types of brake braking system toughla n.
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Types of brake & braking system|TOUGHLA PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of brake & braking system|TOUGHLA

Types of brake & braking system|TOUGHLA

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Types of brake & braking system|TOUGHLA

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  1. Types of brake & braking system|TOUGHLA Ques- What is brake? Ans- A brake is a mechanical gadget that hinders movement by engrossing vitality from a moving framework. It is utilized for moderating or ceasing a moving vehicle, wheel, pivot, or to keep its movement, frequently proficient by methods for rubbing.

  2. Types of Brakes:- •Disc Brakes •Drum Brakes •Electromagnetic braking system •Antilock Brake System (ABS) •Hydraulic brakes •Vacuum Brakes Disc Brakes:- A plate brake (disc brake) is a kind of brake that utilizations calipers to press sets of cushions against a circle or "rotor" to make erosion. Erosion between the cushions and the circle backs the plate off.

  3. Drum Brakes:- A drum stopping mechanism comprises of pressure driven wheel chambers, brake shoes and a brake drum. At the point when the brake pedal is connected the two bended brake shoes, which have a grating material covering, are constrained by water driven wheel barrels against the internal surface of a pivoting brake drum. The aftereffect of this contact produces grating which empowers the vehicle to back off or stop.

  4. Electromagnetic braking system: - Electromagnetic braking means applying brakes using electronic and magnetic power. The rule of electromagnetic system is to achieve friction less braking. Antilock Brake System (ABS):- ABS keeps the wheels from locking up, subsequently maintaining a strategic distance from uncontrolled sliding of the vehicle and declines the separation went without slipping.

  5. Hydraulic brakes:- The Hydraulic brake is a game plan of braking instrument which utilizes brake liquid uncommonly ethylene glycol to exchange weight from the controlling unit to the genuine brake component of the vehicles. Parts of hydraulic brakes:- •Brake pedal •Push rod •Master cylinder assembly •Brake caliper assembly

  6. •Uses brake fluid. •Using ethylene glycol, to transfer pressure to breaking system. •Mainly used in passenger vehicle. Vacuum brakes:- The vacuum stopping mechanism is controlled through a brake pipe interfacing a brake valve in the driver's taxi with braking gear on each vehicle. The ejector, using steam locomotive, or an exhauster, using electric power on other types of train, removes atmospheric pressure from the brake pipe to create the vacuum.

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