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Designing iPhone User Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Designing iPhone User Experience

Designing iPhone User Experience

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Designing iPhone User Experience

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  1. Designing iPhone User Experience A User-Centered Approach to Sketching and Prototyping iPhone Apps


  3. Designed by Cliff Williams and his team. • Open brain storming and continuous refinement of the proof of the concept app. • creating a giant library of screenshot • Challenge: presenting a breadth of choices at the expense of a crisp, simple workflow. • Usability Tests to make it easy use. • Suggestions: • Learning bounds of API and Capabilities of the Platform. • If you’re not developing the app yourself, learn to speak the same language as the folks who are. • Reading Apple’s Human Interface Guide Lines.

  4. Sonos

  5. Designed by Rob Lambourne at Sonos. • Identifying and understanding our customers. • Sketched designs and made prototypes. • Built a quick wireframe UI prototype in Adobe Flash and ran on a Nokia touchscreen device to get a sense of the flow of the inter-face. • Challenge: presenting powerful functionality in a way that everyone in a home (not just the tech-savvy people) should be able to understand and use. • Fat finger problems and confusing navigations • Suggestion: Focus on simplicity and don’t try to overwhelm the users.

  6. FlightTrack

  7. Designed by Benjamin Kazez. • Pencil sketches of various user interface possibilities and fitting flight summary on the screen by omitting data. • Challenge: deciding information which is most prominent and animating other data around it. • Suggestions: • Getting external content to work with the iPhone. • Staying in Touch with customers. • Identifying and implementing widely requested features.

  8. USA Today

  9. Designed and Developed by Mercury Intermedia. • Challenges: • Making app look similar to Website and news paper. • Usability while employing nonstandard approaches. • Suggestions: • If the nonstandard approach doesn’t make the application easier to use or desired functionality quicker to access, it’s best to stick to the Human Interface Guidelines • Staying in touch with customers and taking their help when ever it is necessary.

  10. Convertbot

  11. Designed by Mark Jardine and developed by Poul Haddad at TapBots. • Inspired by WALL-E movie and design resembles Eve from the movie. • Designing by breaking app into interaction points like category, convert from, convert to, and value. • Challenge: creating visually compelling app by diverging from the Human Interface Guidelines and getting it approved by AppStore. • Don’t diverge from HIG just for sake of it.