution • Sponsored by: list of sponsoring nations • Example • Committee: Environment Subject: Disposal of Nuclear Wastes Sponsored by: Argentina

  4. Preambulatory Clauses • Purpose • Outline history of problem • Show topic falls in jurisdiction of committee • Show need for UN to find solution • Begin with passive verb • Followed by a comma

  5. Sample Preambulatory Clauses • Fully aware of the effects of the waste of nuclear reactors, • Realizing that the half-life of such waste is 10,000 years, • Having examined reprocessing techniques and found them to be ineffective,

  6. AffirmingAlarmed byApprovingAware ofBearing in mindBelievingConfidentContemplatingConvincedDeclaringDeeply concernedDeeply consciousDeeply convincedDeeply disturbedDeeply regrettingDesiringEmphasizingExpectingExpressing its appreciationExpressing its satisfactionFulfillingFully alarmedFully awareFully believingFurther deploringFurther recallingGuided byHaving adopted Having consideredHaving considered furtherHaving devoted attentionHaving examinedHaving heardHaving receivedHaving studiedKeeping in mindNoting with regretNoting with deep concernNoting with satisfactionNoting furtherNoting with approvalObservingReaffirmingRealizing RecallingRecognizingReferringSeekingTaking into accountTaking into considerationTaking noteViewing with appreciationWelcoming Some Preambulatory Phrases

  7. Operative Clauses • Active parts of the resolution • Section that makes recommendations, condemns situations, and encourages action • Each clause calls for a specific action • Begin with active, present tense verb • Each followed by semicolon, except for last clause which ends in a period

  8. Sample Operative Clauses • 1. Recommends an underground repository to be formed in an able and willing nation, and this nation allow other nations to store nuclear waste; • 2. Expresses its hope that nations will work together peacefully and cooperate fully with one another.

  9. AcceptsAffirmsApprovesAuthorizesCallsCalls uponCondemnsConfirmsCongratulatesConsiders Declares accordinglyDeploresDesignatesDraws the attentionEmphasizesEncouragesEndorsesExpresses its appreciationExpresses its hope Further invites Further proclaimsFurther remindsFurther recommendsFurther requestsFurther resolvesHas resolvedNotesProclaimsReaffirmsRecommends Regrets Reminds Requests Solemnly affirms Strongly condemnsSupports Takes note ofTransmitsTrusts Some Operative Phrases

  10. Amendments to a Resolution • Definition: clarification in a resolution that incorporates additional interest after a resolution has been formally introduced • Before a resolution is formally introduced, changes can be made at will and document is called a working paper

  11. But..Before the Resolution Writing • Position Papers • Write one for every topic in your committee • About one page double spaced for each topic • The Point • What does your country feel about this topic? • Prove you researched how your country is acting on this issue/would act

  12. Resolutions • Write at least two per delegate. • It would be in your best interest to write more. • Write quality resolutions that will generate quality debate.