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  1. Presentation Outline • Product Overview • Product Features • Product Application • Management • Product Comparison

  2. Product Overview Reset Button LAN (802.3af PoE) Power In Audio Out Audio In TV Out RS485 & DI/DO 25-meter IR Internet Camera IP-66 weather-proof Housing 14 Infrared LED Connectors 1/3” SONY CCD Infrared Sensor

  3. Product Feature 25-meter IR IP CameraICA-H312 • 1/3 inch color CCD with 3 levels of image compression • Color images in daytime, B/W images in total darkness • Supports H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG Multi video compression • 30 fps at D1 Video Resolution • 3GPP supported • Supports Multi-Profile Video • IP-66 weather-proof protection class • Save-to-NAS function supported • DDNS, FTP, Http, Samba upload, Pop-up message, Motion Detection support • 14 pieces high-light IR LEDs • 6mm fixed lens (View Angle: H 39°, V 29°) • External Reset Button • Bundle powerful 64-channel management software – Cam Viewer Plus Lite

  4. Product Features • 10 motion detection areas / Trigger • With the support for motion detection, once there is any moving activity in the specified area, the camera can soon send a message to the manager by email or upload recording/picture onto FTP, Http or NAS server. E-mail FTP NAS HTTP

  5. POE IEEEE802.3af support makes the camera can be installed anywhere without the need for additional power socket for the IP camera SGSW-2840P PoE PoE PoE Product Feature Compliant with IEEE 802.3af standard PoE interface. It can assist in locating cameras in places where there are no power outlets.

  6. Multi video compression ICA-H312 support multiple resolutions and multiple video compressions simultaneously. The network camera can generate different video stream per user’s command. For instance, in home environment, the network bandwidth is limited. H.264,D1 MPEG-4,QCIF MPEG4@QCIF, 30FPS H264@D1, 30FPS MPEG-4,CIF M-JPEG,CIF MPEG4@CIF, 30FPS MJPEG@CIF, 30FPS Product Feature Generate H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG streaming to different users in the meantime

  7. Multi Profile User A can get H.264, D1 resolution from ICA-H312. Yet, at the same time, another user, say User B can have MPEG-4, CIF resolution simultaneously. One network camera can fit to various remote network environment at the same time. Product Feature H.264@720x576 (D1) MPEG-4@352x288 (CIF) Up to 20 user can access to the ICA-H312 with different streaming to different users in the meantime.

  8. 2-way Audio With 2-Way audio function, IP camera becomes a bridge that helps users to talk to other people. Via two IP cameras, users can easily communicate to each other no mater for a international meeting or a personal chat. Product Feature Station 2-Way Audio 2-Way Audio Airport 2-Way audio transmits real-time audio over the internet.

  9. 3GPP For mobile user, 3GPP provides the most convenient way of monitoring their offices and houses. Product Feature Hall Mobile Surveillance Mobile Surveillance on your cell phone anywhere and anytime.

  10. Cam Viewer Plus Lite Up 64 channel in one management screen Easy camera setup GUI Recording Schedule Remote View by built-in web server More advanced features will add in near future Management • Central Management software

  11. Nationwide transportation status monitoring Provides the real-time and clear image Delivery of high quality image without delay Central Management Application PoE 3GPP 2-Way Audio

  12. Management • A central management software for handling all the IP cameras at the same time Up to 64 channel w/bundled CVPLCamViewer Plus Lite Exit / Minimize Channel Keypad Screen Division Service / Play Back / Guard / Schedule / Logview / Console Settings PTZ Controller Surveillance Status

  13. Product Comparison

  14. Appendix Sales Target • Target Markets • System Integrator • Reseller • Target Customers • Who buy our outdoor IR camera • ICA-310, ICA-312, ICA-350