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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology. The Immune system. Medical Terminology. Combining form/word root Meaning a den /o gland carcin /o cancerous; cancer - oma tumor

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Medical Terminology

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  1. Medical Terminology The Immune system

  2. Medical Terminology • Combining form/word rootMeaning • aden/o gland • carcin/o cancerous; cancer • -oma tumor • angio/o vessel (blood) • lymph/o lymph • splen/o spleen • myel/o bone marrow • -genesis producing

  3. Medical Terminology • Combining form/word rootMeaning • anti- against • neo- new • sarc/o flesh (connective tissue) • -pathy disease • -edema swelling • -cyte cell • kines/o movement • mast/obreast

  4. Medical Terminology • Combining form/word rootMeaning • -stasis to stop • oste/o bone • phag/o eat; swallow • -megaly enlargement • -coccusberry-shaped bacterium • strept/o twisted chains • -plastic pertaining to formation

  5. Medical Terminology • adenocarcinoma • aden/o/carcin/oma • cancerous tumor of the tissue • antineoplastic • anti/neo/plastic • blocks the development of new growths • carcinoma • carcin/oma • a malignant tumor that occurs in epithelial tissue • Immunologist • Immun/o/logist • specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the immune system

  6. Medical Terminology • lymphadenitis • lymph/aden/itis • inflammation of the lymph nodes(glands) • lymphadenopathy • lymph/aden/o/pathy • a disease process affecting a lymph node or nodes(glands) • mastectomy • mast/ectomy • the surgical removal of the entire breast

  7. Medical Terminology • myosarcoma • my/o/sarc/oma • a malignant tumor derived from muscle connective tissue • Oncologist • Onc/o/logist • a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating malignant disorders such as tumors and cancer • osteosarcoma • oste/o/sarc/oma • a malignant tumor usually involving connective tissue and bone • phagocyte • phag/o/cyte • eating/swallowing cells

  8. Medical Terminology • splenomegaly • splen/o/megaly • enlargement of the spleen • streptococci • strept/o/cocci • berry-shaped bacterium oftwisted chains • definemetastasize? • the process by which cancer spreads from one place to another • Define MRSA? • methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus

  9. Medical Terminology • Define antibody? • a disease-fighting protein created by the immune system in response to the presence of a specific antigen • Define antigen? • any substance that the body regards as being foreign, and includes viruses, bacteria, toxins, and transplanted tissues • Define HIV • human immunodeficiency virus , a bloodborne infection in which the virus damages or kills the cells of the immune system, causing it to progressively fail • Define AIDS • acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, the most advanced, and fatal, stage of an HIV infection

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