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TINY HOMES. Husain Busafar, Bobby Hill, Anna Chacon Flores, Celia Perez, Cooper Rando, Fatemah Alajmi. M GT 375V 03/27/17. THE SIGN GAME.

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  1. TINY HOMES Husain Busafar, Bobby Hill, Anna Chacon Flores, Celia Perez, Cooper Rando, Fatemah Alajmi MGT 375V 03/27/17

  2. THE SIGN GAME This game is to make you feel healthy, happy and, terrific.The volunteers from each team will explain to their teammates by the sign language and the team have to guess the name of the act or movie or tv show that will be provided to them from me.

  3. GAME RULES The class will be divided into two groups. Each group will have 5 volunteers. The names of the action will be provided by ( Husain ). The team who scores 5 points first will win. ONLY TWO MINUTES WILL BE PROVIDED FOR EACH PERSON TO EXPLAIN THE ACTION.

  4. CANVAS QUESTIONS 1A.) According to Small is Beautiful (pg 78-91), how does US consumption of nonrenewable resources compare to global consumption? Do you believe the facts and figures from the MIT study still hold true, have increased, or decreased? 1B.) List and explain 5 methods how you, and our country as a whole, could reduce its global consumption rate of nonrenewable resources.

  5. BACKGROUND INFO • Idea was first proposed to city officials in April 2016 • Committee members include: David Boje, Ernest Ramey, Omar Oropeza Omar at original Tiny Home

  6. Veterans Ecological Villages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFnWktKbsoo Omar’s Panels Tiny Home

  7. AVERAGE HOUSE vs. TINY HOME Average HouseTiny Home *2,598 SF (7 logging truck) *186 SF ( ½ of 1 logging truck) *45 lightbulbs (639 kWh of electricity) *6 lightbulbs (85.2kWH of electricity) *Total 28,00 pounds of C02/yr *Total 2,000 pounds C02/yr *** fossil fuel consumption has contributed significantly to the deterioration of the environment: Global Warming, Climate Change, Extinction of wildlife species, depletion of the Ozone layer, and increased levels of pollution. The release of C02 into our atmosphere is the largest contributor to global warming.

  8. TINY HOME BENEFITS: ENVIRONMENTAL, ECONOMICAL, AND SOCIAL • The size of the home leads to less materials being required for its construction , and therefore hase a reduced “embodied energy” • Reduced energy consumption leads to smaller bills. In fact some tiny house owners claim to have a yearly utility bill of less than $100 • People who choose to live in a small home often seek a slower pace of life, allowing you to narrow down your focus too what really matters

  9. Potential sites for Tiny Homes (NMSU Rodeo Property) (A Mountain) (Burn Lake) **Also looking into on-campus sites for student-veterans

  10. GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/p-47ck

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