aj york the journey of friendship educ 7545 n.
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AJ York The Journey of Friendship EDUC 7545 PowerPoint Presentation
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AJ York The Journey of Friendship EDUC 7545

AJ York The Journey of Friendship EDUC 7545

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AJ York The Journey of Friendship EDUC 7545

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  1. AJ YorkThe Journey of FriendshipEDUC 7545 Northwest Nazarene University “You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can’t forget. Those are your friends.”

  2. The History of Friendship • T-HOF What is the main theme of the story? How does this relate to your friendships?

  3. What is a Friend? • Describe the three most valued character traits of a good friend? Lets brainstorm a list as a class – Which is the most important and why?

  4. What is a friend • According to Webster’s: Friend:a : one attached to another by affection or esteem.

  5. Read the story below. Afterwards lets discuss what negative characteristics of friendship that are displayed in the story. Josh decided to go to Amy’s birthday party on Friday night. Josh had a crush on Amy, but so did Josh’s best friend Ben. Amy had given Josh the invitation to the party for Josh and Ben. Josh did not tell Ben about the party. Josh arrived at the party and was having a great time until Amy asked him “Hey where is Ben at?” Josh replied “I think Ben is over at Brittany’s house tonight.” “Oh” said Amy and they went about the rest of the party.

  6. Characteristics of Bad Friendship What did Josh do in this story that is very harmful to all friendships? He lied. Lying is never good in friendships. Lying will split friends apart. ( True friends are always honest with each other no matter what! Was there something else Josh did in the story? Remember when he told Amy that Ben is Brittany’s party? This is a lie that could potentially cause drama later. We all know what drama is. Its when somebody says something about somebody else that is not true. This will lead to problems down the road( It all starts with being honest!

  7. Lets take a look at some other teenagers and what they feel a friend is. 1st person 2nd person *Do you agree, disagree, or have something to add?

  8. Now lets look at what some teenagers thought a bad friend was.. • 1st person • 2nd person *If you have a friend act in a way a person in the movie mentioned, what methods could you use to solve the problem?

  9. Here is another story of some simple acts of kindness(or not) that a person might run into everyday.Scene 1Scene 2*What acts of kindness have you done recently? Was there a situation where you could of done something kind and didn’t?

  10. Conclusion • Friends are important. Friends are supposed to inspire us (Friends Are). Friends need to make us feel good about ourselves, not bad. Think about your friendships. Are you a good friend? Do you need to have a conversations with a friend about your relationship? Make your friendships the best they can be!

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