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  1. Ideologies The way in which we interpret our world, it determines our values and actions. “What I believe”

  2. Focus of Ideologies • All ideologies try to explain the following • nature of man • interpretation of our past • vision of the future • role of government

  3. As you watch the video clip think about the following • What kind of a society is this? • How are they controlling their people? • How can a government justify having these controls over their people?

  4. Factors that influence ideologies • culture • language • media • relationship to land • environment • gender • religion, spirituality

  5. “An ideology is based on a set of accepted beliefs about the nature of man, an interpretation of our past, a vision of the future and the role of government in society. On the far left, radical Communists believe in creating a society based on equality. Moderate socialists seek equality and social justice through the power of the state. Liberals desire the greatest amount of freedom for individuals within a state that exercises its powers in the interests of the common good. Conservatives defend the importance of tradition, the stability of the status quo and the privileges of economic success. On the far right, reactionary Fascists believe that abilities are inherited, race is a determinant to success, and equality is impossible and undesirable.

  6. Political and Economic Spectrums • Left Wing – believes in cooperating in order to promote equality • Far Left: radical revolutionary - believes violence is justified to create a more equal society • Moderate(center) would support some reform of existing political and economic systems • Right Wing – believes that competition and individual success makes for a better society • Far Right: reactionary - extremist who is willing to use violence to return to traditional values

  7. Your textbook provides several different spectrums to illustrate these ideologies

  8. Imagine there's no Heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people Sharing all the world You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as one What is John Lennon’s ideology?

  9. Introduction to individualism and collectivism