how replacement windows save energy money n.
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How Replacement Windows Save Energy And Money PowerPoint Presentation
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How Replacement Windows Save Energy And Money

How Replacement Windows Save Energy And Money

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How Replacement Windows Save Energy And Money

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  1. How replacement windows save energy & money?

  2. People have become more environment conscious. Go green has become the latest mantra of people around the world. If you want to follow this new mantra then you can take first step towards green environment starting right from your home. Switching to energy efficient windows is a great way of doing it. It will cut-down your energy utility bill and also help you in saving money. Further, you can take advantage of Federal tax credits. It is offered for installing Energy Star Qualified windows which meets certain standards. This makes the upgrade more affordable. it reduces utility costs, saves money and reduces the amount of energy consumption in home.

  3. Value of Energy Efficient Windows: The new windows are great value for money because of various reasons. Firstly, replacement of windows is considered as the best remodeling project. The return on investment is visible almost immediately. You can easily recoup almost 70 to 80 percent of the coast as added value to the home. Moreover, if you windows qualify the Federal tax credit then you can save few hundred dollars per window. Lastly, these windows will reduce your utility bills for additional saving every month.

  4. Understanding Energy Performance Ratings: Check the energy star labels to find out the energy efficiency of the window you are planning to buy. Learn how the window will perform in specifically in your climate and area. These energy performance ratings are determined according to various measurements. A good knowledge about them will help you to get the perfect window for your office and home within budget. Let us take a look at the three prominent measurements. First comes U-factor, always choose a window with low U-factor as it is good for energy performance. Next comes, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, it measures the solar radiation admitted through the windows and released as heat into the home. The lower SHGC means less heat will get into your home. It will reduce the cost of cooling in warmer months. Finally comes, Air Leakage, in simple words it can be seen as the air movement around the window. A tight fitting window will result in less air to seep into the home. Similarly it will not allow the hot or cold air inside the home to seep out. Understanding these measurements will help you in taking the right decision.

  5. Here are some other vital tips that will help in increasing energy efficiency: Installing awnings and overhangs outside the window will prevent excessive heat gain in summer. If you are building home then try to avoid west or east facing windows as sunlight from these both directions are difficult to control. If you are planning to go with sliding glass windows or double hung windows then remember that air leakage is quite high in these windows thus reduces energy efficiency.

  6. Overview: There is no doubt that replacement windows are smart investment. It reduces carbon footprints as well as monthly utility expenses. When it comes to selecting contractor for the job, always go for a reputable and licensed contractor. They have the experience & expertise to install windows correctly leading to optimal performance.

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