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Earth Science

Earth Science. Groupmates. Seth Clark Leyson. MS. Chaity Mulig. Julia Louise Baliog. Kriz Sandra Temajo. 1-Amethyst. Task. Geologist : Seth Clark Leyson. Economist : Julia Louise Bilaog. Industrialist: Krez Sandra Temajo. Introduction. I.

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Earth Science

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  1. Earth Science Groupmates Seth Clark Leyson MS. Chaity Mulig Julia Louise Baliog Kriz Sandra Temajo 1-Amethyst

  2. Task Geologist : Seth Clark Leyson Economist : Julia Louise Bilaog Industrialist: Krez Sandra Temajo

  3. Introduction I A business man would like to increase his earnings through mining learning about his interest in the field three companies immediately came up with project proposal for three different mineral reserve . Company A proposed for manganese, Company B recommended phostates Company C envisioned a coal mining industry however ,the businessman seeing the project to involve a huge amount of money,through of hiring your expertise as a team mineral experts to help him decided where to invest.

  4. Campany A- Manganese Manganese is a chemically active element. It is a hard oxidized manganese is reactive when pure and as a powder it will burn in oxygen (like a usty iron), it reacts with wate and dissolves in dilute acids.Manganese metal is also used production of nonferrous applications include manganese chemical fo use in fetillizers,bicks,paint,and water purification.

  5. Cost of Mining According to the internet Ausilia is the 3d largest producer of manganese ore in the wold. As stated the manganese oe has a 10-17 years mine life manganese is one of the most abundant metals in soil,whee itt occus as oxides and hydroxides. Manganese is an essential element fo all species.

  6. Health effects Manganese is one of three toxic essential trace element. Manganese effects occu mainly in the respiatory tract and in the bains.A syndrome that is caused by manganese has symptoms such asschizophrenia,dullnes,weak muscles,headaches.

  7. Environmental effect Environmental Effect Manganese compounds exist naturally in the environment as solids in soils and smallparticles in water.For animals manganese is an essential component for producing carbohydrate,protien,and fat metabolism.

  8. Company B- phosphate A phosphate an oganic chemical, is a salt of phosphoric acid.In organic chemistry.Phosphates are mined to obtain phosphous for use in agiculture and industry.

  9. Cost of Mining IN 2003,mines produced an estimated 33.3 million metric tons of phosphate rock in U.S.A with a value of $895 million fom the mine. It is also used for producing chemical fetilizers and animal food supplement.

  10. Health Effects Phosphate ocks is a radio active. There are also key areas of concen impacts to public health. It may be eaten by fish o any animals and can get into our wate supplies.

  11. Envionmental Effects Phosphates mining removes 20 to 40 feet of the suface of an aea to get to the phosphates.

  12. Company C- Coal The goal of coal mining is to remove the coal form the ground.It was said that since 1800’s it is widely use to geneate electicity.Steel and cement industies use coal as a fuel fo exaction of iron to ion ore.

  13. Cost of mining Accoding to the aveage sales priceof cole by state and mining ank, the coal got the highest sale price among the thee element mentioned.It also got the most long life mining,the life of coal mines maybe moethan 50 years.

  14. Health Effects Coal mining is vey dangerous activity. The list of histoical coal mining disasters are,mine wall failure, vehicle collisions, gas poisoning and many other diseases lik lung diseases.

  15. Our choice!! We best pefer the company C,Coal mining because it provan that it has a great value in marketing and poven very usefull and high...


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