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DoT Org

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  1. DoT Org Donor Donation of Tissues and Organs atUCLA Directors: Jay Chittoor Diana Lazo Jose Jimenez Alexis Velazquez Donor

  2. Topics UCLA Demographics History and Structure of DoT Org Funding Events and Programming Recent Projects

  3. University of California- Los Angeles One of the Flagship campuses of the University of California Large research Universitywith almost thirty-thousand students Located in Los Angeles, a racial and culturally diverse city with a population of a little less than four million UCLA, itself, is fairly diverse.

  4. UCLA Demographics 4% 32% 37% 16%

  5. The first organ and tissue donation campaign that exists at the college level in California. Established in 2001, DoT Org began as an effort to educate and increase consciousness within UCLA students and the surrounding communities concerning the myths and facts of organ and tissue donations. Project within Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine (CCM) and housed in the Community Programs Office Student Association (CPOSA) at UCLA.

  6. Structure

  7. Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine (CCM) Established in 1970 at UCLA by a group of five Chicanos with the mission of improving the health in Latino Communities. CCM serves as a support system for Chicano and Latino Pre-medical students. Educate and Develop a greater awareness of prevalent health disparities in our communities. Our volunteer pool is comprised mostly of CCM general members

  8. Community Programs Office Student Association Established in 1970 by students, staff and faculty to help empower students to become leaders and advocates for the community. Provides us with an office for our organization Advisors to help us plan and improve events. Workshops to teach us about funding as well as personal development.

  9. Community Partners Our partners consist mostly of Donate Life/One Legacy, but we also work with Be the Match We have recently become more involved with Donate Life/One Legacy and have met with them to discuss ways to improve our programs for the year We get supplies for our events through Donate Life Ambassador Training with Donate Life

  10. Leadership • DoT Org is comprised of four Directors • Volunteer Director • In charge of finding and organizing volunteers • Outreach Director • Liaison to community partners, Organizes High School sites, etc. • Administrative Director • Responsible for all of the internal workings of DoT Org (i.e. meetings, updating the CCM internal coordinator, interns, etc) • Financial Director • Focuses on club fundraising and finances

  11. Funding • UCLA Community Activities Committee (CAC) • Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC) – mini grant • Also other little grants here and there, its just a matter of looking to see what is out there. • Fundraising

  12. Events and Programing Events on Campus Events in the Community High School Presentations

  13. On Campus -Give Life, Give Thanks Donor Drives -Blood Drives -Presentations on campus (RYEP + CPOSA) -Circle K Health Fair

  14. In the Community -Health fairs -Be The Match: Be The One Run -Donate Life Run/Walk

  15. High Schools Focus on students who are about to get their license or Sate ID. Early exposure before they have the decision to donate. High Schools are typically located within in a 30min drive of UCLA this includes the greater Los Angeles area and downtown.

  16. Recent Projects E-Campaign UC Irvine DoT Org Recently started and implemented in our last Give Life/Give Thanks Donor Drive Will allow us to gauge our success at our events and think critically on ways to improve them. Recently established a second chapter of DoT Org Worked with the campus CCM in order to establish this chapter. We are working closely with them and helping them with respect to funding applications, making connections with community partners, and inviting them to events.

  17. What we hope to see Working more closely with our community partners to collaborate on events and become more effective. Gain a connection with the UCLA Transplant center to see how we can work together. See further expansion of organizations that have a similar mission as DoT Org to increase the number of communities we serve.

  18. Questions? Thank You! Email: