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  2. BACKGROUND • The first UK show was on Ch. 4 TV, in August 2009, showing a naked bound man being shot from behind • The time difference between the gunshot sound and the appearance of the image is 0.296 sec. • Hence the victim should be (considering the speed of sound) 102 meters away. But the victim is only a few feet away in the picture. • A plausible explanation was found by the SL Army CRD by a field experiment.

  3. CORRESPONDING SOUND WAVEFORM HAS A DELAY OF 296 MILLISECONDS Sound waveform of Gunshot starts here 296 ms The Gun fires here according to the video

  4. FIELD EXPERIMENT • The time line of the image lags the time line of the start of the audio data Time advance Sound of the gunshot Gun fires on video • The sound records before the corresponding video images appear in the video stream

  5. RESULT OF ANALYSIS • The sound records before the corresponding video images in the equipment as per field experiment. • Thus the final conclusion is: • Audio stream has been added later and not properly synchronized • Thus the time synchronization of the video has become impaired during the dubbing and doctoring of the original video

  6. NEW Ch4 VIDEO SUBMITTED TO THE UN • The “new” video is said to be the same old video with “added footage” and drama to further authenticate the item. • The video appears to depict unknown and unidentified military members shooting two unidentified bound and blindfolded individuals in the head at close range with AK-47 variants or similar assault rifles, as well as the presence of several other unidentified deceased or dying individuals. Contd….

  7. Contd…. NEW Ch4 VIDEO SUBMITTED TO THE UN • The new recording contains the originally released material, as well as additional video that purports to depict two more shootings, extensive video of a collection of bodies at the site, and video from what appears to be a second location with four additional bodies visible.

  8. INDEPENDENT EXPERT • Executive director of IPTV systems Siri Hewawitharana, Sydney (previously, head of Cisco’s global broadcast and digital video practice division) has also examined the views given by the forensic video analysis experts contracted by the UN, on new Ch4 video: • Mr Grant Fredericks • MR. Jeff S. Spivack • These views have been summarized in a news report in the Asian Tribune, June 6, 2011. • Also Mr Grant’s conclusions match with our expert ( Siri Hewawitharana) that video is edited, never came from mobile phone since video consist of optical zooming and high quality motion vectors that came from a video camera.

  9. KILLING FIELDS OF SRI LANKA • Channel 4 aired a documentary on atrocities allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan military on 15th June 2011. • A segment of the new video submitted to the document has been added to the documentary. • The independent observers views on the UN expert’s analysis on the new video strip is summarised subsequently:


  11. OPTICAL ZOOM A wider image of the scene A closer image of the scene Contd…

  12. Contd… OPTICAL ZOOM • Analysis by UN expert: • The camera used to record this segment hasoptical capability as observed by Mr Grant Fredericks • Independent Observer’s views: • Mobile phones available in 2009 and at present do not have optical zooming. Thus the image was recorded by a digital camera with optical zoom capability as contrary to claims made by Ch4 that the video was recorded by soldiers using mobile phones. It conclude that video never came from mobile source.

  13. MULTIPLE RECORDINGS Cell phone operated by a short sleeved person Cell phone operated by a long sleeved person

  14. MULTIPLE RECORDINGS • Analysis by UN expert: Either two men were at same location using the same mobile phone camera on two different times in a single recording or same man was recorded twice at two different time intervals. • Independent Observer analysis: This observation provides a doubt whether multiple recordings taken on the same event was done.. Conclusion is video use multiple video clips and finally edited to give the impression of a recording of a single consistent event.

  15. ANOLMALY IN HEX STRINGS • Analysis by UN expert: Comparisons of the hex strings of item#1 and segment #2 of item #2 of video shows a deficit of 270 characters. • Independent Observer analysis: This is a anomaly caused by editing multiple recordings to form a single strip of video. Same effects can happen if you change the video wrapper.

  16. PIXEL DIMENSIONS OF VIDEO • Analysis by UN expert: • It has been assumed that NOKIA 6620 has been used for recording the video. It has 640 x 480 pixel dimensions for video and 176 x 144 dimensions for still images. • The video has 176 x 144 pixel dimensions. The media recording capabilities has been extended to record video of 176 x 144 pixel dimension matching the pixel dimension of the recorded event. • Independent Observer analysis: This is a misleading statement and the pixel dimensions should be 640 x 480

  17. INJURIES OF VICTIMS SHOT AT CLOSE RANGE This image may have been digitally altered to depict close range gun shot injuries to the skull.. Can be seen in next slide… Pixels does not match and digital paint brush is used to show blood and other effects on and around the boy.

  18. INJURIES OF VICTIMS SHOT AT CLOSE RANGE • Analysis by UN expert: Injuries to the skull are authentic. • Independent Observer analysis: • Image is digitally altered using a digital paint brush. • Pixel mapping mismatch is quite clearly seen from neck upwards.

  19. DISSIMILAR SEGMENT IN AN NEWLY ADDED VIDEO STRIP • Analysis by UN expert: Ground appears to be less saturated (i.e. dry) and none of the other killings are not to be seen. It is likely that the segment was recorded by the same camera at a different time on the same location. • Independent Observer analysis: • The older video segment had simulated killings which was rejected by GOSL claiming that sound was dubbed and video is edited and dates does not match. Contd…

  20. Contd… DISSIMILAR SEGMENT IN AN NEWLY ADDED VIDEO STRIP • The new video strip was recorded much later after this claim taking into considerations the comments made by GOSL on the older recording. This was added to the older version and edited to appear as a single recorded video strip. • NOTE: • As per UN expert analysis date the video has been recorded on 15th July 2009, nearly two months after the end of the war. • Also video framing sequences are out of order and luminance levels are quite different indicating video is heavily edited using different high quality video camera and not by a mobile phone.

  21. Check the timing counter: The end of the video with red line indicating two layers of video at the top and audio (yellow bar)stopped well after the video indicating audio and video is not synchronized.

  22. Edited video stopped at 05.25.000

  23. Edited audio stopped at red line, check the counter … it is different from the above video counter.. New audio counter is 05.25.625

  24. See the two video layers.. and audio (yellow) between the original video and edited video.

  25. NUDE IMAGERY • Channel 4 alleges depicting nude images of females, that they have been sexually assaulted prior to their demise. • The LTTE is renowned for detonating suicide bombs and booby trapping cadavers. • Hence, it is a practice to thoroughly search the cadaver to ensure it has not been booby trapped and safe. • Thus, most cadavers are partially stripped of over and under garments and thus appear to be semi nude as seen in the Ch4 documentary and the video submitted to the UN. Contd…

  26. Contd… NUDE IMAGERY • This video is not new and part of the video that was taken by a news reporter that was traveling with SL Army and Army have nothing to hide here. • It is not the Sri Lankan military culture to engage in violating unarmed female prisoners or engage in necrophilia.

  27. LTTE NEWS PRESENTER • The Killing Fields documentary churned viewer sympathy and subsequently create an aurora of horror and hatred against the Sri Lankan military by implying the LTTE female newscaster is a non combatant who was sexually molested and murdered by Sri Lankan troops. • In reality she was a hardcore combatant, a Lieutenant Colonel in the out fit. • As the LTTE TV station was destroyed at the end of the war andshe was engaged in the final battle as a combatant. • Thus she has succumbed to the injuries gained in the battle, and have been subsequently frisked for boobytraps by the military as SOP for safety of all present at location.

  28. Lieutenant Colonel Issei Piriya LTTE warfare Communications/Publicity Wing The body of a female LTTE cadre alleged by Ch4 as Lt Col Issei Piriya LTTE Lt Col Issei Piriya in her voluntary role as LTTE newscaster

  29. NEW FOOTAGE OF EXECUTIONS • The killing fields documentary depicts a second execution scene (execution scene 2) with new video footage. • The footage shows three bound and blindfolded victims being shot and killed by two or more khaki clad individuals using AK47 weapons. • It alleges the meta data of the video indicate it was recorded on the 15th of June 2009. • The blue and white stripped upper garments of the victims appear to be spotless and free from mud and grime. Contd…

  30. NEW FOOTAGE OF EXECUTIONS Contd… • Similarly the perpetrators’ garments appear to be dry and boots appear to be dusty. • The ground appear to be dry and climate sunny. Contd…

  31. Contd… NEW FOOTAGE OF EXECUTIONS • The climate at the area where the final battle took place was wet due to intermittent rainfall. Thus the ground was muddy. • Thus, the victims clothes should be covered in mud and grime and similarly the perpetrators boots should be caked in mud. • Analysis: • The entire scenes have been staged elsewhere possibly in a different country of similar geography and climate by a perverted sadistic party . Contd…

  32. Contd… NEW FOOTAGE OF EXECUTIONS • Alternatively, the meta data can be set for a different time line by the user. If so the video may have been taken by the LTTE at a earlier date and the scene could have been staged or the victims could have been prisoners of LTTE.( Ref: Interrogation of Canadian authorities of a LTTE cadre who has confessed to be involved in the execution of 50 SL army prisoners held by the LTTE). Contd…

  33. THAMILVANI KUMAR: AN ALLEGED CIVILIAN VICTIM • Thamilvany Kumar a bio medical student , who gave an interview on Killing Fields documentary on alleged abuses amd molestation of tamil civilians by the military, is a UK citizen. • She was in the Wanni to the end of operations, was brought safe to the Welfare Centre in Vavuniya, and was permitted to leave after an appeal from the British government

  34. BACKGROUND OF ALLEGED VICTIM • A member of the TAMIL YOUTH ORGANIZATION of the LTTE. • Brought to Sri Lanka by Castro, former head of the LTTE foreign division based in the Wanni. • Came from the UK as a volunteer to work with Castro. • Worked for the LTTE and was attached to the LTTE medical wing and employed amongst government doctors as an LTTE agent. • Confirmed by the doctors who served at that time in the Wanni. • Analysis: Her claim to have come to the Wanni in 2008 to be with her relations is dubious, as there was conflict at the time and no one without a suspicious ulterior motive would have left immediate family to come into such a situation. • Conclusion: Thus her statements on abuse and molestation of civilians by the military is questionable as she is a LTTE agent.

  35. STAGED DRAMAS • Killing fields depict scenes where civilians are subjected to aerial and heavy artillery bombardment. • The scenes depict dramatic action of civilians in panic videoed with jerky camera motion giving the implication that the cameraman is running and seeking shelter. Contd…

  36. Contd… Contd…

  37. STAGED DRAMAS Contd… • This scene have been staged with civilians being forced by the LTTE to bunkers. • Tamil Voice meaning is different to the actual broadcast since it says “ we are in a production” meaning making a film. • Intelligence have known that during the last stages of the humanitarian operations in Wanni, the LTTE sought assistance of Channel 4 to make a documentary of this nature. • Thus such dramas could have possibly being “acted out” as part of the documentary.

  38. DISCUSSION • Killing Fields depicts two scenes of execution of victims. • Execution Scene : An edited summary of the video submitted to the UN. • This scene has been refuted by the GOSL earlier as not authentic and edited. • Independent expert has refuted on some aspects of the UN expert opinion claiming the video to be authentic. • Thus the authenticity of scene is questionable. • If the mobile is not used as claimed by the ch4, whole video is questionable ?

  39. CONCLUSION • Most civilized countries have legislation prohibiting the airing of gory horror, or profiting by showing executions, torture etc. • If one can show such gory, one tends to make money • A convenient way to side-step this norm is to claim the need to bring out “war crimes”. • So, if the footage does not exist, one make a collage, with no traceable source of the data and no author authentication as needed in fair reporting. • The bottom line is THE BOTTOM LINE – making money.