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Dear Annie, PowerPoint Presentation
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Dear Annie,

Dear Annie,

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Dear Annie,

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  1. Dear Annie, I hope you are well. I’m a little worried about how I am going in math class. I can do the geometry pretty easily. For some reason, shapes just make sense to me. But a lot of the algebra problems just look like strings of numbers, symbols, and funky latters. It’s like a tapestry of symbols that my brain just can’t understand. As you know, my brother Kevin is quite a whiz at math. I asked him for some help, but he’s not very good at explaining things simply. In fact, he really just confused me even more. Mom is going to help me study and is also going to ask if Miss Bert will help tutor me during lunch tomorrow. That would definitely be helpful. I really hope I can figure this out soon. It’s getting really stressful and I really want to do better. Bye for now, Alex

  2. Complete the web with three things Alex does to try to learn algebra. How Alex Tries to Learn Algebra.

  3. Answer the question below • Alex describes Kevin as being “quite a whiz at math.” What does Alex mean by this? • Hint: Focus on what the word whiz describes about Kevin. In your answer, describe what the word whiz shows about Kevin.

  4. Prompt • Imagine that you are Annie and have just received Alex’s letter. You want to write back to Alex and make her feel better about her math class. You might want to give Alex some study tips, help her relax, or just encourage her to keep trying. Write a letter to Alex giving her some advice.