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Jack LONDON. London’s Childhood. Born in 1876 on the Barbary Coas t of San Francisco Raised by mother, Flora Wellman, and stepfather, John London Childhood marked by poverty & unhappiness. London at age 8 with dog Rollo. London as a school boy.

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  1. Jack LONDON

  2. London’s Childhood • Born in 1876 on the Barbary Coast of San Francisco • Raised by mother, Flora Wellman, and stepfather, John London • Childhood marked by poverty & unhappiness

  3. London at age 8 with dog Rollo

  4. London as a school boy

  5. Became an avid reader at age 10 when an Oakland librarian encouraged him to escape his life of poverty through reading. • Bought his first sailboat at age 12 loved to sail

  6. YouthAdventure/Responsibility • Dropped out of school at age 14 & had series of low-paying jobs: • Seaman delivered paperssweatshop worked in canneryfreight train hobocleaned local saloon • Loved to listen to stories about the California Gold Rush of 1849

  7. Forming Ideas/Attitudes • Experiences that shaped London’s life and attitudes: • -oyster pirate -seal hunter in the North Pacific -1894arrested & jailed in Niagara Falls for vagrancy -adopted socialistic views • Educated self by reading in public library • Attended University of California at Berkeley • Left school after 1 year to seek his fortune in gold fields

  8. Adventure • Traveled to Klondike Gold Rush in 1897 • Spent one winter at Split-Up Island, near the Stewart River • Did not find gold; had a wealth of experiences he would later use to write stories and books • Returned home to support himself and his family by publishing his writing

  9. Jack London outfitted to travel to the gold fields of the Klondike Gold Rush Photo actually taken in at Truckee, CA.

  10. Adult Life • An avid sailorloved his boat, the Snark

  11. Aboard the Snark with friends

  12. Married twice—two daughters

  13. Bess MaddernLondon’s first wife • Becky and Joan LondonLondon’s daughters

  14. Charmian London Jack London’s second wife

  15. London owned and loved a ranch in Sonoma Valley

  16. London’s Directions to his ranch at Glen Ellen

  17. “Next to my wife, the ranch is the dearest thing in the world to me.” Jack London

  18. The Londons at home

  19. “I believe the soil is our greatest asset.”Jack London

  20. “I hope to do two things with the ranch:To leave the land better for my having been;To enable 30 or 40 families to live happily on the ground that was so impoverished when I bought it.”

  21. “..he was mighty good to us, and there never was a man who came here who went away hungry.” Ranch workman

  22. London—the Author • Began avidly writing in 1897 • He commonly spent 15 hours a day writing • Daily quota of 1000 written words a day • Became recognized as a talented & successful writer

  23. Jack London wrote 50 books and 1,000 articles between 1899 and 1916.

  24. “By 1916, London was the highest-paid writer in the country and the most widely read American author in the world.”

  25. “His literary works like TheRoad, written in 1907, inspired later writers like John Steinbeck and Jack Kerouac.”

  26. The Londons several weeks prior to his death

  27. Jack London died on November 22, 1916. • A memorial for he and his second wife, Charmian Kittredge, is located at Glen Ellen.

  28. PREPARED BY: Volkan Yunus ATMACA No:256

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