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USCG District Office PowerPoint Presentation
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USCG District Office

USCG District Office

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USCG District Office

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  1. USCG District Office

  2. Port Security/Recovery Specialistat District 7, Miami FL

  3. Guidance • LANTAREAINST 16001.1A • Safety and Accountability for Every Port (Safe Port Act) • District 7 Standard Operating Procedures

  4. PSS/Recovery Major Duties & Responsibilities

  5. Maritime Security preparedness planning.

  6. Serve as SME for Marine Transportation System Recovery Units (MTSRU), MTS Recovery Assist Teams (MTSRAT), or similar Coast Guard supplemental support activity, deploying to field locations when directed, for all forms of Transportation Disruptions, including response to oil and hazardous materials incident and natural disasters.

  7. Technical Support for Area Maritime Security (AMS) planning.

  8. Marine Transportation System (MTS) Recovery.

  9. Marine Salvage and Removal of obstructions to navigation.

  10. Development and Management of Salvage Response Plans (SRPs) for harbor and water way clearance.

  11. Technical support for Area Contingency Plans. (ACPs)

  12. The resumption of Maritime Commerce.

  13. Coordination with Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) Members, interagency partners, State, Local and Tribal Governments.

  14. Marine Salvage Industries and other stakeholders.

  15. Research, development, and maintain data detailing Marine Salvage response capabilities with in the Captain of the Port (COTP) zone covered by the AMS Plan.

  16. Assist Marine Transportation System Recovery Units (MTSRU).

  17. Sector Commander LANTAREAINST 16001.1A

  18. Sector Commanders shall ensure that a MTSRU is established within the Planning Section of the Incident Command System (ICS) response organization for every incident that significantly impacts the Marine Transportation System (MTS).

  19. Significant disruption of the MTS: Major Delays or interruptions to the continuity of a normally functioning MTS caused by a major event, for periods in excess of three days, including a National Transportation Security Incident (NTSI), or other natural or manmade disaster which may develop into a NTSI.

  20. Marine Transportation Recovery Assist Team (MTSRAT)

  21. A specialized team deployed to assist an operational commander in the Incident Area with issues involving recovery of the MTS.

  22. All forms of Transportation Disruptions including response to oil spills and Hazardous Materials incidents and Natural Disasters.

  23. All Hazards

  24. Home – A snapshot view of all active MTS Recovery Actions with a brief overview. • Baseline Data – Each Sector can enter baseline data on the 22 categories of the Essential Elements of Information (EEIs) prior to an incident /event. • Create Even – Users can create an event in the system and update the system with current impacts to the MTS. • Active Events – Access to view detailed information on all active events

  25. Past Events – Maintains documentation on all MTS Recovery information entered in the system for past events. • Reports – Ability to generate the MTS Executive Summary Report using information entered into the system. Reports include trend line diagrams. • Admin – Ability to generate EEIs and their instances , as well as user information an auditing in CART. CART website:

  26. Joseph PlasenciaPort Security/Recovery Specialist

  27. Questions?