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Clerks Area Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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Clerks Area Briefing

Clerks Area Briefing

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Clerks Area Briefing

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  1. Clerks Area Briefing Welcome

  2. Agenda • Welcome and Outline of the Meeting • Reconstitution • Timeline • Skills Audit • GAP (Governor Appointments Panel) • Traded Services/SLA (Service Level Agreement) • CPD Online • In The News - General Updates • Questions/Items for the Next Agenda • Close.

  3. Skills based appointment and reconstitution • From September 2014 • By September 2015 • All governors to be selected for the skills they bring • Create a skills based profile for the GB-Some skills identified in statutory guidance • Identify the skills required for any vacancy prior to recruitment. • Increased expectation for shared governance across more than one school – compare and contrast • All maintained school governing bodies to have reconstituted under 2012 regulations • Surplus governors removed on basis of skills rather than length of service • Reconstitution as a tool to drive the quality and effectiveness of the GB.

  4. Barriers And Solutions • How well prepared is your GB for these changes? • What do you need to do next?

  5. Which Governors Would Fit Where? Data – RAISE + in year PP+SEN, GT, CLA, EAL etc Curriculum Assessment Policies- attendance, marking, presentation….. SIP, SEF Appraisal Development Quality of – triangulation of data, work and observation. Policies- Teaching and learning, appraisal, general staffing, assessment etc Attendance Safeguarding Behaviour Exclusions H&S E-Safety Child protection Vision- driving school improvement SEF, SIP HT appraisal Performance related pay SFVS- finance in general- are we getting value for money?

  6. The Core Membership • 1 HT • 1 Staff • 1 LA • 2 Parents minimum • X Co-opted. As many at the GB require • Foundation governors: minimum of 2 in a VC school and no more than ¼. 2 more than the total of all other governors in a VA school. • Be aware of Foundation schools without a foundation.

  7. Diminution And Slotting • 1 HT- no change • 1 Staff- slot or diminution based on identified skill • 1 LA-slot or diminution based on identified skill (GAP has a role) • Parents- 2 minimum. Slot or diminution based on identified skill • Co-opted- New post COMPLETELY NEW APPOINTMENT with a new term of office. Appointed on skills. • Foundation- VA must exceed all other governors by 2 • Foundation- VC minimum of 2, maximum of 25%

  8. Procedure For Reconstitution • Minute all discussions and decisions • Agree a procedure for co-opting governors • Submit copy of minutes for reconstitution with a breakdown of posts and categories (including terms of office) to diocese 1st if a faith school then to governor services with confirmation from the diocese. • State in the minutes the date of effect- a date in the future to allow time to complete the process (3 to 6 months)

  9. Delivering The Vision • Review • Recruit • Retire...

  10. Models of Governance • What is the structure of your GB? • Would your governing body be more effective with a different structure? • Governing body organogram

  11. Illustration of a 2 Committee/Team Governor Profile

  12. Illustration of a Whole Team Governor Profile

  13. Recruitment of New Members Profile- SEF/SIP Identification of existing skills and reconstitution planning Right people around the table and associated activities Induction and training appropriate to your position Annual evaluation of GB effectiveness

  14. GAP – Governor Appointment Panel for Local Authority Governors • Revised procedures for the appointment of LA Governors • Existing LA Governors are not being re-appointed where there would be more than one LA Governor unless they are the Chair. • Surplus LA Governors could be appointed to other GBs looking for their relevant skills

  15. LA Support for Changes • Revised materials for the election of parent and staff governors • Information and guidance for recruitment, skills audit, reconstitution etc. • Workshops for clerks, conference sessions for governors and briefing sessions for Heads • Greater emphasis on sharing good practice within local meetings

  16. Reconstitution Checklist • Refer to checklist

  17. Traded Services Packages available via EduKent • Governor training and development. • Clerking service Additional services this year: • Costs attached to activities involving Governor Support Officer-Bespoke training, external review, FGB obs, 12 months minutes monitoring. • Education SLA with Heads that can be used to buy the additional services.

  18. SLA 2014-2015 Package 1 Best value for money and the most popular package. As well as 1 place at each of the annual conferences for Governors, Chairs and Clerks, the package includes: • A copy of ‘The Governor’ sent direct to each governor (and clerk) on your governing body 3 times each year • Relevant and timely email based communication sharing key messages and information from the local authority relevant to the governor role • New Governor, Chair and Clerk induction training • Unlimited attendance at any core training session from the published programme for any member of your governing body. Additional places at annual conferences charged at £75 person Costs for the year April 2014 to March 2015: • Small schools with less than 100 pupils £200 • All other schools £200 for the first 100 pupils £1.30 per pupil thereafter • Annual conference for governors, clerks and chairs: First place free, additional delegates £75 each

  19. CPD Online • Plea to ensure details are accurate and up to date • Regular review of database or “Rubbish in = Rubbish out” • Email changes to

  20. In The News

  21. Items for discussion and development activities for the next meeting?

  22. Thank You for Attending