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Introduction to PowerPoint

Introduction to PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2000 - Foundation. What is PowerPoint 2000?. On-screen Presentation Overhead Transparencies 35mm Slides Notes Outlines Handouts Even Banners of Web sites!. Starting PowerPoint. There are many different ways of starting PowerPoint.

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Introduction to PowerPoint

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  1. Introduction to PowerPoint PowerPoint 2000 - Foundation

  2. What is PowerPoint 2000? • On-screen Presentation • Overhead Transparencies • 35mm Slides • Notes • Outlines • Handouts • Even Banners of Web sites!

  3. Starting PowerPoint There are many different ways of starting PowerPoint

  4. The opening PowerPoint screen • Used to open an existing presentation or to create a new presentation

  5. PowerPoint and Microsoft Office PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite and as such is able to share information freely with Word, Excel and Access

  6. Slides and Presentations

  7. Opening an existing presentation

  8. Saving a presentation Ctrl+S

  9. Closing a presentation and exiting PowerPoint Alt+F4 will exit PowerPoint

  10. The PowerPoint Screen & Views PowerPoint 2000 - Foundation

  11. The Standard Toolbar

  12. The Formatting Toolbar

  13. Status Bar • The Status Bar provides information about: • The PowerPoint view you are in • The slide you are editing • The design you are using • Allows you to change the Template Design and run the spell checker

  14. The View Icons • You can work on your PowerPoint presentation in a range of different views: • Normal • Outline View • Slide View • Slide Sorter View • Slide Show

  15. Normal View

  16. Outline View

  17. Slide View

  18. Slide Sorter View

  19. Slide Show View

  20. Using AutoLayout PowerPoint 2000 - Foundation

  21. Choosing an AutoLayout • When you add a new slide to a presentation you are prompted to select from a range of different slide layouts, such as a “Title Page”, or a “Bulleted Page”

  22. The Title Slide

  23. Bulleted List

  24. Two Column Text

  25. Table

  26. Text and Chart

  27. Organization Chart

  28. Chart (i.e. Graphs)

  29. Text and Clipart

  30. Blank

  31. Using the AutoContent Wizard PowerPoint 2000 - Foundation

  32. Starting the AutoContent Wizard

  33. Selecting a Presentation Type within the AutoContent Wizard

  34. Presentation Type

  35. Presentation Title, Footers, and Slide Numbers

  36. Completing the Wizard

  37. The Finished Presentation

  38. The Presentation Content

  39. Creating a Simple Text Slide PowerPoint 2000 - Foundation

  40. Creating a New Blank Presentation

  41. Selecting a Slide Layout

  42. Simple Text Slide Click with the Left mouse button and enter slide title Click and type in the information that will make up your first bullet point, press Return to enter next bulleted point TIP To insert a space between bullet points use Shift+Return

  43. To Insert a New Slide You can insert a new slide at any time when creating or editing a presentation

  44. Deleting and re-ordering slides within a presentation • Make sure that you can: • Select a slide • Delete a slide • Re-order the slides within your presentation

  45. Manipulating slides in Outline View • Make sure that you know how to: • Move slides/bullets • Reduce the view of a slide to title only • Expand a collapsed slide • Collapse all slides • Expand all slides • Create a Summary Slide • Toggle 'Show Formatting' display

  46. Creating Notes for your Slides • In Normal View enter accompanying notes for each slide in the Notes section

  47. Formatting and Proofing Text PowerPoint 2000 - Foundation

  48. Formatting Options

  49. SELECT! then DO! REMEMBER To format text you should first select the required text Then apply the formatting

  50. Text Formatting • Sample text normal • Sample text Bold • Sample text Italic • Sample text Underlined • Sample text Shadowed • Sample text Red • Sample text Bold, Italic, Underlined and Red

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