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Print and Society

Print and Society. Society before printing. Lascoux. TV?. Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics. Hieratic writing. All Three forms of Egyptian writing. Egyptian scribe. Library at Alexandria. Knowledge was in people’s minds. History Law Facts. Knowledge was oral. Courts held hearings

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Print and Society

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  1. Print and Society

  2. Society before printing

  3. Lascoux

  4. TV?

  5. Hieroglyphics

  6. Hieroglyphics

  7. Hieratic writing

  8. All Three forms of Egyptian writing

  9. Egyptian scribe

  10. Library at Alexandria

  11. Knowledge was in people’s minds • History • Law • Facts

  12. Knowledge was oral • Courts held hearings • Literally – judges listened to testimony

  13. Old people were vitally important • They could testify from their own memory, the only reliable records there were • They relied on reminders since there was no real calendar and they lived by seasons, not dates

  14. A trial

  15. Memories were prodigious • When you can’t read or write, you have to remember • Poetry is easier to remember than prose due to rhyme and rhythm

  16. London Bridge - 1633

  17. Jack Horner’s “Plum”

  18. Troubadours

  19. The Venerable Bede

  20. Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum

  21. The sermons composed by St. Bonaventure of Fidenza? • The sermons composed by some other person named Bonaventure? • Sermons copied by a Bonaventure? • Sermons copied by somebody from a church of St. Bonaventure? • Sermons preached by a Bonaventure? • Sermons that belonged to a Bonaventure? • Sermons that belonged to a church of St. Bonaventure? • Sermons by various people of whom the first or most important was somebody named Bonaventure?

  22. The arrival of printing

  23. Indulgences

  24. Martin Luther

  25. Martin Luther’s Theses

  26. Thus was born the Protestant Reformation

  27. Naturally, the Catholic Church fought back Started the first propaganda war

  28. Religious broadsides

  29. Luther’s German Bible - 1520

  30. For the Catholic Church printing was considered the enemy • Excommunication for writing or reading banned books • Papal Forbidden Books list

  31. Inquisition

  32. Book burning

  33. People burning

  34. Revere’s Boston Massacre

  35. Paine’s Common Sense

  36. Declaration of Independence

  37. Print’s greatest effect on Society Knowledge

  38. Dispersion of Information

  39. Aldus Manutius1450- 1515

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