ccss 8 th grade additions to wa pe n.
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CCSS 8 th Grade: Additions to WA PE PowerPoint Presentation
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CCSS 8 th Grade: Additions to WA PE

CCSS 8 th Grade: Additions to WA PE

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CCSS 8 th Grade: Additions to WA PE

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  1. CCSS 8th Grade: Additions to WA PE • 7.2.F Determine the slope of a line corresponding to the graph of a proportional relationship and relate slope to similar triangles. (Grade 8) • 7.2.G Relate unit rate (7th) to the slope (8th) of the associated line of a proportional relationship. (Grade 8) • 7.3.A Determine the surface area and volume of cylinders using the appropriate formulas and explain why the formulas work. (Grade 8) • 7.3.B Determine the volume of pyramids and cones (and spheres) using formulas. (Grade 8) • A1.1.C Solve problems that can be represented by a system of two linear equations (graphically or algebraically) or inequalities. (Begun in Grade 8 and expanded in Algebra 1) • A1.4.D Write and solve systems of two linear equations (graphically or algebraically) and inequalities in two variables. (Begun in Grade 8 and expanded in Algebra 1) • A1.2.A Know the relationship between real numbers and the number line, and compare and order real numbers with and without the number line. (Grade 6, Grade 8) • A1.2.C Interpret and use integer exponents (include negative) and square and cube roots, and apply the laws and properties of exponents to simplify and evaluate exponential expressions. (Begun in Grade 8 and expanded to fractional exponents in Algebra 1) • A1.2.D Determine whether approximations or exact values of real numbers are appropriate, depending on the context, and justify the selection. (Begun in Grade 7 and 8 but used throughout mathematics) • A1.3.B Represent a function with a symbolic expression, as a graph, in a table, and using words, and make connections among these representations. (Begun in Grade 8) • CC.8.EE.7a Give examples of linear equations in one variable with one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solutions (New) • Give examples of nonlinear functions. • Relationship of congruence in transformations.

  2. CCSS 8th Grade: Deletions from WA PE • 8.1.B. Solve one- and two-step linear inequalities and graph the solutions on the number line. (Grade 6 and 7) • 8.2.A Identify pairs of angles as complementary, supplementary, adjacent, or vertical, and use these relationships to determine missing angle measures. (Grade 7) • 8.3.A Summarize and compare data sets in terms of variability and measures of center. (Grade 7) • 8.3.B Select, construct, and analyze box-and-whisker plots to compare two sets of data. (Alg 1) • 8.3.D Describe different methods of selecting statistical samples and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each method. (Alg 2) • 8.3.E Determine whether conclusions of statistical studies reported in the media are reasonable. (Alg 2) • 8.3.F Determine probabilities for mutually exclusive, dependent, and independent events for small sample spaces. (Grade 7) • 8.3.G Solve single- and multi-step problems using counting techniques and Venn diagrams and verify the solutions. (Grade 7)