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University Conference Center

University Conference Center

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University Conference Center

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  1. Event Planners Carmela Gomez Tracey Magyar University Conference Center

  2. What is theUniversity Conference Center? • Handles room reservations for all public and meeting spaces within the Titan Student Union and the Becker Amphitheatre. • Office is located in Titan Student Union Room 121, across from Gabrielino. • Phone: 714-278-5867 • General Email: • The TSU and the UCC are programs of Associated Students, Inc. and are supported by students, CSUF, and off-campus visitors.

  3. How to Reserve Space In Person… • Call or stop by the front desk in the UCC and speak to our staff. Our front desk staff will take some basic information and pass your request to an Event Planner. • Event Planners will check availability and contact you with more detailed questions. • Sign and return reservation paperwork as requested by Event Planner.

  4. How to Reserve Space Online… • Email to obtain your password. • Login at Look for the “Room Requests” link in the menu. • Submit your request. • Wait for contact from an Event Planner. • Track your requests online.

  5. Remember… • Most events will require you to meet with an Event Planner. After your paperwork has been received, you will be contacted to set up an appointment. • Discussions with staff about available space, submitting a request online, or turning in a request form DO NOT constitute a reservation. You must receive a reservation confirmation before you begin to advertise or plan an event.

  6. Charges and Timelines • Your Event Planner will outline our room fees. • Some additional charges may apply (These may include managers, custom setup fee, Public Safety, cleaning, etc.). • On-campus groups may reserve space up to 13 months in advance. • Reservation deadlines are outlined in the Policies and Procedures manual. Further deadlines will be added to individual reservations.

  7. Payment information is due to your Event Planner 10 business days before the event. • Payment can be made by P-Card, PO number, or check. • Checks should be made payable to “Titan Student Union.” • In the event of a cancellation, please provide info to your event planner in writing. With sufficient notice, most payments can be refunded.

  8. Standard Setups A standard setup is as a fixed seating and stage layout for a Pavilion. It is designed to remain in a Pavilion for an extended period of time and accommodate multiple events. Standard Custom

  9. Options for Standard Setups There are several standard setup options to meet the needs of our guests’ events, including banquets, assemblies, and classroom-style seating. Modifying a Standard Setup? As each event has unique needs, guests may request some modifications to the standard setup without receiving a charge for a custom setup. These might include such things as fewer chairs or round tables in a banquet setup, a smaller stage, removal of rows of chairs from an assembly-style setup, and the addition of catering tables and a registration table. Custom Setups The TSU Pavilion remains a fully customizable program area. There is a $25 charge per Pavilion to create a customized layout. This charge will allow guests and the Titan Student Union to continue to deliver quality events. Benefits to a Standard Setup • Standard setups represent some of the most popular layout choices preferred by guests. • Standard setup maps have already been completed, and standard setups will be present in rooms more often, allowing guests the ability to get a feel for a layout more easily. • Standard setups save TSU program costs, which result in lower room rates. • Standard setups help the TSU achieve high quality standards. • Standard setups allow Pavilion space to be booked more often, affording more event availability.

  10. Self-Catering Food Service at your Event • Self-catering (more than 75 guests): • Pre-prepared foods only, non-alcoholic beverages. • Group must clean up. • Group must fill out a Self-Catering Authorization and sign a Liability Release Form, available from your Event Planner. • Self-catering (75 or less guests): • Pre-prepared foods only, non-alcoholic beverages. • Group must clean up. • Group must fill out Liability Release Form only. • Your Event Planner will make a notation on your reservation, but no further EHIS approval is necessary. • All events must comply with University health and safety policies and may not use TSU food preparation facilities or material.

  11. OC Choice • OC Choice, the campus caterer, shares an office with the UCC. • Full-service, onsite catering operation. • Menus and quotes available through their website, • Catering Manager, Sid Patel • 714-278-7293

  12. Off-Campus Caterers • Event must have 250 or more guests or have a catering cost expected to exceed $5,000. • A list of pre-approved caterers can be found online at • Group is responsible for all coordination with off-campus caterer. • No access to TSU food preparation facilities and materials.

  13. TSU Equipment • Equipment may be available for use during your event. Manager charges for setup may apply. • Available equipment includes: • Microphones and speakers • TV with DVD/VHS • Overhead Projectors • Easels • Whiteboards • LCD projectors for computer or DVD/VHS presentations • More…

  14. Next we’ll look at a sample reservation, map, and timeline. Questions before we continue?

  15. Sample Map and Reservation

  16. Sample Map

  17. Sample Reservation

  18. Timeline

  19. 13 months -> 2 months before your event • Contact the UCC to reserve facilities for the date(s) of your event. • Meet with an Event Planner to complete your reservation paperwork. • Tour the TSU with an event planner. • Review the TSU policies and procedures that may relate to your event. • Develop publicity for your event. • Discuss catering arrangements with OC Choice Catering, or begin process of contacting one of the pre-approved off-campus caterers.

  20. Identify potential speakers and/or presenters for your event. Make parking arrangements for speakers and guests. Your Event Planner can help you with questions and contacts. Begin your payment paperwork. Get authorization for payment and complete purchase order request. If required by an Event Planner, begin to work on any insurance requirements. Your Event Planner will be able to provide you with sample documents.

  21. 2 months prior to your event • Schedule a reservation planning meeting with your Event Planner. • Finalize your selection of speakers and/or presenters.

  22. 1 month prior to your event • If required, provide the UCC with any necessary certificates of insurance. • Contact speakers or presenters about any necessary audio-visual equipment they may require.

  23. 3 weeks prior to your event • Attend a reservation planning meeting with your Event Planner. Your Event Planner will need to know the final details about your event, so be prepared to discuss the following: • The agenda/schedule/activities for the event • The layout arrangement for each room you have reserved • The staffing requirements that the UCC will require • Your directional and event signage • Plans for decorating and posting • Delivery, storage, and pick-up of any items related to your event • Catering arrangements

  24. Finalize all food arrangements with OC Choice Catering, complete your Self-Catering Request Form, or finalize arrangements with your pre-approved off-campus caterer.

  25. 1 week before your event • Make final payment to your Event Planner. Payment must be received PRIOR to your event.

  26. The day of your event • Meet with your Event Planner, Operations Supervisor, or Event Manager to review the setup for your event. Discuss any last minute changes or requests. • Oversee the posting of signs and/or decorations. Be sure to follow the posting and decorating guidelines from the TSU Policies and Procedures book. • Be available throughout your entire event to answer questions and solve any unexpected complications.

  27. Immediately following your event • Remove all directional signage, decorations, self-catered food, and other materials. • Trash that doesn’t fit in a receptacle should be removed to the trash bins at the loading dock. • Check with your Event Planner or Event Manager before you leave.

  28. After your event • If your event is held annually, be sure to reserve again for next year. • Let your Event Planner know about any concerns, changes, or additions to note for future events.

  29. The University Conference Center and Titan Student Union staff are here to help make your event a success. • Our Event Planners are experts and have helped organize thousands of events.

  30. UCC Online • The UCC website ( has some great event planning tools, including: • A copy of this presentation. • A virtual tour of the meeting rooms. • Online event calendar. • Printable maps and operating policies. • Printable handouts for specific event questions.

  31. Questions Tour