first grade news sept 6 2013 n.
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First Grade News Sept. 6 , 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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First Grade News Sept. 6 , 2013

First Grade News Sept. 6 , 2013

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First Grade News Sept. 6 , 2013

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  1. First Grade NewsSept. 6, 2013 Important Dates and Events Language Arts (This Week) Pig In A Wig Spelling Words (short i) Decodable Readers (final x) Naming Parts in Sentences Realism vs. Fantasy Summarizing Adj. (Describing words) Spelling Pretest is given on Monday, Spelling Test on Thursday Writing Test Thursday Reading Test Friday Last Week Sam, Come Back! Unit 1 teaches students how people and animals are important to each other. Retelling of Sam, Come Back! Spelling Words (Short “a”) High Frequency Words (on, way, in) Practice Sentence Writing Using voice (how we feel) in writing • Sept. 13th Elementary Schools/Students Recognized at the GlenOak Football Game • Pancake Breakfast Sept. 21st 9:00-1:00 pm • Sept. 13th Elementary Spirit Night • Oct. 14th Columbus Day/No School • Oct. 25th End of the First Nine Weeks/Teacher In Service/No School

  2. Math Other News Our Newsletter will be online. We WILL NOT be sending a paper copy home. This will be the ONLY one. Please check the Plain Local Website to see our Newsletter. It will be posted every Friday. You may reach us by phone or by e-mail. If you would like to practice math facts with your child you may check out this website: In order to help your child we need your help. Please have your child read everyday. Ask them questions about what they have read. Have them read aloud to you. Having them listen to you read will help them to hear what a good reader sounds like. Coming Soon: Homework Chapter 1 Next Week • Lesson 1.6 Comparing Numbers • Lesson 1.7 Recording Tally Counts • Lesson 1.8 Investigating Equally Likely Outcomes • Lesson 1.9 The Calendar • Lesson 1.10 Working in Small Groups LastWeek • Lesson 1.1 Calendar • Lesson 1.2 Introduction of the Number line. Play Monster Squeeze Game • Lesson 1.3 Tools for Doing Math • Lesson 1.4 Number -Writing Practice • Lesson 1.5 One More, One Less

  3. Misc. Information Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will return your call or e-mail as quickly as possible. We look forward to working with your child and you this school year. • Behavior forms telling you how your child behaved during the week will come home every Friday. Miss Ondo and I also use “tickets” to help reinforce positive behavior. Each Friday 3 lucky children will have the opportunity to choose something out of the treasure box. • You will be able to find your child’s spelling list on line each week. It will be on the teacher website under Spelling List. We will NOT be sending home a paper copy of the list except for this week. • Please make sure your child has a book in their bookbag so they have something to ready while waiting to go home.