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  1. BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course Online registration and payment is due by July 31, 2013 Course size is limited to 9, registration may close at any time Registration without payment will not to be considered registered until payment is received. No refunds will be issued after the registration closes on July 31st Signature: All youth attending this course must have signed approval of the Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor. The content of the material of this course and the expectation of this youth to perform as a unit LNT Trainer should be considered by the Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor. In the event that the youth is asked to leave do to behavioral issues, it will be the Scoutmaster or Advisor’s responsibility. ____________________________________________________________________________ Printed Name of the Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor Signature Phone Number

  2. BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course LNT – T13-002 August 23 – August 25, 2103 at Camp Durant Youth and Adult Combined Course Online Registration and payment by July 31, 2013 Course size is limited, registration may close at any time • This course is designed to help participants better understand and strengthen their own personal outdoor ethic and to expand their knowledge of LNT practices and teaching skills. Participants will be given the tools and techniques for promoting low-impact skills to the scouting community and other recreationists. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be qualified to teach Leave No Trace Awareness courses to others including Scouts/Scouters, agency personnel and the general public, as well as, assist a Master Educator on future LNT Trainer courses. Upon completion of this course, a Boy Scout, will be qualified to hold the BSA Leave No Trace Trainer leadership position with approval of his Scoutmaster or a Venturer will be qualified to hold a Vice President (of Outdoor Ethics) position. • The Leave No trace course includes a minimum of 16 hours of education including at least one night of camping in the field to ensure adequate experiential education, i.e. you must learn and apply Leave No Trace practices to develop and expand your personal experience and judgment. This course is not focused on teaching basic travel, camping or other outdoor skills, nor does it provide outdoor instructor certification. • Teaching Session: In order to meet the expectation of teaching LNT Awareness Workshops, each participant will be assigned to teach at least one 15 – 20 minute class in the field during the Trainer course. By teaching a class, you will experience the steps in hosting a Leave No Trace Awareness course through the review of materials, planning, preparing and providing a fun learning experience. This is an opportunity to practice LNT teaching strategies in a supportive, educational environment. Teaching assignments and other course details will be emailed out to all participants once your registration is confirmed and after we reach the registration deadline on July 31st. • Schedule: Course begins Friday, Aug 23rd at 7 pm and the course will run until around 12 noon on Aug25th . You must attend all of the training session days in order to be eligible for graduation. • Cost: Registration is $75 paid to the Occoneechee Council. Minimum age is 14 before the class starts and First Class rank (Boy Scouts only) for all youth participants with their Scoutmaster/Advisor‘s permission. • Your Fees Cover: All meals from cracker barrel on Friday night through breakfast on Sunday, all Leave No Trace program and training materials, certificate of recognition as a LNT Trainer from the Center of Outdoor Ethics, and a BSA Leave No Trace Trainer card. • Course Expectations: This experience is meant to provide relevance to the curriculum, through practicing LNT techniques and methods, observing examples of impact, and creating awareness of use and its purposes. A pre-requisite for this course it completion of the online LNT Awareness course ( prior to coming to class to ensure all participants possess a basic knowledge of the Leave No Trace principles. You will be asked to provide the printable certificate as proof of this course completion. You are also expected to provide all of your own camping gear. All communication will be done via email, so check it often. • Contact Info: Titina Deagan, Course Director • • 253-677-8897