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21 st Century Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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21 st Century Skills

21 st Century Skills

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21 st Century Skills

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  1. 21st Century Skills • What do you think your students need to be successful in their future? • Think, pair, share • The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner • Explanation of the Seven Skills

  2. Tony Wagner’s Survival Skills for 21st Century Workers: • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving • Collaboration • Agility and Adaptability • Initiative and Entrepreneurialism • Oral and Written Communication • Accessing and Analyzing Information • Curiosity and Imagination

  3. Teacher Job Description: STATE CONTENT STANDARDS

  4. Engagement is the key • You can deliver the material perfectly, but if you don’t engage the students, you fail as a teacher. • One to one computing is a great engager.

  5. How? • Differentiate – Moodle, Compass • Provide learner control • Real world information • Current information • Activity • Organization • New tools • Color • Give everyone a voice

  6. The Power of the Internet in Education A few rhetorical questions: • Do you know everything? • Can you answer every question every student asks you? • Where do you go for information?

  7. A Little Fun, A Little Learning

  8. A Little Fun, A Little Learning

  9. A Little Fun, A Little Learning • Star WarsSound of Music • How would it feel to be the first person to start the dance or to be Princess Leia or Darth Vader? • What gender are most of the dancers? Why do you think that is? • Describe the thoughts that would go through your mind if you were watching one of these live. • What type of person comes up with and plans this kind of stuff? • Compare and contrast the two video clips. • If you were describing one of these to a blind person, what would you say? Is any of your explanation your opinion rather than fact?

  10. Academic Expectations • College Freshman Political Science Portfolio • 8th Grade Earth Science Wiki • College Freshman Business Class Project Excepted from the Michigan Educational Tech Standards: ( Every high school student will: • 9-12.CI.2. create a web page (e.g., Dreamweaver, iGoogle, Kompozer) • 9-12.TC.6. participate in a virtual environment as a strategy to build 21st century learning skills

  11. Getting Started with One to One Computing • One to one = one netbook to one student • Think of the netbook as a tool much like a textbook, pencil, beaker, map, or calculator • Focus on teaching the curriculum and embed explanations on how to use the netbook into your teaching of your curriculum

  12. Which is better? Today, kids, we are going to learn the basics of how to use Excel spreadsheets. Before we do our lab, we need to spend a day learning Excel. So, open Excel by clicking on… A great tool for keeping track of data for your lab is Excel. Excel is found under the Microsoft Office menu. Have your group use it to set up a data table. If you need help, let me know and I’ll be glad to show you how it works.

  13. What does an OTO classroom look like? • Like this room? • Can be paperless • Can be without textbooks • Collaborative and noisy • Teacher helping students (more coaching, less large group teaching) • Direct instruction is still used, but can be more targeted as in who needs what information

  14. You have 5 minutes to write a paragraph (on any topic.) • Now make a copy your paragraph below the original. • Now use a Thesaurus on your computer and replace at least 5 words in your paragraph • Is the revised paragraph better than the first? Why or why not?

  15. Where do I start?? • How can you encourage students to replace their current tools with technology? • Typing papers • Paperless classroom • Note taking on the computers • Projects • Find a great website to use with your students • What makes a website “great” for educational use? • Build an activity to use that website • Brainstorm activities

  16. Training Website

  17. Putting in the extra effort to make this work: At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. ~S.L. Parker

  18. YouTube Video Links Used in the Presentation: • Cloud Computing • • 212 Degrees • • A Vision of K-12 Students Today • • Star Wars Subway Car • • Sound of Music •