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The Hole

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The Hole

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  1. The Hole click here to begin

  2. You live in the manor of Lord William, he is a hard one always nagging on people and trying to get the best for himself never caring bout others. You don’t like him but you can't really move since going outside of the walls of the village would be life threatening since robbers and killers are waiting out there for a innocent stranger to pass by. Your name is Julia. You are fourteen years old and you live with your mom Gertrude, your dad Julian and your brother Carlos who is a respectful knight. You have a good stable house which you got from your grandfather who passed away, it has a big common room with a very big fire place which cooks your dinner almost every night. The sleeping room is privileged compared to the others you have three beds, one for your mom and dad, one for you all by yourself and one your brother uses when he is home but right now he is out fighting so some of the animals take the chance and sneak inside and sleep in it. You love animals and your family has many of them. Two pigs which always grunt and roll around in the little mud area with is fenced in by your father and grand father before his tragic death. You have one old gray horse, its been in the family for ages and has gone from a adorable hazel brown energetic stallion to your good old gray and black haired with some white spots but you still call it hazel. You have chickens and roasters which wake you up every morning at sunrise to the cold breeze. Your favorite animal of all though is your own cat. Its called Emi after the beautiful princess Emily who you have always been in awe of, you got your cat when you were just a small child and you have gone through many things with your cat even though it doesn’t speak you feel as if it understands and accepts you for all your flaws and imperfections and its always been very loyal to you.

  3. You wake up to the terribly loud calls from the rosters, the hungry moo's from the cows who are eager to get milked and fed, the grunts from the pigs waiting greedily for their breakfast and your cat is laying on your stomach warming you with its fluffy soft fur. You rise in your bed which is made of straws stuffed madras and a old blanket to cover you, the cold breeze coming through the window gives you goose bumps you consider laying down and sleeping for just a bit longer but you know you cannot. So you get up and dress, rush down fill your basket with chicken foods and go out to feed the chickens and then collect their eggs then you give the pigs their breakfast and you go out to give the cows food. As your milking the cow with your tired arms your cat nudges against your leg eager to get some milk, you give into the huge adorable dark eyes and give it some like every other normal morning. You get out the door to work in the fields so you will get your daily income of food, drinks and gold from the Lord. As you walk through the long grass straws with sharp edges and the grassy smell fills your senses and then mud fills between your toes. You notice something strange, there's something different a bout the path you walk every morning. As you look over the fields there is a thing moving something you have not seen before you go over to see what it is. While walking you become more and more anxious to see what it is, then you see it there is a black whole. Its huge, going far down into the ground as far as you can see. What could've made this you think no animals survive out here for very long alone… it couldn’t have been a dog its way to big, it looks almost as if a human made but why? A uneasiness forms in your stomach what if a monster made it, one like the ones in the stories your grandma used to tell you before bed giving you horrifying nightmares. Your imagination starts to play but you quickly snap back to reality, you start to get very curios as of what could be hidden down there as you start to walk into it you remember Lord William he would be furious if you miss work time.

  4. What do you do? Touch it to figure out what it is? Or go away so you don’t risk anything and get back to work?

  5. The uneasiness and the thought of a long night with no fresh food and your parents disappointed face makes your conscious turn over and you turn around and walk back to the path. The ground has turned harder from the suns warmth drying out the moisture. You try not to think about the hole as you drag your legs but the thought keeps coming back as if its trying to make go back. You daydream of the richness that could be contained in the hole, what if a loyal server of the horrid Lord William had taken his extra gold's that he forces out of the citizens and hid them down there then walked up and a sinner had seen him and killed him on his way home to collect some things and then the lord had assumed that the loyal server had taken the gold and ran so therefore he had not looked for it you think. Oh, the things you could buy with some extra gold. The thought of the richness makes you turn around the thought is stuck in your head, the only thing you can think of is how happy your parents will be when you come bearing gold, silver and bronze. Their faces in your imagination light up everything. The hole is quite easily accessed since you do not mind your clothes getting dirty as they already are quite torn. You slide down the steep entrance the ground is cold since the sun cant reach in there. Its slippy and you go right down when you land a pain shoots through your left leg, you gasp from the sudden pain.

  6. The hole is quite dark so you search around with your hands and sense, while laying on your knees because the pain in your angle is quite sharp every time it touches something. You feel something it almost like a lamp, you dust of the dirt covering and bring it close to your face. It’s a lamp! So some human has been in here before. There are mattresses inside and you light it. It takes a while to get used to the light but as you open your eyes you see gold. You start laughing out of pleasure and happiness. Your theory was true. You start collecting the gold pieces in the bag pack you have the contain your lunch for today. You fill it up and the making your way out. Its hard getting up the steep hill because of your left angle. But you just keep going and shut out the pain. As your reach the top you peak out the make sure nobody is there, nobody is. You get out and run to work.

  7. When you get home you share the amazing news but instead of a proud full of happiness expression you expected on your mothers face you see a worried full of concerns expression. "What is wrong mother?" you ask there is a pause of silence then she looks up and says "Where did you get this money? I do not want you to get imprisoned, I've heard stories of a man who took gold from Lord William hid out in the lonely fields the soldiers searched everywhere but could not found it and himself ended up in the dungeon for the next 5 years". You assure your mother that you did no crime when getting this money and come up with a story a bout a man who had fallen and his leg had been hurt then you helped him get help and he gave you this money as a thank you gift. Your mother looked at you suspiciously and then gave in and asked curiously "so what shall we do with the money". You went to room and started crying, the guilt was building up inside of you. The money you had once looked at with such pride was now disgusting to you. You take slow steps with a stronger uneasiness building up inside towards the hiding spot you have in the secret hole in the wall underneath the main bed. You start thinking bout running back and putting the money back.

  8. What do you do? Hide the money Go back and put the money back so you don’t have any risk of getting caught?

  9. You push the thought out of your mind and slide underneath the main bed, remove the fake piece of wall and put the money next to your necklace that had been passed down the family and the knife your grandpa used. While you're admiring the collection of valuable things you now have you hear a knock on the door, your heart skips a beat and all the consequences of stealing come running through your mind. Then you hear a male voice, you quickly cover the hiding place and lay down on your bed and pretend to be sleeping but you keep one eye open. There is a soldier he walks into your room "Come with me young lady" he says. You gasp but stay in your character, you yawn and open your eyes. You quickly sit up and say "Excuse me? sorry I was sleeping after the hard work in the fields". He looks at you suspiciously then grabs your arm steadily and drags you out, he lets go once everyone is standing in your living room in front of the hot fire make sweat pile down underneath your clothes.

  10. "What is going on sir?" you ask trying to sound innocent. "Where were you this morning? we know you came late to work with a hurt angle and coincidentally a amount of gold that seems to be able to fit perfectly in this bag" he says and holds up your lunch bag. "I fell and accidentally hurt my angle that is why I was late" you say pretending to be offended. "Sorry ma'am we will have to take you to the Lord" he mumbles as if he was ashamed of it. The reality creeps into your mind and tear start gathering in your eyes, you try to defend yourself but no words come out as if there was a big clump in your throat blocking anything from coming out. The tears float down over your cheeks and you gasp desperately for air. Your mother is not sad she just looks at you with a disappointed expression and when she realizes you are looking she shakes her head and looks away in disgust. "Sorry sir, may we have a private moment before you take her with you?" your mother asks.

  11. He looks at his companion who shrugs, then he turns and says "I guess, we will be right outside." there is a moment of silence and then he adds "try to run away the consequences will be even worse." Your mother nods and looks at him waiting for them to leave, they turn around and tramp out the loud sounds of their heavy boots echoes in your mind. Your mom turns around and her face turn bright red almost like the tomatoes that are growing outside in the vegetable garden. Tears start dropping down her cheeks as well "How could I have raised such a shameful daughter!" she exclaims "how do you ever expect for me or your father but most of all god to forgive you, leave go now I don’t want such a sin in my house." Your mothers words stab you like a knife in the chest, you fall to the floor when the soldiers come in and pick you up in their strong arms. The smell of their sweaty skin prevent you from taking one last smell of your home but you get one last horrible picture of it as they carry you out. The neighbors have heard your cry's and all stand outside with curious eyes and whisperer to their friends. "Bye" you think as they put on the back of the horse carriage. The End

  12. You quickly turn around run out and get your lunch bag put the money back in it and you run out the door. The smell of fresh grass calm you as you run through fields. You have almost forgotten completely about your angle, when you reach the hole you sit down and hold on to sides then slowly slide yourself down. Your landing this time is much more safe, you get on your knees and try to feel around to find the lamp. You keep looking around but when you cant find in it you decide it doesn’t matter, you grab your lunch bag and open the bag and pour out the gold. The sounds of the gold hitting the ground "clink, clink , clink" make your guilt fade away. You sit for a while thinking of what could've happened if you had kept the gold. A picture of you on the public hangers appear in your mind and you get goose bumps so you quickly collect your lunch bag and try to stack the gold pieces on each other. You lean against the wall to take a break. You sit there in silence when you hear something moving and someone else breathing. You panic. You slide against the wall to the place where you can get out, but the closer you come to it the more light hits you and make you more visible.

  13. You try to keep your head functioning even thought you are panicking. Who could it be standing right there? Does the person know? So many questions are running through your mind racing to be answered first. But the one dominating is What do you do now? You decide to make a run for it. You are standing in the far end corner, there is no light so even if you were waving your hand in front of your face you wouldn’t be able to see it. The opening is right ahead of you so if you run fast enough you could run and get out before the person could manage to do anything. You take in a deep breath and then you run towards the opening as fast as your legs can follow. But as you come towards the opening you realize the persons shadow has been standing right next to the opening because he knew you were in there and your mind understands now your not going to get out of this cage, alive. He grabs you and stabs a knife through your chest before you can try to explain yourself. You gasp the pain shoots through you as you take one last look at the world. Maybe what comes next will be nicer to you. The End

  14. You walk towards it and it almost seems to be moving as if it was magic or alive. You reach your hand out to feel it curiously as to what it might be. When your hand comes in contact you get slung into a dark slide. You slide quickly down a dark round circle shaped slide. You stumble around trying to get control over your body but it just gets pushed around in the steep ride downwards. Everything is dark and you can barely see your hand in front of you. The slide is throwing you around and your body is aching as it swings you throws you through the air and you land on cold hard ground. You lay there for a moment breathing heavily and your mind is racing all over the place with wonders of what is going on. You stand up to explore the darkness surrounding you. You're feeling around with your hand when you stumble over a rise in the ground. You step on it and light appears at first it seems blinding but later you realize its very dim. The wall starts to deform and a mirror appears but you don’t see yourself. A shape appears in the what seems like a mirror at first your scared and you take a few steps backwards.

  15. "that took you long enough" the mirror says with steady low voice "Agent 899, this is your test, There will now appear a door on each side of me" he says in the same tone as two door appear. "remember do not reveal your self most important rule agent." You try to say something but the voice cuts you off. "good luck 899 I sure hope you pass." he adds and then disappears. You are left there with two doors, you turn back and look for the slide that brought you down there in the first place but they are no where to be found. The more you replay what the shape in the mirror you realize the whole was made for a agent or some special spy to take a test, they think its you but you cant explain to them you are just some girl not a agent because this is a test. You have to complete it to get home. This thought scares you, you have to do something designed for a agent with trained skills sends fright through you. You have to choose a door, they both have a note on them. Left says "easy but chance of death" and the right says "hard but no chance of death".

  16. Which one do you choose? Left Right

  17. You are scared of death and choose the more difficult but with no chance of dying, right, as you walk through it becomes darker and darker. Suddenly you fall and land hard on the ground, when you open your eyes you are on a fluffy pink carpet. You look around and the room like huge its different, very weird looking there's a couple steps up to a bed but the bed is weird big and has gigantic blankets and many pillows. How many people must sleep in that bed you wonder. You walk around as you come across a mirror, but in the mirror you don’t see yourself. You see another person, she blonde, very pretty and wearing really tight denim on your legs and tight very small top of some sort. You look in the books laying on the table, they seem very short for books, on the cover it you and beneath it says "Hannah Montana" so that’s who I am you conclude and start to read a bout who you supposedly is right now. You are a super star in the year 2008, a popular one. You walk around trying to figure out what you need to do. When you find a oval shaped black thing when you press down on it and suddenly on the black painting on the wall starts moving and there's a person inside talking to you. You get very scared when suddenly a note drops from what seems a magical hole in the celling, it says "to complete the mission you must go through a normal day of being Hannah Montana if any one gets suspicious you will be killed" easy you think as someone knocks on your door. "Please come in madam" you say and the person comes in with a strange look on his face. "Your breakfast" he says and puts a tray on your bed. The food looks delicious bacon, bread, juice, eggs and much more, its like what the royals eat. You sit down and start eating when you realize how hungry you are. After you finish you look at some mor pictures of "you" so you can dress yourself. You walk out the door when a woman comes up to you and give you a piece for paper, you must really be rich, you read what it says on the paper and it seem like a schedule. You go around looking for where the recording room is what ever that is. A person sees your confusion and asks but you cant because that could create suspicion so you grab a bag and cleverly ask "could you carry this to the recording I think my arm is hurt" you follow the person as they walk to the recording room.

  18. "Where were you?" exclaims a funny looking guy, wearing shades over his eyes inside what must be wrong with him you wonder. "Sorry I got held up" you answer trying to sound natural. He grunts and then harshly says "well get in there and get it over with" You walk into the room and you fell trapped, "well start singing dear" the man says. You have to get out of there quickly, make up some excuse. You walk over and look at the words, it seems like lyrics, your mother loves music but its not often you have the opportunity to listen to it. You pretend to be practicing in your head and more your foot to some imaginary beat when quickly take a look up to see what they are doing you see the man whisper to the others and then the doors opens and a bullet flies through your chest. The End

  19. You figure if its easy then why would you even face the challenge of death, so you walk down the path. Its made of stone and its very cold. All of the sudden a picture appears in front of you it says "WRONG CHOICE" Your dead. The End