21 st century skills n.
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21 st Century Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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21 st Century Skills

21 st Century Skills

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21 st Century Skills

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  1. 21st Century Skills A focus on the Learning and Innovation Skills as presented by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

  2. In this presentation, we will focus on Learning and Innovation Skills—using learning practices and tools that introduce, encourage, and foster a desire in students to think critically, problem solve, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and display creativity. * language arts * foreign language * arts ** mathematics * economics * science ** geography * history * government and civics *

  3. 21st Century Framework Emphasizes: • The necessity of a strong understanding in the core subjects (as listed on the previous slide) • A need to teach Learning and Innovation Skills, Life and Career Skills, and Information, Media and Technology Skills.

  4. The 3 Rs The 4 Cs In traditional education much emphasis is placed upon the Rs as well as the core subjects: 21st Century Skills education strives to also teach: • Reading • wRiting • aRithmetic • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving • Collaboration • Communication • Creativity 21st Century Learning and Innovation Skills

  5. Critical Thinking: Inductive versus deductive reasoning Bloom’s Taxonomy (see handout) Metacognition or reflecting on the thinking processes used Problem Solving: Use both conventional and innovative ways to solve problems Knowing what questions to ask and when to ask them Be able to examine various perspectives Resource for the steps: The Thinker,_Rodin.jpg Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  6. Communication: • Using all mediums for sharing thoughts and ideas (written, oral, and nonverbal) • Utilize communication for a variety of purposes • Media literacy – utilize multiple media and technologies to enhance presentations and know how to judge their effectiveness • Social Media – YouTube, Wikis, Blogs • Moodle – online classroom • Google Docs, gmail, etc. • • • The ability to communicate at the tip of your fingers… Communication

  7. Collaboration: • Working effectively with diverse groups • Making compromises to accomplish a common goal • Value individual contributions made by each team member • Cooperative Learning • Choosing roles that align with a student’s strengths • Sharing Responsibility • Noting the importance of each group member’s contributions • Destination Imagination (DI) has a huge emphasis on collaboration Teamwork Collaboration

  8. Creativity and Innovation: • SCAMPER (substitute, combine, adapt, modify/minimize/maximize, put to other uses, eliminate, rearrange) • A way to brainstorm and manipulate materials into more creative uses • Brainstorm (without critiquing) Rule • EVERYTHING is a possibility • Emphasizing frequency, fluency, originality, and elaboration • Rube Goldberg Machines The sky is the limit! Creativity and Innovation

  9. 21st Century Skills Meets Wordle 21st_Century_Skills include communication collaboration critical thinking creativity combined with the 3_Rs to make a learner more prepared for the 21st century work force developing these 21st_Century_Skills will keep the United States competitive in the global economy teachers need to use communication collaboration critical thinking creativity to keep students engaged engaged engaged connected connected connected the 4_Cs and the 3_Rs Bloom Bloom Bloom thinking creating collaborating communicating preparing for the future with the content knowledge of the past and the technology of today 21st_Century_Skills the 4_Cs are the key to the 21st_Century

  10. 21st Century Meets Wordle

  11. CreativeThinking Creativity Collaboration Communication

  12. Next Gifted Parent Meeting: Thursday, February 3, 2011 Woodridge Middle School Library 6:00 PM

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