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Clerks Briefings

Clerks Briefings

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Clerks Briefings

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  1. Clerks Briefings School Governor Service Department of Children’s Services

  2. Agenda • Models of Leadership • Reconstitution of Governing Bodies • Governors’ Handbook – January 2015 update • Risk Register • Revised Ofsted framework • Peer Reviews • Accreditation of Clerk’s Training • Questions and close

  3. Models of Leadership Pauline Anderson: Strategic Lead for Vulnerable Groups and Senior Leadership Recruitment

  4. Development of executive models Executive headship – systems to follow Inform Judith Kirk of any headteacher planning to resign before approaching HR – flow chart to be sent to all schools Executive Governors - additional support from experienced BLG or NLG

  5. NQT’s and RQT’s LA initiative to support schools led by Sara Rawnsley to promote effective recruitment Attracting the best candidates Co-ordinated approach to high quality training- same deal for all Develop networks “Excellence visits” Leaders of teaching and learning

  6. Recruitment and retention of middle and senior leaders Working with Governors – need to consider strategically What are the gaps? - from reactive to proactive Talent management strategy – shared responsibility for the future “One in waiting” model Identify ‘the best’ & mentor Professional ‘Buddy’ system and coaching

  7. Reconstitution All reconstitutions need to be completed by 1st September 2015 Process: • Consider the most effective model for the governing body and agree it – not just a paper exercise • If a church school – send information on draft new constitution to the Diocese for approval • Send information on draft new constitution to School Governor service

  8. Reconstitution • Governor Service obtain approval of the draft from the Assistant Director of Children’s Services • Legal services seal the new constitution and copies are sent to governors • Governors staying in the same role complete their terms, those moving to new roles, including from Community to co-opted, start a new term.

  9. Governors’ Handbook The Briefing notes have highlighted areas of additional information with links to the relevant documents. Monitoring Role: British values – part of the monitoring of SMSC Work life balance of teaching staff not just headteacher Duty to promote cultural education • Changes to the register of interests • Stress on the importance of induction and ongoing training for governors – does your governing body have an agreed induction programme and training as a regular item on agendas?

  10. Risk Register • Governing bodies asked in September to complete and return a governing body self review • The authority will use this to contribute to the assessment of risk that is being carried out for all schools, including academies • This risk register will combine information from a variety of sources to establish those schools where it is possible that Ofsted might judge them as less than Good • Chairs should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their governing body and identify the support that they may need to progress

  11. Risk Register • If schools are not clerked by the SGS clerking service clerks are reminded that they are asked to supply copies of approved minutes to us at • This range of information will enable the LA to offer focussed support to schools to remedy any issues that arise, including improving governance

  12. Revised Ofsted Framework • SMSC – Schools now need to show they are actively promoting fundamental British values, meeting requirements for collective worship and establishing a strong school ethos supported by Effective relationships throughout school. • Character awards have just been announced by the DfE, giving details of good practice in this area. • Safeguarding Inspections guidance from January 2015 • New statutory guidance on Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006

  13. Revised Ofsted Framework From September Ofsted will: • Put in place a new Common Inspection Framework for all early years settings on the Early Years Register, maintained schools and academies • Inspect good schools once every three years, The focus of these inspections will be on ensuring that good standards are being maintained, that leaders have identified key areas of concern and that they have the capacity to address them • Consider the breadth and balance of a provider’s curriculum under the effectiveness of leadership and management judgement

  14. Revised Ofsted Framework • The Common Framework will be published during the summer term • The Governor Briefing notes for the autumn term will give an update on the new framework • Training will be included in the autumn term programme

  15. Peer Reviews by the Partnerships Changes to procedures: • There is now an expectation that headteachers will include governors in all reviews • Chairs will be given the dates of reviews • The Partnerships will inform the LA of review dates • Notes of Partnership visits will be copied to both headteachers and Chairs

  16. Accreditation of Clerks’ Training Governor Services are currently looking at ways to accredit the Clerks’ Training using the new NCTL programme. Enquiries are being made about the possibility of in-house accreditation to this programme Clerks will be informed as soon as definite information has been obtained. In the meantime catch up sessions are being planned for those who have missed parts of the latest round of training. Those clerks will be contacted individually about the sessions.

  17. Questions