parent teacher organization airline park academy for advanced studies www airlinepark pto com n.
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Parent-Teacher Organization Airline Park Academy For Advanced Studies PowerPoint Presentation
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Parent-Teacher Organization Airline Park Academy For Advanced Studies

Parent-Teacher Organization Airline Park Academy For Advanced Studies

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Parent-Teacher Organization Airline Park Academy For Advanced Studies

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  1. Parent-Teacher Organization Airline Park Academy For Advanced Studies

  2. Order Of OurMeeting: 1 . Welcome 2. Mission of the PTO Principal’s Address (Ms. Tiffani LeBouef) Report of Events Past & Future 5. Announcements New Business 1. Business from the Board 2. Business from the Floor 8. Adjournment

  3. Mission of the PTO PURPOSE The purpose of the PTO shall be: 1. To promote the welfare of the students of Airline Park Academy for Advanced Studies. 2. To bring about a close and cooperative relationship between the membership and the school,thus working toward the improvement of our school and community. MEMBERSHIP Membership in the PTO shall be open to all parents, guardians and grandparents of thestudents of APAAS, and to the staff of APAAS. Dues shall be assessed $20.00 per family, per schoolyear which includes a school directory. All staff of APAAS shall be exempt from payment of dues.

  4. Principal’s Address Ms. Tiffani LeBouef Phone: (504) 888-0969

  5. Report of EVENTS: Past Dress Down Days and Papa John’s Pizza Nights continue to bring in $130-$160 consistently!!! April’s Cane’s Day brought in $163. Most recent Box Top check arrived in the amount of $1,105.68 bringing our Box Top total for the year to a little over $2,300!!!

  6. Report of EVENTS: Upcoming Tomorrow, Tuesday May 13th is our final Tops on Tuesday!!! Box Tops, Coke Points, CC’s Labels and/ or Campbell’s Soup labels. Pre-K won for the month of April who will win for May!!! This Wednesday, May 14th is our final Papa John's night. Order online and enter promo code APERHH20 or send in your receipt, off the pizza box. (please note this date was moved from the 21st) 3. This Saturday, May 17th, 7-10pm is City Park night!!!! For only $10, admission and all rides are included!!! Wednesday is the last day to request advance tickets . PLEASE NOTE...WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE CAROUSEL GARDENS THERE WILL BE 2 TABLES SET UP, 1 FOR METAIRIE & 1 FOR AIRLINE PARK. YOU MUST ENTER AT THE AIRLINE PARK TABLE. IF YOU PAY AT THE METAIRIE TABLE THEY WILL KEEP THE FUNDS FOR THEIR SCHOOL. PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY YOU’VE INVITED TO PAY AND/ OR CHECK IN AT THE AIRLINE PARK TABLE. And don’t worry if you see people with wrist bands...we are not issuing bands/bracelets but Metairie is. You do not need the bracelets to ride any of the rides or for admittance all you need to do is approach the APAAS table, show us your paid receipt and you’re in. If you are paying at the gate please bring exact change and/ or a check already written out to APAAS PTO in the exact amount...this will help to move the line along quickly for everyone. Thanks!!! 4. This Sunday, May 18th, noon-8pm is our final Cane’s Day at Cane’s on Clearview. Please tell all your friends and family to mention APAAS when ordering and we will receive 15% of the sales.

  7. Announcements: 1. We’re online: & Facebook 2. Thank you, thank you, thank you to our wonderful parents!!! A huge dent has been put in the Teacher Wish List but there is still much to purchase and many teacher's who have yet to have a single wish granted. Please continue to review the list online and encourage others to do the same. These items would make great end of the year presents!!! 3. New Blinds are up across the front of the school. 4. During June the court yard between the PreK & K classes as well as the area between Cafeteria and Pride Park will be re-black topped. 5. During summer Dad’s Club will also complete upgrade of Teacher’s Lounge. So far new blinds & fridge have been installed. 6. Our beginning balance this year was $47,687.35. Throughout the year, through our numerous fundraisers and events, we have raised $45,312.65 net!!! Bringing our current balance to right around $93,000!!! (There is ten page detailed list of accounts on stage if anyone would like to review it after the meeting.)

  8. New Business:Business from the Board: Vote on purchase of new Computers: We need 1 new lab = Cost of Wiring $4,000 & 33 @ $400 new computers = approximately $17,200 Vote on computers for lower grades, PreK-1st in classroom = 36 computers need = $14,400 Vote on new PE Outdoor Steel Building, 32 x 50, new Slab & Pilings & Labor = $33,700. Total cost for all of the above = $65,300. $65,300 + $30,000 (needed to stay in account) = $95,300. We have a little over $93,000 in account now. Out of the $30,000 being held in the account $15,000 of that is set aside for tech purchases, software, new books, etc. the school needs. But this amount must be voted on. Do we vote to allow up to $15,000 in purchases to the school for technology and educational based needs. Vote on Executive Board

  9. Introduction of 2014/’15 PTO Board Nominees President: Whitney Fritze Co-President: Jackie Beach Vice President: Doug Thomas Asst. Vice Pres: Jennifer Schexnayder Recording Secretary: Kelley Varnado Corresponding Sec.: Barbara Collura Treasurer: Melissa Bullinger Co-Treasurer: Hong Phan Floor nominations are open. Voting will to take place now.

  10. Business from the Floor:Tonight’s Teacher with the most Parents present is… Move to adjourn Parent-Teacher Organization APAAS