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Discover Org

Discover Org

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Discover Org

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  1. DiscoverOrg The Power of Direct Dials and Org Charts Hosted by – Ian Seniff Senior Account Manager DiscoverOrg

  2. Why waste your time? • Salespeople spend fewer than 45% of the time actually selling; with the remainder devoted to administrative tasks and preparation. • Improving lead management processes can reduce the time required to source opportunities by up to 50%

  3. A study conducted by and Vorsight, found that the rule of thumb on direct dials are as follows: • For every 1% you increase direct dial percentage you will set 2.06 more meetings a week • Every time you double the number of direct dial phone numbers you have you will triple the number of meetings you set.

  4. Why do DirectLineswork? • Caller ID looks different • Allows you to route around an admin or receptionist • Many companies do no have an after hours dial-by-name directory • Speed- you’re much more efficient with direct dials DiscoverOrgprovides you with 92% direct dial phone numbers.

  5. OrgCharts The added benefits of using Org Charts • With DiscoverOrg’s org charts you have a full hierarchical map of the decision-making structure at your targeted accounts. • Armed with our org charts you’ll know where your prospect sits so that you can navigate around someone with no purchasing power or authority.

  6. OrgCharts The Org charts are more than a list of names, it’s a treasure trove of information!

  7. Using The Sphere of Influence • Start at the Top: Call Gerald First (let’s say you don’t get a hold of him) – leave him a voice message (see our webinar on voice mail techniques to make sure you don’t blow it here)

  8. Using The Sphere of Influence • Call Heather, when Heather answers use a variation of “Hi Heather, I just reached out to Gerald and I wanted to include you in on the conversation as well.” (or leave a voice message with the same intro)

  9. Using The Sphere of Influence • Let’s say you don’t get a hold of anyone – send your prospecting email to Heather, Edward, and Annie and cc Gerald. (see our webinar on email best practices so that you don’t blow it HERE).

  10. Understand the Decision Making Structure • View every IT influencer and decision maker and leverage multiple points of entry

  11. DiscoverOrg