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Running For District Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Running For District Office

Running For District Office

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Running For District Office

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  1. Running For District Office Your “Key” To a Successful Year as a Leader

  2. Excel your service to “the next level” • Become even more involved in a worldwide service-leadership organization • Learn more about Key Club • Gain valuable leadership and networking experience (looks outstanding on college applications) • Improve well-being of over 10,000 Key Clubbers in I-I District • Immerse yourself in Key Club while facing decisions involving large scale events, District activities • Most importantly- make new friends! Why Run For A District Office?

  3. Many positions to choose from on I-I District Board (elected and appointed) • Governor • Secretary • Treasurer • Stat. Sec • Iolian Editor • New Club Building & Membership Development Chair* • District Project (Spastics) Chair* • Technology Chair* • Key Leader Chair* • Lieutenant Governor • Each position offers unique advantages and duties • Asterisk denotes appointment What Position Should I Choose?

  4. Lieutenant Governor • Speak with your current Lt. Gov about the duties of the position. Never met? Check for your Board member’s contact info OR ask your Governor • Become a candidate- Your Lt. Gov will hold a Divisional Council Meeting this Fall (Nov-Dec) at which you can run for the position • Prepare to devote hours and weekends to Board meetings, committee meetings, general duties • Present short speech at election – each club present will allow two delegates to vote How Can I Serve The Position I Chose?

  5. Executive Board Member • Governor • Secretary • Treasurer • Stat. Sec. • Iolian Editor • Speak with current Executive Board members regarding the position you’ve chosen. We want to help! • To run or an Executive position, you must be present at Key Club District Convention (Feb. 28- Mar. 2, Springfield, IL) • Become a candidate: check out the District Convention Registration packet (sent between early January and February), then fill out all appropriate forms • Two delegates form each Key Club in attendance will vote at the House of Delegates How Can I Serve The Position I Chose?

  6. Appointed Committee Chairperson • New Club Building & Membership Development Chair • District Project (Spastics) Chair • Technology Chair • Key Leader Chair • Interested in focusing your efforts on a particular event or committee, rather than the District as a whole? Interested in leadership, not fond of speeches? This position’s for you. • Key Club District Governor will send application form (times vary slightly based on position) through all forms of communication in March/April How Can I Serve The Position I Chose?

  7. Ask questions, learn from your District Board, study Bylaws, attend District and Divisional events • Prepare to give speeches well in advance- rehearse • Keep yourself educated- read Club District Mailings, latest issues of The Iolian and Lt. Governor Newsletters (Iolian and District Mailing available via • Stay in the loop by “liking” our Facebook page ( • Have fun! How Can I Prepare?

  8. Interested in knowing more about serving on a “District level”? • Talk to your District Board! We don’t bite • Contact Governor Will Kelley-, 309/525-2490 • Thank you for expressing interest in serving our mighty Key Club District! Thoughts, Comments, Questions?

  9. Illinois-Eastern Iowa Key Club District Convention – Feb. 28-Mar. 2, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Springfield, IL “Service, Inc. Care Like A Monster” • Key Leader Weekend – April 25-27, 2014, East Bay Camp, Hudson, IL Save The Date

  10. All presentations, reminders, save-the-dates, as well as countless other useful resources are available on our District website, Thank You For Attending!