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Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz

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Annie Leibovitz

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  1. Annie Leibovitz By- Dawson Conrad

  2. Biography • Annie Leibovitz was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on October 2, 1949. • She attended Northwood high school where she became first interested in various arts. • At San Francisco Art Institute she she continued to develop her photography skills while studying painting. • Worked as a staff photographer for rolling stone magazine in 1973, where in 1973 she was promoted to chief photographer, where she stayed until 1983. • In 1978 she became the first female to photograph Joan Armatrading for an album cover. • She tends to take risks with her photos like Demi Moore naked while pregnant, or Miley Cyrus naked in a bed sheet, and John Lennon naked as well.

  3. My Brother Philip and My Father • This photo was taken in Silver Spring, Maryland in 1988. • The lighting used in this photo is natural based off of the photo being taken outside. • The main subject of this photograph is showing two generations of a father and son, guessing as the dad and son are in the same position standing shirtless. • The lighting makes the photograph so good because you can see everything, the photo almost tells a story considering the photographer, and both people in the photo are all related. • I selected this photograph because I think its creative and kind of funny.

  4. Meryl Streep • This photo was taken in 1981 • The lighting used in this photograph is artificial due to the photo being taken indoors rather than outdoors. • In my opinion the main purpose of this photo is to tell people to feel comfortable in there own skin • The lighting used in this photo makes it good because it makes the details very good and makes the photograph very high quality overall • I selected this photo because a big issue in our society is people being insecure and this was in 1981 and it’s still relevant now in 2015

  5. Elizabeth II • This photo was taken on March 28, 2007 at Buckingham Palace, in London. • The lighting used in this photograph is natural based off of the skies behind the queen. • The purpose of this photo in my opinion is to show the amount of power and elegancy Queen Elizabeth holds. • The setting used in this photo make it great because of the sense of power it holds, it truly makes the queen come across as one of the most powerful people on this world. • The reason I chose this photograph was because of the power I feel from it and I think it is deserving to be shared

  6. Mick Jagger • This photo was taken in Buffalo, New York in the year 1975 • The lighting used in this photo is artificial as you can see the lights on the ceiling of the elevator above his head in the photo • The point of the photograph from the words of Annie Leibovitz is “he was not on the ground. He was flying. From another world. He was the most beautiful object. Like a butterfly. Ethereal. After all the time on the road, his dancing was very loose. It was almost surreal. I was always aware of where Mick was. What might have seemed like a nuisance to him became a source of comfort. To know that I was somewhere nearby. It was a subject-photographer relationship of an obsessive kind” • The lighting in this photo makes it so great because it makes the shadows more visible for a better effect • I selected this photo because I like the odd way the photo is, in an elevator, not all symmetrical, it’s cool

  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger • This photo was taken in Malibu, California in the year 1988 • The lighting used in this photo is natural as the photo was shot on the beach in Malibu, outside. • The purpose of this picture is to show the strength of Arnold ans the similarities to the horse, Annie said “he said he had a horse, and I said, Well, bring it along, not thinking much about it. I couldn’t believe it when the horse showed up. It looked like Arnold. Arnold’s thigh in those white pants looks like the horse’s thigh “ • The lighting makes the photo better because it shows every detail in the photo and helps keep the attention on Arnold. • I chose this photo because I think it’s really cool looking and the idea of it drew my attention from the first glance at it.

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